Jul 1, 2008

Improve yourself, change the world

Despite our technological advancements, the mentality of the average person in the world is quite primitive and elemental. And our behavior is driven by our mentality, thus most of the problems in societies today are a direct consequence of those low-levels of awareness and consciousness in the average person.

“At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice, and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, political idealism and religious dogmatism.
A. Huxley

Modern peoples drift in the shadows of their confined and entangled with confusion mentality with little spiritual advancement since the age of the last prophet! And as important as education is, since it is an essential factor in every advanced society, intelligence on its own is not enough for a person to be complete. The limits of the mind are lifted only when a person looks into himself/herself and starts to analyze his/her psychological nature a.k.a character, behaviour, emotional affections. Of course, this is not a one-time analyzis that solves it all, it is a continually active process, it is a state of the mind.

Anyone who observed oneself and people around them surely would have noticed how much emotional creatures we are, than reasonable ones.

People are driven by their emotions, affections and desires. Just think about the extent to which instincts define our behaviour - we feel sexual affections or anger if someone does not comply to our wishes or expectations, interestingly love and hate are very closely related, even though opposite emotions. Sexuality is a very powerful instinct that is involved in a considerable part of our interactions with others, whether it is conscious or not. For instance, when we meet with someone, unconsciously we judge them on whether we feel attracted or not to that person. Often people have the tendency to overlook the good qualities of someone, just because they noticed some trait that they did not liked. Here is a situation I realized once, I frequently got offended by people who talked too much and kept themself in the center of attention. Until I turned my thoughts inwards and asked myself "why do I feel like that?", guided by the observation of C.G.Jung that

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

this is due to the intrinsic mechanism of the human psychology to project our negative qualities (or those that we consider as such) onto others, so that those others irritate us.. because we do not agree with those personal traits in ourselves. It can be really tough to acknowledge an imperfection to the awareness of your ego.. but then I persisted and realized that actually I am the same kind of person that talks too much and draws attention to myself.. in the same time I don`t consider this behaviour of mine as very appropriate, so other people who behave the same irritate me... because I see me in them!

This is the way our psyche works. If we understand that and begin to ask and seek the answers and reasons for what we are.... we`ll see the world in an entirely different shade – the light shade of the aware mind. It is important to ask yourself questions regarding motifs of our behaviour, reasons behind your emotional affections and reactions. By understanding yourself you greatly enchance your ability to communicate with others better and have a positive effect on all your social relations. Observe yourself, know yourself.

The most fundamental issue in the center of all disturbances and unsettlements in our world (referring to our human civilization) is the lack of active self-awareness and conscious behavior on the whole.

We do our daily programs and chores mechanically. We live in autopilot mode and rarely take a moment to reflect on ourselves. We live by laws and models dictated by dogma and stereotypes and adopt static and overdigested concepts, which we apply to our overall outlook. And from all these second-hand thoughts and behavioral frames we define our "I". And we drift throughout our lives like lost shadows of something that was never found. Your true SELF.

The most divine and highest purpose of the human beings is to know oneself, to explore and advance your mental horizons. To take a plunge in your unconscious mind and expand the limits of your everyday "I" perception.

Mental and social passivity is a true plague for the contemporary world.
There is a saying that "It is easier to raise a flag, that offer a helping hand.

Indeed, this proverb can be implicated even in our daily lives. We are unhappy with something, and that`s as far as we go. We tend to complain and do nothing to try and change what we are not happy with. We rely on someone else to make things better for us. We walk pass injustice and leave it to someone else to resolve. Most people will live through their lives in the most passive of ways, without doing anything valuable and voluntarily, without contributing with anything practical for the benefit of society (except by participating in it`s economical machine and ensuring successive generations).

It is easy to intuitively perceive that such behaviour is not right (or should I say righteous), unless you are a complete selfish hypocrit. However, the fact is that humanity is in suffering, sorrow, separation and grief. There are numerous humanitarian organizations, yet the people in the world needing help are billions as much. You don`t have to travel to another country to join the Red Cross to do your part, you can do it right where you are - in your country, your city, your neighbourhood and all the people around YOU. By being tolerant, understanding, ready to offer a helping hand for whatever you are able to, caring, compassionate. If you do not hurt others and always strive to improve yourself. Sometimes, only your solidarity with others` pain is enough to warm their hearts. Because you show that you CARE.

Don`t be rude, cold and ignorant, showing your back to the world, because the world will respond you likewise, and you will never find true LOVE, nor intransitive happiness or inmost harmony.

It is time that every person makes their part in our global society, towards peace, balance, understanding and unity. Make, do! Don`t just watch passively, go and do! Do help, do be tolerant, do try to understand, do appreciate diversity in people and find the common traits in us all. Do change yourself towards better and more complete!

Let us DO make the world a better place to live!

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