May 29, 2009

The Frequency of Reality We All Are Tuned Into [the Cosmic Guidance effect] Part 2

Let`s direct our attention towards the nature of this reality we exist in. Quantum physics gives us an amazing insight into the fundamental nature of matter and reality itself. The Universe, turns out to be an energetic structure that unfolds holarchically in a multidimensional manner, where every dimension is associated with certain energetic level or frequency. Furthermore, this energetic structure can be described with the frequency spectrum or in other words reality is made of different levels of energy and exactly these energetic differences define the properties of all those fundamental particles that make up all matter.

But hey, what the heck do you mean with this “all matter is energy”?! How come, when it feels so damn solid? As old Einstein remarked “Imagination is the most powerful tool of the intellect!” So, let`s turn our imaginations on and visualize the big picture.

Matter is solid. We know that matter can also be gaseous like clouds, liquid like vodka and plasma in extremely high temperatures, for example the matter that makes up stars is in the state of plasma. A big rock is a very solid thing, that if falls on top of something usually crushes it. We also know other extremely solid objects in the cosmos like neutron stars, whose atomic density is so thick that a spoonful of neutron star matter would weight millions of tons here on Earth.

In brief, every solid body is composed of atoms that are bonded in certain configurations forming the specific molecular structure of the solid object. How solid an object is depends either on its atomic density or molecular structure, some structural configurations are more resistant to pressure than others, for example a geometrical sphere is more resistant to outside pressure than a square that is why objects in space are spherical rather than square. So, every material body is made up of different atoms bonded in certain molecular structures. Atoms are fundamentally composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. What makes atoms different and thus gives them different properties is the number of protons, neutrons and electrons an atom has. You know the periodic table. The simplest atom is Hydrogen it is made up of one proton and one electron. Atoms, therefore, are these nanoscopic structures composed of a number of protons and neutrons “orbited” by electrons. Electrons are enigmatic “balls” of extremely high energy, the kind of stuff lightnings are made of, that are also extremely fast. So fast, in fact that it is impossible for physicists to predict their path around the nuclei, for this reason electrons are thought to be in a state of superposition and generally superposition means faster than the speed of light, so that space disappears and you are virtually at every point in every moment.

However, as incredibly amazing and out of reach as all this may seem, let`s try see now all this prerequisite as a background frame for the nature of psy-phenomena and what are they as functions of reality.

And so, all solid matter is made up of molecules that are made up of atoms that are made up subatomic particles. Protons and electrons are made of yet smaller particles called quarks. Notice how the deeper we go the more immaterial matter becomes. Mind that atoms are anything but solid balls of matter, but are made up of different energy-level charges that is subatomic particles. Quarks are pure energy as pure energy can get.

So, there, matter is energy.

But, then again, if matter is energy and we are made of matter, then why we perceive matter as a solid thing and can`t walk through walls, which would be pretty cool thing to do? Well, the answer is because we are at the same frequency with our environment of this dimension and this size. We have evolved to live and operate in this dimension and our brains are able to perceive only a fraction of the whole frequency spectrum there is, that is the whole of reality.

To ease your imagination, try to imagine the Universe from an atom point of view. It cannot possibly view the large-scale objects like planets, stars and galaxies the way see them, but sees reality only from the quantum-level perspective. In order to shift dimensions you must shift frequency or energy levels.

That is why we cannot walk through walls and Earth crust. Of course, you may wonder provided all this space between atoms how come the atoms of your body cannot sqeeze their way through the empty spaces between the atoms of another body. The answer again is size and frequency. As relative as size is, for that even the biggest objects are composed of the smallest things. A question of scale and levels.

Alright then, but all this does not provide any answer about the psy-phenomena we began discussing some while ago. Even more questions arise from the above answers. If we are not able to perceive reality any further than the limited frequency range our brain, body and senses operate in, then how can all these psy-phenomena exist? And I know they are a factual reality, because apart from all other peoples` accounts, I have my own relatively rich experience with such unexplainable events. It happens to me many times to suddenly remember an old friend whom I haven`t seen for long time, just like a thought about him or her that occurs randomly in my mind. Then, usually in the days to follow I just happen to meet this person. What a surprise.

Also in the same way of precognition-random-thought-occurrence I have known about random events in my everyday life that later happen just the way I thought. More or less important events sometimes even really insignificant. In numerous occasions I know in advance about certain developments of certain events, the responses and reactions of people I intent to speak with about something. Once one afternoon a random mental picture just popped in my mind about a dead kitten in a hole in the street just outside our apartment building and I got concerned for my mom to not get upset, because she is dedicated cat-lover. Just for a second or two. I was puzzled about the strange thoughts occurring in my mind. On the next day me and mom went out to wherever and just outside the building, down the street we saw a dead kitten in a hole of the road. I was shocked, and also what surprised me was that the reaction of my mom was a very objective and non-emotional one.. somehow it was different than the way she would usually react.. as if this "precognition" and the fact that I "got concerned" about the way she will take it, has actually had influenced her reaction so that it was in a different way.

This was a few years ago and this was the turning point when I began to pay attention to such thoughts and take notes whenever they happened to manifest as a precognition.

Since then, I observe and analyze these events whenever they happen to me and happen they do, randomly and sporadically. As a result of these observations over time, a mechanism of some kind begins to emerges, a relation and a pattern. All these precognitions are related to people, to other minds I somehow connect to in advance and they connect to me. As if, the EM field of Earth just has a few more properties we are not quite aware of yet!

And this is everything but impossible, obviously because I experience it, but also because of the nature of reality.