Dec 16, 2010

United States Cynicism and Propaganda Machine Pushing the World Towards a Third World War. The Unpopular Truths. A Wake Up Call

In the wake of the Wikileaks revolution, many truths, alongside lies, surfaced to public attention. Finally, we, the people, have been given the chance to read some real news, the way news should be - straightforward, no political corectness, objective and naked. The naked truth may not be as pretty as a well dressed lie, but it is what humanity needs, if we are ever to completely divorce with Feudalism and all of its subsequent reformulations present in today's world.

The US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks team are quite an interesting reading, on the least. There is something for everyone. Still, mainstream media is keeping its distance and refrains from speaking too much or too loud about what is being revealed. One may wonder (rapt in awe), how the media is able to create a sensation out of some small, banal news, and significantly underweight another, truly sensational news. Of course, this seemingly odd media behavior is nothing but an obvious evidence of just how manipulative, unobjective and corrupt mainstream news media is/are. Are they affraid of something? Or are they simply paid far too well to bother with truth? The answer, I presume, is a little bit of both, unevenly distributed among different media groups. Also it's worth noting that, since Assange's arrest, media attention was highly diverted from the leaked documents and concentrated on the allegations and rumours surrounding Julian Assange. Which is another sensational manipulation of mainstream media.

From the news channels I regularly watch - CNN, Euronews and BBC, BBC talks about different leaked documents and their contents the most. I understand that in the US, the general perception of Wikileaks is one of indifference (not surprising, the US public is passive on mostly everything of importance) and one of hostility. That is, the general US citizen has been, after all, convinced to believe that the revealing of the diplimatic cables is something of a treason that should be despised. Some even call the media coverage of Wikileaks as "unexplainable hype", whereas I don't really see any real hype, apart from Assange's arrest sensation. Of course, those who don't realize the importance of freedom of information (and speech) are unable to appreciate all that unfolded with Wikileaks. Those who "..falsely believe they are free" the land of the blind.

Anyway, the worst part is, that when governments and corporations finally manage to offset and mute the Wikileaks revelations, the public will be fast to forget about it, aided, again, by mainstream media sources. Self-imposed ignorance and passive willingness to consent with propaganda is a great plague in the modern world and a great barrier for societies' cultural advancement.

Corporate abuse of nature and human labor is one feudal element at hand, central banks abuse of national and global economies, another. But there is one very serious trend lurking subtly beneath everything else that most successfully evades public attention and appreciation of its dangers. That is the relentless and perseverant military aggressiveness of the US government in its foreign policy and actions. People don't seem to make some very important connections and don't seem to appreciate the imminent danger that these pose, pushing the world towards a very high propability of a new world war. One that has the potential to destroy civilization as we know it so far. A third world war, the most devastating in a row.

The United States government has a history of adopting some very disturbing policies, ever since the beginning of the 20th Century. You may want to take a look at the videos in the previous posts in this blog for information on what those policies have been.
As recent history shows, American society is dictated and ruled by a policy of fear-inducing propaganda to make them consent and give up their last remaining freedoms (since those freedoms began to slowly be taken away ever since the end of the first decade of the 20th Century), all in the name of their supposed safety. This policy creates an aura of an imminent threat that is every-lurking, targeting USA from everywhere, because this elusive enemy wants to take away the freedoms of Americans. Numerous lies and entire elaborate scenarios have been devised in the past decades, portraying sophisticated enemies, that simply were not there, in the no-quite-sane aspirations of US political and related circles.
First, the main enemy was the USSR, then terrorism and Al Qaida. It is an interesting fact to know, that the name "Al Qaida" was devised by US secret agencies and was not a name that the islamic fundamentalist movement used themselves, that is, before they heard about it on the news. A small fact that speaks a lot.

Actually, the fundamentalist movement in question has its historical roots in the near past and is mainly involved in social devolutions (as opposed to evolution) in the middle east region, its name is "Muslim brotherhood" and is far from a highly organized, sophisticated terror network. Actually, this fundamentalist movement was never able to acheive serious influence over average citizens in Muslim countries and by today's date it is slowly disintegrating and fading from public interest. It is a fact, that on the recent election in Egypt (2010), the Muslim brotherhood was unable to secure even one seat in the parliament.

The biggest acheivement of the movement is the islamic revolution in Iran (1979), which is a significat, very unfortunate event on its own. However, their involvement in the entire plotting and execution of the 9/11 attacks is seriously doubtful. And the big question remains - exactly who were all the participating parties in the full planning and carrying out these attacks?

  • Did US Officials have advance information about 9/11?
  • Did US Officials obstruct investigations prior to 9/11?
  • Did US Officials have reasons for allowing 9/11?
  • Did US Officials block captures and investigations after 9/11?

The answers should surface, sooner or later.

Since the Muslim brotherhood movement is slowly loosing its grounds in the muslim world, the US government's Politics of Fear policy is loosing its enemy, without which it cannot survive. And sooner or later it will become clear that there is no serious terror threat coming from the Arab world. And that this threat, for the most part, was exaggerated and fueled by religious fundamentalists and conservative politicians on both sides a.k.a a tention artificially created and deliberately sustained, as an aura of fear and distrust in societies. The Neoconservatives in USA are the fundamentalists on their side, together with respective christian leaders and preachers. In the light of this brief overview, since the Al Qaida enemy is fading from the picture, measures are being taken to create a new enemy, actually, to revive an old one - Russia. 

USA has an economy or rather a main industry in the US economy that thrives on war, that is the weaponry industry. The US is the biggest seller of weapons in the world, yet their cynicism goes so far as to always condemn other governments who also sell weapons here and there. In reality, the US condemns their competitors in the industry. It is a fact that US corporations sell weapons not only to their allies, but to their enemies as well. After all, everyone needs to be well armed in order to wage a good and profitable war.

The economic side of war is one thing at hand, another is how to win the consent of other nations and the support of the American public for all these wars. War is a highly profitable venture for Corporate America and its public justification is achieved by well conceived propaganda machine. Here is a video suggestion in regards to the war business:

Title: Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (2006)

Another one on the same topic:

And another, tackling the unpopular facts on terrorism and US policies of hypocrisy and blatant lies:

I also highly recommend watching the video in previous post here - The Rise of the Politics of Fear. American Propaganda, Islamic Fundamentalism and the Historical Roots of Both.

So, winning public support for the military aspirations of Corporate America is done via plain, old propaganda. The US government and associated institutions have a history of exploiting people's patriotic emotions to shape people's mindsets and make them consent to wars and giving up their personal freedoms.
I don't know how many years more have to pass in order for people to finally begin realizing all this and wake up for the reality and if they, especially, the US citizens are able to wake up at all, after decades of brainwashing, and being currently overwhelmed by trivial troubles like paying their bills, personal debts and informing themselves on the latest Hollywood gossips.
I do understand that Americans sincerely wish to believe that their government is moral, just and works for the people. Self-delusion is not going to make it so, however.
It may be harsh and morally discouraging to realize and acknowledge to yourself that things are not the way your (US) government portrays them to be, but this realization is of absolute necessity, if all this grand game of deception is to be exposed once and for all. Of course, it is not just the US government that plays this game, most of the governments in the world do. However, for instance here, in Europe, people are critical towards their governments and fight to protect their rights, while in the USA, the public is mostly silent and consent with everything. And most importantly, the most aggressive gamer is the USA. And this is nothing to be proud of.

"The new Pearl Harbor" that the US government needed so badly came in the face of the 9/11 attacks. So, convenient. Many things have drastically changed since then, mainly, the US military offensives gained momentum with the vigorous public support, the people deeply upset with 9/11 and pumped up with super-patriotism to a point of complete loss of rationale.
This is, actually, called "Social engineering", an excellent one, I'll say. By the way, there was another time in history at another place, when the crowds were so intensely manipulated to consent to irrational governmental policies, that was Germany ruled by Hitler.
German people, back then, were deprived of all their freedoms and had to support a barbaric dictatorship, while being brainwashed to praise it with ideology that told them that they had a unique role in this world, that they were free and bestest of all other nations.. and so on.
Sounds familiar?

I thought that the United States' "social" system is Feudal Capitalism. I was wrong. It is Idiocracy - a pseudo-democracy ran by fanatics based on ideologic patriotism sold to crowds of idiots. No offense, just the unpopular truth.
Americans woe to Communism, when their's even worse. And to point it out again, I'm not against American people, but the US government and their policies in place for decades in a row (almost a century even), without any difference who the president is.

But, all this is not my main point. Since the topic is so large, it's kind of hard to sqeeze it all in brief, while backing up the different points with retrospective information and some argumentation.
My main point is connecting the dots and following the path that current trends' unfolding seem to lead - a World War 3, that is. I sincerely hope I am completely wrong, but here is how things don't fit in. The visible part, which, I'm sure, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Since the United States' barbaric Policy of Fear, fueled by respective fanatical agencies, needs constant threats from outside in order to keep the US citizens in a grip of fear and thus in control, on the one hand, and to provide the US gvrnmnt with justification for military offensives on the other. And since the Muslim brotherhood movement is fading as such a threat, a threat that was largely exaggerated anyway. The US (political and corporate circles with inclination to psychopathy) are fixing their evil eye on Russia, again. Because they need an enemy in order to go on.

And the US is using another tool, apart from plain propaganda, at their disposal, in achieving to create this new enemy - NATO is that tool. NATO, a useless military organization in an age when diplomats are "building roads and bridges" with political correctness and a lot of hand shaking (for photography reasons mostly). NATO brings peace to turbulent regions across the globe, sometimes with subtle military presence (intimidation), other times with guns and bombs. Either way works fine and peace is ensured always, whether it be peace in fear or rest in peace (for those who don't comply with fear). It is a strange, strange world we live in, where people fight for peace.. literally. Trying to bring peace with the instruments of war. Well, that's just a plain primitive approach.

Primitive monkeys. Anyway. NATO, USA, World War 3. And the Eagle Guardian missile installations. Wikileaks documents. One such interesting to note is titled:  US plans to defend eastern Europe against Russia.

Wait, what?! Hello, the Cold War is over, retards. There is no real threat coming from Russia for Eastern Europe or for anyone else in that matter. Yeah, Russia has its disputes with Georgia and Chechnya, but those are fueled by both sides, a situation very similar to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yeah, Poland has its bad memmories from the USSR, but they have a very bad memmory from the German Reichstag as well. It's just idiotic history ran by irrational, insane humans, men in particular. And most of all, it's history in the past. Russia is not secretly planning to converting into USSR again. This is nothing but another paranoid, schizophrenic vision of the US government. As they have a long history of such a behavior. Video here.

First off, there is NO threat coming from Russia for Eastern Europe. I live here. I see no tensions between Russia and East European countries. I see, however, growing tensions between Russia and USA over the (backed and insisted upon by the US) Eagle Guardian missile network, previously known as Space Shield or some similarly ridiculous designation. Now, second off, intially this massive missile installations plan was said to be a defense for Europe against missile attacks from Iran. That was the official version at least, before Wikileaks released these documents. While reading them and in the light of the historic behavior of the US, their strategies and policies, suddenly I realized something disturbing.
This "contingency expantion plan" is a strategy. It is a military provocation. And most of all, it is a preparation for war. Against Russia. Those missile installations are not for defense, they are a first-line of a future offense. One that has already been planned.
I'm not sure if anyone who may read this would realize the importance of this subject, its weight and public attention deficit.
It's very simple: First, the US said they want to build those missile installations, so that they defend Europe against Iranian missile attacks. Right. The universal defenders to the rescue. But now it turns out that the US, privately, says that, shhht, the installations are for defense against Russia. Huh?! Since there is no real threat coming from Russia, then what is the real purpose of these military installations? Do you know that the US repeatedly provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, so that they could join in WW2 with official arguments?

The second documents reads:

"..This is the first step in a multi-stage process to develop a complete set of appropriate contingency plans for the full range of possible threats - both regional and functional - as soon as possible.". Full range of possible threats? Stunning. I would confidently replace "Functional" with "Fictional" and will fit in just right.

"The United States believes strongly that such planning should not be discussed publicly." Of course not, why should the public have any clue where they are headed to.

"The Alliance has many public diplomacy tools at its disposal. Contingency planning is not one of them. What we should do is explore other public steps for demonstrating the vitality of Article 5, such as exercises, defense investment, and partnerships."

Right. So, when asked, don't say that "..these missile installations are for defense against Russia." Bleep, incorrect. Instead be politically polite, so that not to undermine the military plans of us. "Umh, I meant, these installations are for exercises, just a pointless defense investment, and, of course, for partnerships (for creating world peace)". Followed by loud, joyful hand clapping right after mentioning "world peace". If only words manifested into realities, we would have created an utopia a thousand times already.

This is very serious. There is no real, justifiable reason for this massive military installation, taking place so secretly, that we really barely hear anything about it here. Not long ago,  about half an year or so, Russia's president Medvedev said that if NATO and USA continue with the Eagle Guardian installations, Russia will have no choice but to strenghten its own weaponry arsenals. Because, it is clear to them to whom these missiles will be pointing. The installations are in progress, thus this entire plot is a purposeful provocation with a very sinister purpose and no diplomatic effort, or faking such efforts on the side of USA. When two big powers in the world, especially former "enemies", begin to arm over military provocations, things are going to no good.

The whole "World policeman" and "Unique role in the world" BS and interventionist policy of the US is getting really annoying. Not to mention the deranged propaganda. As if we still live in the 1st or 2nd Century, not 21st. I think the world is in deep trouble, not only in terms of fictional democracy and liberties et cetera information censorship, but we are headed to another major war, people. World War 3 may escalate so fast and so soon, that it could feel like "a thunder from clear skies". Of course, the skies are far from clear and even darker clouds are approaching from the horizons.
So, with such grim future possibilities, the question is, is it avoidable? Is it preventable? Where are the minds of those politicans?! I mean, the other politicians, say in Europe, not the US politicians, who are mostly deranged as well as the policies they support. Why are people so irrational?! I can barely believe the world we live in. Insane.

Keep an eye on this issue and please, copy and distribute this article or parts of it all over the social media! There is no need for attribution, no need to link back to this blog whatsoever, just spread the word! Create awareness for this issue, bring people's attention to it. We don't need the Eagle Guardian shield, there is no threat, this missile "defense" is creating unneeded tension that can lead to war. Wake up! A WW3 must be prevented or else there will be misery and suffering for all.

We can prevent it, we the people from all over the world! Our weapon is free speech, our strenght is in numbers. Reason can prevail over insanity! The US is led by paranoid, scitzopheric policies that cannot be classified as rational nor sane, they see enemies everywhere and peace nowhere.

Title: Dealers in Death (1935)

How long is this primitivity going to continue? 75 years after the above documentary was produced, the situation still the same.

It will continue to be the same so long as people consent with it and there are soldiers willing to fight for it. As if people in the "modern" civilization are not mature enough to settle their conflicts with reason and dialogue. It is not about that of course, it is about business in wars. There is no money in talking rationale. Duh.

Here are two more clips of interest, Michael Moore interview on Wikileaks and an exerpt of Ron Paul's speech in the US Senate (ah, ancient Rome, lol). And , yes, there is something very wrong with the whole 9/11 story too, something very wrong and contradictory.

Let's change the world!! Let's change the future..


Here is another Wikileaks mirror site with the Collateral Murder video:
Click on the Wikileaks sandclock logo for more mirror sites. 

Dec 9, 2010

New American Century. From Liberty to Enslavement. The Persistent Moral Degradation of the Once Advanced Western Civilization

The United States want to dominate the world, old-fashion barbaric style. What astounds me most is how subtly they get away with their war crimes and convince their citizens and people around the world that the wars they wage are always out of a last-resource self-defense. When in reality, those wars have been preplanned long before.

United States condemns terrorism, when their own actions can be defined as terrorist's. The US government and its agencies stimulate terrorism, they sponsor it, create it, supply it with weapons and insite it and they need it to use it as justification for their long list of military offensives preplanned decades ago, going further decades from now. The final goal of these wars is not bringing freedom nor democracy to other peoples, but on the one hand, gaining resources and new corporate grounds. And on the other, there seems to be a more long-term sinister aspiration that drives all these "small" steps. Someone may think that oil is the major reason for the US to wage wars in the Middle East. It is a reason, but may not be the main reason.

Why is USA waging wars constantly, from Vietnam to Iraq, what's with the primitivity? It's an industry, it's business and it is a strategy that will lead them to their ultimate goal - war with Russia a.k.a WW3. The US government applies a "Politics of Fear" policy, that needs a constant supply of enemies, in order to work. Apart from their weapons industry, that needs wars and conflicts in order to stay in business. Is it all for profit? Or is there another, more irrational motivation that works behind it all?

As ludicrous as it may sound, the US government, it seems, simply want to dominate the world, empire style. The agenda is gaining profit out of people's mysery and world domination.

This behavior is not simply psychopatic, it is insane, these actions are extremely unfit for civilized humanity in the 21st Century. There is no true effort for peace, because there is more profit in war.

If one comes to think about it, only USA and local partisan factions around the world, here and there, wage wars. United States of America is the only country in the world that wages wars with other countries, continuosly for over 50 years. Barbarians. Having brainwashed their population via propaganda and super-patriotism, they are getting ready for the next "small" step, another war, this time with Iran. Right on schedule. First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq, now it's Iran's turn in the middle. One has to be blind or mentally challenged in order not to see the pattern. And from there on, it's Russia, with the support of NATO and the Eagle Guardian. More on this in the next article.

And ordinary people, the US masses in particular, believe it all and are ready to pack up and go fight and die for another lie. I truly wonder what excuse will the average American devise for her/himself this time. May be it will be something like "Oh, if we didn't attacked them, they would have attacked us with nuclear bombs!". Insane!

You are out of your minds US public. It is such a pity that we have to live in such a primitive world, where "advanced" nations dusguise their primitivity under fake cultural humanities, hypocritical high ideals and cynical democratic freedoms. It is all complete BS, dust in the eyes for the made-retarded crowds. The average (North) American doesn't realize that the actual aggressor are they and that there is no pursue of any high ideals in these wars, but only geo-political influence for profiteering purposes, namely Oil and pure imperialism. Now I understand the events that led to these historical developments. In 1953 USA and Brittain used their secret organizations to remove from power the democratically elected leader of Iran - a well educated lawyer - who wanted to nationalize the oil industry, which was held by the Brittish, and thus to improve the standard of life of Iranians and to boost the development of Iran.

But these idealistic, socially-oriented visions of Dr. Mosaddeq conflicted with the selfish, self-righteous interests of Brittain and USA, thus they plotted to turn him down. And with the power of money so they did, replacing him with the Shah.

A few months ago, I thought that US and Brittish secret agencies again had a role in the subsequent events that took place in Iran, but now I understand that they didn't. Namely, the islamic revolution in 1979. This was when the US and UK lost control over Iran and over Iran's oil fields. And ever since, they want to reclaim this oil back.

And the stupified public will, again, be made to think that this war is for their protection, chanting patriotic slogans like "God bless our troops, risking their lives to defend us." God bless your stupidity. Ignorance is bliss. Right. Bliss, for those in power.

And this whole lust for profits up until the very last drop of oil is the major barrier for the development of new, advanced and clean energy technologies. Because there aren't enough investments put into research, because the emergence of any such serious new technology must be delayed until the last oil well goes dry.

Don't ask about sense nor rationality, there are none such. It's all driven by the most primitive motivators that exist in human nature. The conservative political groups, corporations and central banks want to continue to inflate the US and world economy, to follow the ups and downs of the "natural" economic cycles, to wage wars and simply to prevent humanity's further cultural development as much as they possibly can. Why, there is no answer, I guess because it's just fun. Apart from irrationally profitable.

Just notice how they step up with media propaganda, ragging about the imminent threat of Iran and their aggressive nuclear program.
Today mainstream media almost don't mention Osama Bin Laden anymore, because his image served its purpose and is not needed by US propaganda anymore. Think. Wake up.

Steps to war:

1. Demonize the Enemy
2. Exaggerate a Threat
3. Fake a Diplomatic Effort
4. Establish a Pretext
5. Pretend at some point that a line has been crossed and attack

Steps 1 through 4 involve huge amounts of propaganda, both national and international, in speeches, reports, via corporate media sources. Using the cultivated patriotic flare in USA citizens (that is easily turned into mindless zeal via strong, passionate propaganda) to win their support for a war.

Some wilfully ignorant, hopeless patriots would say "I don't care about all those war crimes, killings, monstrosities, we are the best and we will dominate this world". Yeah, you are the best, alright, only that your own government exploits its own citizens pretty good. After all, don't think that the average American profits anything from these wars, you only pay for them via your wide array of all kinds of increasing taxes, while the real profiteers are big corporations who don't give a damn about you average US citizens. It's time to wake up and actually become citizens, not just peasants. The dollar is on its way to become a worthless currency and USA will not succeed to dominate the world, rather their primitive aspirations will only lead to a Third World War that will obliterate half the world and will only bring misery and suffering, nothing more. It is possible that the idea for the Georgia Stones came from an annonymous prophet.
Yes, given the current development of events, the possibility of a WW3 in the near future is very high. And this is an uncomfortable thought, on the least. 

American population has the power to prevent this insanity, if they only could firmly stand against the military policy of their government. If the US public is able to wake up from their mental slumber and realize the illusion that has been put in front of their eyes.

Title: Iran is not the problem (2008)

No, Iran is not the problem. United States is. Indeed, the US laments over Iran's potential nuclear weapons, while the US themselves are unwilling to disarm theirs. Also, why the US doesn't speak up against Pakistan's or India's nukes? Because they don't have oil, on the one hand.

United States has been involved in the past 50 years in State-sponsored international terrorism via CIA operations around the world and various False Flag operations. Why is the US public wilfully casting a blind eye to all this? What is wrong, are they afraid? Afraid of their own government? USA has a history of sponsoring both sides of fighting factions all over the world, all throughout the 20th Century and continue to do so. They create terrorist organizations, only to fight with them later.
And that crazy notion "Axis of evil" that became so popular following 9/11 sounded really strange to me, coming from the mouth of a "western world" leader. But now, understanding more about the US political system and realizing that Bush is a Republican, the weird phrase came to place. So ridiculous. Axis of evil, lol. It is the subjective quality of the observer to put itself out of the observable.

Indeed. I mean, are there really republican senators and governors who don't "believe" in evolution? ..It's not a question of simply "believing", it's a question of rationale and facts. And another thing religious dogma does not tell you - have you thought on the connection between the synchronization between the main brain frequency state of human and the Shuman resonance and the relation of these to the "telepathy" effect?! Hm. Humanity will never reach this level of knowledge until we wage wars and behave like primitive monkeys.

Title: New American Century (2006)

The main points in the New American Century Project agenda:
  • we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future (..for the future wars??)
  • we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values (...such a self-centeredness)
  • we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad [and]
  • we need to accept responsibility for America's unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles. (....pure propaganda)
In other words, we need to dominate the world and impose our ways on others. And those "ways", economic and political, are far from healthy, sustainable nor socially-oriented, but impose them anyway.

Here is the same documentary on a somewhat better quality at Information Liberation

What you can do about it? You can talk about these issues, bring attention to them. You can make petitions, assemble to public protests and peaceful disobedience. You can gather and say NO to war, no to propaganda. Be active citizens, use your "We the people" power for once, after more than a century of consenting and being a good flock of consumers.

"Propaganda is to Democracy as Violence is to Dictatorship"
Noam Chomsky

Peculiar exerpts from Wikileaks:
  • How the US picks up diplomatic representatives:
"The cables reveal Washington's opinion on Gordon Brown's potential successors. David Miliband was deemed "too brainy", Alan Johnson had a "lack of killer instinct" and Harriet Harman was a "policy lightweight but an adept interparty operator". Source.

So, the person aspiring for a career in politics must not be too smart and should not have too high moral to qualify for a good candidate. Right. That is, if you are too smart, you should become a scientist or something, not politician. And if your moral values are too high, you should become a monk or something, not get involved in the sinful fields of politics.

What, you thought that politicians are smart people? Well, history proves otherwise quite definitively. And morals.. let's not even mention this way-out-of-place concept that has no place in politics, again, obviously, both in retrospection and today.

Ahh, if all the scientists in the world were to become politicians, the world would be such a better place to live in. No more funding for wars, instead increased investment in science, medicine, education. Utopia.

Here is another truth: We live in a twisted world, upside down. No wonder throughout history the most wicked, the most insane, the most barbaric and idiotic persons have ruled nations. The real question here is, why the "masses" allow such persons to attain leadership positions? Ponder this for a while. 

  • Saudi youth are throwing hell of a parties, deep underground, right after the evening prayer. Cable document here.
Now, I don't mean to reprimand the young people wanting to party, even in a rather primitive way with lots of alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.. but a society based on hypocrisy and backwards social structure, where women are considered a lesser class of humans than men and social life is reduced to going to the malls and praying in mosques.

The wrong world.. such a bad luck. In a billion of universes, this one. Bummer. LoL

Follow the unfolding of the US Diplomatic cables live



Here is a very interesting and insightful movie (animation) on Iranian society before and after 1979. As seen through the eyes of Marjane Satrapi, who was a kid during these times. Couldn't find it online, this is the trailer. I recommend watching the full movie, it will show you a society being a victim of  religious fundamentalism, just as western societies have been and still do fall victims to political propaganda.

Title: Persepolis (2007)

Dec 5, 2010

In a Free Society, We Are Supposed to Know the Truth. In a Society Where Truth Becomes Treason, We Are In Big Trouble. Wikileaks and the Post-Cablegate Geopolitical Scene

Today the truth about the dominant policy of western and eastern, northern and southern governments alike became obvious. Societies are being manipulated, abused, deceived and ruled by dictatorship-oriented totalitarian governments, whether openly or disguised as democracies. The revealed diplomatic documents by Wikileaks were supposed to create outrage in leaders concerned and serve as an awakening slap in the face for all slumbering societies. Instead, the leaders are either silent or outraged in condemnation, not for the highly cynical US diplomacy and politics, but for the whistleblower themselves, who dared to expose the truth as it is.

So, there it is. The truth about the lies finally surfaced definitively. And the reaction of US and world governments proved what their true policy is. It is a policy of manipulation and deception, not one of truth and freedom. There is no democracy in our world, there is capitalism, communism, dictatorship and various hideous political mixes of those three.

Today's politics is a dirty game of propaganda and wealth-accumulation that has nothing to do with creating a better world for the average person. Governments work for corporations and not for the people. The only democratic element that blinds people into thinking they have power to choose – voting – is another deception, because political campaigns are sponsored by corporations, not tax-payer money, as people may think. And the source of the biggest propaganda and political hypocrisy in the world, it seems, is USA. The censorship there turns out to be rivaling that of China and old totalitarian regimes, like the USSR. Yet, the American public is turning a blind eye to all this, still believing they live in a free country. A willful ignorance, silently supporting its own slavery. But, do they have a choice? What can be done? Can anything be done at this point? Can people reclaim their true freedom? Are people able to tell apart freedom from enslavement at all?

"In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble" is a recent remark of Ron Paul regarding the unfolding events around the Wikileaks scandal. 
Congressman Ron Paul who had no chance of reaching the final rounds of the last presidential elections in USA, don't wonder why.

Governments and corporations take actions into closing down the whistleblower website. This act alone is quite evident as to the lack of true freedom in our modern "democratic" world. Some US politicians have even called for the assassination of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, because he is such a treat for freedom and justice. We are witnessing live a huge censorship on truth and liberty in front of our eyes. An act, that some people thought unthinkable in western democratic societies.

About the leaked documents:

"The cables show the extent of US spying on its allies and the UN; turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in "client states"; backroom deals with supposedly neutral countries; lobbying for US corporations; and the measures US diplomats take to advance those who have access to them. This document release reveals the contradictions between the US’s public persona and what it says behind closed doors" 

Find the documents here, until this location lasts.

The truth is, we live in a deeply messed up world today, very much resembling scenarios like the ones portrayed in literature like "1984" and "Brave New World". And it is up to people, at large, to wake up and change the course of history. Together, united by reason, honesty, moral, solidarity and humanism. 

Here are two interesting articles surrounding the Wikileaks scandal:

There is also a section in their website keeping track of the newest released documents here

    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
    George Orwell

    "None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

    "We live in a mentally challenged world" Oh, yeah, the blatantly obvious truth. One of the many.


    Nov 27, 2010

    The Rise of the Politics of Fear. American Propaganda, Islamic Fundamentalism and the Historical Roots of Both

    In order to understand the present, one has to follow its roots down in the past. The present is a complete and utter mess. And the past is no different. History is an entangled thing, that is understood best when seen through all of its different angles. If we want to understand why things are the way they are today, we have to follow their development from the past. There are many truths, many levels of truths. But, probably, one of the highest truths is that things are not the way they seem to be.

    In a previous article I gave a link to a comprehensive documentary about the historic development of corporate propaganda, marketing, shaping the consumer society in the US and manufacturing consent.

    Here is another documentary that follows in retrospective the development of the modern political scene, the establisment of the political propaganda and the establishing of the ever-stalking, ever-imminent terror threat that keeps western societies in a grip of fear.

    Title: The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (2004)

    ".. Lies became reality .."

    "This documentary offers a remarkable insight into the reality of our current fear induced climate. Adam Curtis chronicles the rise of neo-conservatism and the resulting change in the world's political agenda orchestrated by those who place their trust in the philosophical ideal of the necessity of evil to unite a country. The filmmaker manages to successfully pluck apart the myth of the reality of there being a logistically organized terror network, let alone one that is managing to orchestrate terror attacks from a cave in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. His arguments are backed up by some eye opening interviews with authorities on the field of Islamic fundamentalism, members of the US government and members of the US judicial system. These insights are parred with concrete, startling facts and the result is a program that manages to shake us awake making us aware of a far more realistic terror threat namely that of psychological warfare carried out by the powers that be, accompanied by a sensationalist media frenzy. I cannot recommend this program highly enough."

    The movie is in three parts, about an hour each.
    I will not comment, because what history reveals just leaves you speachless.. standing rapt in awe. Or maybe with a sentence. All this is madness. Insanity. Primitivism, prevailing in all camps.

    Watch it. Think. Rethink. And spread the world. I deeply believe it is time for people to wake up and stop being a flock of sheep.

    "None are more enslaved than those, who falsely believe they are free" 

    Nov 21, 2010

    Freedom or Delusion? The Feudal Elements in Modern Capitalism. Enslaved by Debt-Based Economics. A Wake Up Call on the Verge of a Revolution and/or Total Collapse

    Shilled into Capitalistic ideology. We, modern people, tend to think that Feudalism is a thing of the past. That today in our advanced societies we enjoy freedoms and rights, not accessible to our unfortunate predecessors. Yes, today individuals in modern societies do enjoy new-found freedoms that were unthinkable before. Like gender equality, right to assembly and public protests, freedom to express your opinion, to trade and generally live your life the way you feel like living it. Of course, all those freedoms and rights do come with certain clauses and prepositions attached. The truth is, that all of the above are still emerging and although constitutionally accepted, those rights are not fully applied in practice. They are more or less fictional and formal, even though the average consumer may not see it this way. Perhaps, the biggest illusion in today’s world is that there is a Democracy. When in reality, there is Capitalism, which is the modern form of Feudalism.

    History is a complex and entangled topic. But in history are the roots that laid today’s world. Due to a complexity of reasons, USA, with its economic ideology of Capitalistic prosperity and the American Dream, has placed itself as a world standard for social advancement, serving as an example for emerging economies. And despite all of its numerous flaws, a lot of governments do strive to follow in its footsteps, including ours, here in Bulgaria. Which I find a wrong thing to do. Indeed, whether due to a lack of alternatives or because of the short-sightedness of people in power, American Capitalism and US society had established as a world role model. But, hasn't this role model proved to be wrong?

    In reality, USA was a land of prosperity and freedom, in the past. Today, it has turned into a highly exploitative system that completely excludes the “social” element and a global military aggressor. United States sits on old glory, because today’s reality is much different than the image they still project onto the world. In fact, USA is the world leader in hypocrisy and cynicism. Reprimanding corrupt foreign governments, when the US government works for corporations, instead for the people. Speaking against terrorism and military aggression, when the US foreign policy is one of the most terror-oriented and aggressive in the world. Talking about Global Warming and environment preservation, when US corporations are some of the major pollutants and destroyers of environment both on US territory and abroad.

    Abusing non-renewable resources, as if the end of the world is just around the corner. Producing enormous amounts of waste, both organic and synthetic, that spill into rivers, oceans and all nature. The entire concept of perpetually expanding economic growth is wrong and unsustainable. A virtual economic prosperity, that still remains unexposed, but will not remain like this forever. Why virtual? Because, it is debt-based.

    It is a strange thing that USA imports much more, than they export. Yet, Americans can afford a rather higher standard of life on the average. This is a controversy. And this is where the American credit system comes in the scene.

    The land of the debt, where the average citizen has 8 credit cards and about a thousand dollars of debt on each one of those plastics. Americans are spending beyond their means and this situation puts American economy ahead of its actual GDP, thus this higher standard of living is somewhat artificially created with a lot of blink. The average American has higher rate of spending, than making money.

    There are much unhealthy elements in the way US society ended up being set. Not to mention high rates of obesity, probably highest in the world, and GMO food treated with highly toxic chemicals (produced by Monsanto, the same Monsanto who produced Agent Orange for the Vietnam war) with side effects yet to be established, such as endocrine disruptive ones, both for humans and animals alike.

    It may seem a great thing to be American, but is this only the façade? Behind the glamour there are shady mechanisms at work. Liberty, it seems, has been lost somewhere on the way.

    Americans, today, are enslaved by corporations and banks. Banks lure people in taking credits with overwhelming advertisements, great offers and discounts, counting on the average person’s ignorance. Terms and clauses are intentionally complicated and written so that contracts be as less clear to the consumer as possible. Government, on the other hand, makes sure it keeps propaganda up, motivating society to be good consumers. However, the average American doesn’t make enough money to be that good a consumer, that is why they need to spend on credit, in order to fulfill the consumer-quota required from them. Modern consumerism, on the whole, is based on deception and misleading. A legalized fraud. Unfortunately, this model propagates itself overseas as well. For instance, here in Bulgaria, six years ago there were no mortgage credits, there were no credit advertisements on TV and on street banners. And today, already there are lots and lots of people in debt, caught in the spider web of banks and debt economics.

    Banks use various strategies to keep their customers well in debt. They gladly would refinance your mortgage, so that you may fail to pay it off this time. They would even reprimand you, if you pay off your credit too fast. They don’t like you when you pay on time, thus avoiding interest. Ideally, banks want you to make minimal monthly payments forever. And, don’t worry, you can always go bankrupt and balance out your credit bills.

    While, I’m not sure if all that bank credit system is such a bad thing after all. Since, if there were no credits available to the average working individual, the whole consumer-based society wouldn’t be possible. Not at these rates at least. But, what about the social side-effects of this aggressive Capitalism? What about the continuing and growing trends of inhumane practices of corporations, like sweatshops and death salaries? And what about the complete lack of care about the environment? What about taking responsibility for future generations yet unborn? What legacy are “we” leaving to them? A shattered and poisoned world? Why sustainable economy and renewable production is kept only in theory? Why are corporations waiting for the last drop of oil to dry out, in order to really invest in those new technologies? Greed is a great barrier to social advancement. Among other primitive behavioral patterns of human beings.

    What about the growing inequality between rich and poor? Is the middle class diminishing? Where will that lead? Isn’t it time to officially declare Capitalism a mistake and move forward? Or is it that people must change their mindset first, in order that we move forward.

    The presumption of constantly expanding economy is just irrational, not to mention unsustainable, and it will inevitably turn into a black hole, crushing down under its own weight

    In one speech of his, J.W.Bush says that “Americans enjoy economic independence” Wow, I was truly stunned by this outlandish conclusion, what’s more, the sitting crowds in front of him actually clapped their hands joyfully. Amazing. It is amazing how much appreciation empty words can bring about. Of course, manipulative governments all around the world knew that effect long ago Bush was even born.

    Title: Maxed Out

    I do agree that people's own ignorance and lack of rational thought is the main reason to find themselves in such debt-overwhelmed situations. The banks having lied and deceived them into taking the bait is another element, but not really the main one. I mean, do live within your means people or at least close to it. Time to realize that the American Dream is not wealth that simply falls from the sky, it's about opportunities to earn. However, such opportunities are to be found all over the world today, so it's an old concept overall. And what about Liberty?

    It is a strange thing that there are a lot of movies, articles and analyses over the past decades raising those issues and yet as if all of them are somehow kept on the background, shut and silenced with very little public attention drawn to them, like some kind of dissidents that are unfavorable to the ruling government, because, well, they are too objective and speak the truth. Preposterous.  Here is another documentary related to Freedom and Liberty in USA that I recommend watching, some of the regulations that it criticizes are truly disturbing. Like the ban on growing vegetable in your back yard. I mean, this is a fundamental human right to grow food on Earth, banned. Crazy world. 

    Title: The End of Liberty (2010)

    You can watch it here

    And another one, examining this transition in a historical restrospection and embarking on quite a provoking trip in search of answers from some of the most notorious US institutions. Nearly a century later.. US society still walks oblivious to all this. Watch the following documentary, it is highly recommended and spread the word. Stand up and fight, for your freedom, for your rights!

    Title: America: From Freedom to Fascism (2006) 

    What we see in the above documentary is just gruesome. It is shocking and deeply, deeply disturbing. So ridiculous when people say that "USA is the freest country." Umh, think again. This sounds like the "Americans enjoy economic independence" line of Bush's. Utter and complete hot air words with absolutely no resonance in reality. Yeah, the truth is that Liberty in United States died at the beginning of the 20th Century and it is up to people now to resurrect it back. Say no to self-imposed ignorance! Informed and intelligent is cool. Dumbness is dull (not to mention highly manipulative). Wake up people.

    Title: Stupidity (2003)    

    "Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a mad man or an economist" Kenneth Boulding

    Nov 15, 2010

    And Man Created God in His Image and Likeness

    Human psychology is one of the most baffling, perplexing, amazing and least explored, even less understood realm of the whole of Creation. It is the source of all art, mystery, myth, symbolism, ritual and everything divine. Indeed, human psyche gave rise to such profound mysteries that have proven to be utterly and completely incomprehensible to this other level of human mind - the more approachable and transparent – intellect or rationale. Human beings today, generally, divide themselves in believers and non-believers. The believers hold dear the archaic dogmas of the past and zealously believe, while the non-believers disregard all the religious non-sense and refuse to believe any more. All of them, believers and non-believers alike, collectively don’t understand, nor do they realize.

    They don’t understand, because they look at it from the wrong perspective, which, of course, provides no meaningful view. Leaving believers aside, since they don’t even try to understand, the non-believers, likewise, simply disregard, without really trying to understand either. And to understand, one has to look at religion, myth and symbolism through the aspects of human psychology. To enliven oneself in the minds of those ancient humans and see the way they saw the world, the way they came to interpret it, the way psychology works in all the various manifestation of its intrinsic mechanisms, many of which stem from our instincts, embedded in our behavioral, as well as perceptional frames. Also, there are the practical, social layers of religion that were intentionally built-in, through history, so to provide a moral frame for society, as well as a structural one. If one learns to think in this way and analyzes religion in these respects, gradually, revelation enlightens one’s mind and leaves them in awe in front of the simplicity of the profound. The topic is quite voluminous and quite intriguing too, I am discussing a good deal of it in my book, for me some of these conclusions are truly staggering for a first-time realization, considering that so millions and billions of people don’t really realize it in this way, believers or atheists alike. Later the stunned-effect settles down and ferments into wisdom. Pieces of realization that build up and expand the horizons of awareness and consciousness, as much as burdened with “new age” blink those terms may be, I am using them for what they actually designate. The title of this post says a lot, but there is even more behind it. You see, it is not a matter of whether “God exists or does not exist”, it is a matter of, I’m not really sure how to express it, a matter of psychological adultness, because a great deal of the core motifs of major religions is the Parent element, and not only in religions alive today, but also in those that were forgotten.

    On the most superficial level, religion is a form of government that, as all primitive forms of governments, puts “ordinary” people in the position of obedience (thus exploitation) without the right to question or disprove and with no option not to follow, otherwise will be outcast from society. In the past, religion served well as a social glue, since people were quite ignorant and uneducated anyway. Today, it mostly serves as a social segregator and a justification for hatred and discrimination. My God is not your God, your God is not My god, The gods are not your God and my God is your god, but not the God of your Dog. And so on outrageous arguments going on and on, forever. Until, people finally begin to realize. This may never happen, it may happen after thousands of years more, it may happen in a few centuries or in a few decades. Who knows what the unfolded, inexistent future holds in its state of infinite quantum potential.

    Anyway, another year, another row of profitable religious celebrations filling the medium with much exaggeration and collective emotion. Now is Hajj time. Muslims from all over the world gear up for this year’s great Mecca stampede, to see the Space Rock, round it a few times in a cleansing ritual of purification from all the sins that have accumulated during the year, throw some earthly stone matter at a Devil’s dummy and ride a new, state of the art and technology Mecca train. Ah, it is the most mysterious thing when religion and technology join hands in unison. Such an awe. Stumbled upon a news article about it earlier today and was very amused by the colorful comments different readers had left below it. About the Hajj and the Mecca train. One reader says:

    “Interesting that the train for religious pilgrims was made in an officially atheistic country!!”

    Indeed, considering that women may have worked on it too, it is a great sin for hard-liner Muslim men to touch a non-family woman, you know, even indirectly, especially during the Hajj. Allah will condemn them to burn in hell, those disgusting and perverse women touchers. Another reader comments:

    “No, Saudi have no army, they pay US to fight their war, and you will to keep oil following, but why not just raise oil prices ans stick it to the American people, George W. Bush in his book the Decision.”

    I’m not sure to which comment this not quite coherent reply responds to, but it seemed interesting. Now I saw that there are some collapsed comments, you have to press the little plus sign to see them.

    “Let them permit non-Muslims into Mecca and Medina. Let Saudi Arabia permit building of churches and other religion based prayer places just as we permit theirs! One way street is not acceptable for long!”

    “What's the over/under on how soon some Muslim militant will blow up this train? I'd say one week.”

    “No, it will be a Christian militant. They are real dangerous and just as plentiful as the Muslim variety. Haven't you heard?”

    “And in the US, depression medication advertisements on the rise, in a recession many feel hopeless in finding a job and drug companies want to profit on that. They want a train, they get it. Here’s always a fist fight between the Rep and Democrats, tell he frustrated nation, I know better, but they are all for their self interest and those who paid for their campain”

    This one is more like a monologue complaint out of desperation, completely out of topic and out of corporate news channels and popular talk shows as well. We feel sincere solidarity with you, frustrated nation! We all are. Everything is wrong in this world, everywhere. We are in the wrong world, I tell you! Lol, back to the comments.

    “Only the men get to ride inside.. the women are strapped to the top like luggage.. so as not to offend the morality police....”

    Another reader replies to the above comment:

    “Wow, Ignorence is a disease with an optional cure. You need to get cured my dear.”

    And a reply to the reply from yet another reader follows:

    “Sweeping the realities and problems under stinking carpets are another kind of disease requiring treatment!!”

    The debate continues on furiously:

    “Just because there are so many Muslims in the world means that there are a lot more ignorant people in the world!!!!”

    “That is true for all religions !”

    “only stupid people believe in any thing as stupid as religion.”

    What did I told ya. They’re all stupid.

    “You people do know that all there doing is Worshiping a Asteroid.right?”

    “With all of them facing each other's butts, they could be worshipping a hemorrhoid!”

    “How is this any more strange than Christians making pilgrimages to various churches built to house the preserved remains of body parts of long dead saints?”

    “Another instance of China beating the U.S. in competition for relatively new technology.”

    “Yeah, all the U.S. can do is give them the most technologically advanced weaponry on the planet. We suck.”

    “Non-Muslims are not permitted even in roads leave alone to the "holy" place!”

    Aah, now isn’t this such a dreadful discrimination. Non-muslims must ride on camels through the desert, if they don’t have an off-road vehicle.

    “Why don't they just take a flying carpet ?”

    Now that’s the solution!

    “R.B. continue with that belief at the risk of your enternal soul. There is only one was to true salvation and eternal life; Maximus speaks the truth. Just curious. what is your "religion" anyway?”

    Yeah, the usual question does the job in friend-making and foe-telling. Here is the link to the article with all the comments.

    Basic questions.

    What is your race: Homo Sapiens
    Where are you from: Earth
    What is your religion: God doesn’t have religious preferences, don’t be ridiculous, only humans do! LoL


    P.S. It is interesting to note, in regard to the alleged healing properties of religious artifacts, usually bodily remains of death saints or icons, that the "miracle" effect does occur. However, it is not the bones themselves that create it, but the channeled collective believe that boosts and amplifies the individual self-suggestion. This is the same as the Placebo effect. The mind-power of the believer heals the body through the power of suggestion. It is quite an interesting effect, very little explored and acknowledged by contemporary science. Probably because pharmaceutical industries doesn't want people to heal themselves, 'cause they'll be out of business.

    These potentials of the mind are very real, as well as telepathy-related and similar shrouded in mystery abilities of the mind. It is just that the way these things work and occur is different than what the movie and entertainment industry had come to present them as. For instance, when you experience "telepathy" you don't actuallty read a mind like a text book, but rather you tune into certain intuitivie suggestions pointing to certain aspects, mindsets, tendencies related to a certain person, usually a person that you know. Something related to frequencies again, that we don't really understand yet.

    Finally, back to speaking of poorly understood religion and religious fanaticism, here is an interesting video to see:

    Title: Jesus Camp (2006)

    Uhum, religion can be quite a disturbing ideology. Just as any rationality-deprived ideology. This is another problem in our postmodern world that needs to be properly addressed and resolved in the future. Yeah, let's just fix it then. Look who's talking of fasting (clip above).

    Oct 20, 2010

    Why Has The Multicultural Model Failed (In Western Societies)

    Here is a very interesting recent issue voiced in Europe’s politosphere that caught my attention and today I decided to write on it, because it is a rather rare event to hear rationality speaking openly, especially from current political leaders (who all try to adjust their speeches to the agreed-on opinions and generally refrain from expressing views that differ from the popular ones, because of lobbyist-attacks, PR and censorship concerns). 

    A few days ago, the German chancellor Angela Merkel finally gathered courage to state that “The multicultural model has utterly failed” (She looked very anxious on different social occasions on TV, there was this concert for an official event, a week or so ago, and she was sitting there uncomfortably on her chair with the audience, her body language conveying inner unsettlement).
    I’ve been thinking on the cultural integration issue in Europe since some time now and I was honestly perplexed as to why it was not addressed rationally, but only defended by privately-funded lobbyist organizations, who only defended their payrolls and address the unintegrated minorities’ issue with poor and one-sided arguments. I guess politicians were too busy to argue with those lobbyists, many of which come directly from the European Council, arrogantly flashing sanctions threats. 

    So, let’s begin our rational interpretation of the Social Integration concept by drafting a definition of it. To integrate in a society means to adopt the host societies’ laws, conducts, learn the official language, become a part of the work force, pay your bills and taxes. To integrate into a society basically means to adopt its culture, apart from becoming a part of its social system (leisuring around on undeserved social benefits doesn’t count).  

    Now, let’s tackle those elusive principles of Democracy concerning human rights and freedoms. Europe, these days, considers itself a world leader in Democratic human rights and tolerance. You could come in any EU country and settle in, find a job, raise a family. So long as people are respecting each other and everyone adheres to the given social standards in education and culture, all is basically good. You have the freedom to practice your religion and your cultural traditions alongside, as long as those traditions, in particular, does not seriously collide with the higher human rights principles in place at the culture you wish to integrate in. For instance, it is quite conceivable that if you live in any European country and practice traditional under-age or forceful marriages, you will be opposed by the society, which holds the values of Democratic human rights and freedoms. 

    Thus, we come to a controversy. On the one hand, the Democratic principles hold that people have the rights to practice their alien traditions and religious beliefs and on the other hand, at some point those same Democratic principles of higher understanding for the individual’s rights and freedom are demanded to be waived, because they clash with the traditions and religious beliefs of immigrants. 

    I have long realized that other cultures, in particular Muslim ones, blatantly exploit western societies’ Democratic tolerance values and are consistently trying to establish a sort of sub-societies that refuse to follow western values, laws and conducts, demanding that they live by their own laws, customs and paradigms. Alright then, considering that this trend of sub-societies based on religious views is highly unhealthy for the harmony of the entire social unit that is being defragmented in this way, I wonder then why are those people living in western societies at all? If they want to live by their own laws and traditions, refusing to integrate, then why don’t they just go back to their home countries and live there in peace the way they want? So here is the cynicism. They want the social well being and convenience of western societies, that is why they persistently stay. They want to live in western societies, but in the same time don't want to fit into its cultural standards. This creates a controversy and social strain.

    I like semithic people, their emotionality and exotic culture, but I don’t like the cynicism in Islam and its orthodox dogma that makes people retarded. And indeed, if western societies continue to lower their social standards and humanity values in order to suit the demands of less culturally advanced social groups, then our societies are at a real risk of downgrading in a cultural sense. 

    You cannot call a society that treats women with lesser rights then men “advanced”.
    Muslim women claim they veil themselves by their own choice, but this is of course a lie out of no choice. They simply cannot express any other opinion than this, otherwise they will suffer consequences in their sub-societies, sometimes even very serious ones. 

    Yes, there are the Indian women, dressing traditionally as well, one might argue. The problem is that Indians are not aggressive, as opposed to Muslims. And yes, I do realize that one is ethnic designation and the other religious, I do make a point with this too. It is way too long to discuss it here, but Islam hasn’t been always like this, in terms of its aggressiveness, but in recent history it had became like this, as a sort of collective psychological defense-mechanism reaction. Things are complicated, as usual when human issues are involved. 

    A Theory of Everything seems inapplicable to humans, unlike the Universe. When you think about the Universe, the more you contemplate it, the simpler it seems, while when contemplating on human society, the more you think about it all, the more complex and entangled it gets. 

    Actually, all religious dogma is retarding to modern culture. And not just Islam is cynical, Judaism too, Christianity and secular ideologies like politics as well. The real problem, in the bottom of it all, are people themselves and their  narrow interpretation of it all, short-sightedness, ignorance and selfishness. People's cultural primitivity, in short.

    Of course, there is a solution that can disentangle this Gordian Knot. And that is when all the different peoples finally agree that religious dogma is archaic and has served its time. When people agree on a new, more advanced and rational interpretation of the historic function of religion, the source of its symbolism and myth. When we all adopt a new, more advanced understanding of ourselves, of this Universe and this reality we all live in. 

    However, such a collective realization requires mental effort, a release from willful ignorance, certain levels of intelligence and knowledge too. And these qualities are not as wide spread, as profane religious zeal, so such a reconciliation seems all but improbable in the near future. It is alive and existing in potential today, but humanity is not ready for it yet. Which is very sad, because we just prolong this Idiocracy we all live in, to the collective suffering of us all. 
    People are idiots. Don’t want to offend anyone by saying that, I am an idiot too, so relax.

    This topic is far from encompassed, even in brief, as I said, it’s deep and complex. As a post scriptum, in regard to the part of the title in brackets – duh, as far as I am aware the concept of multiculturalism exists mostly in western societies. You can’t obtain a permission to build churches here and there in Muslim countries, you know. In fact, there aren’t really any well-being Christian sub-cultures in Muslim societies, for that matter. Don’t wonder why. Because they demand tolerance from us, but don’t return us the favor. This is just not right. Such a dupes.

    By the way, social integration has nothing to do with racism and skin color. It is about culture and values. Just to make this one clear.

    In conclusion, the lack of social integration of minorities in a larger social group inevitably leads to social defragmentation, tension and general degradation of the collective well-being. It is interesting to note, that in the US we observe just the same trend. The lack of proper cultural integration of all immigrant groups leads to social problems and social degradation, which, if left unaddressed, will only get worse. Despite their very well conceived artificial culture in the face of American Patriotism, that has been designed exactly for reasons of providing a cultural glue for social integration of all the different peoples. They should have devised a new, American Religion as well, this would have ensured a complete social integrity. lol

    Oct 7, 2010

    Is Depression A Mental Disorder or Is It A Lack Of Self-Management Education? The Inhumane Side Effects of Psychiatry Drugs

    Life. Life is such an awe. There is no word that can comprehend it on her own. Life can be described in a thousand ways, with a million words or with complete silence rapt in awe. Contemplating its multilayered, multidimensional misteries is such a bliss for the mind on its own. Marvelling at its brilliance. Looking with astonishment at the most simple things that with the most subtle variations create the most diverse outcomes in forms, qualities, properties, levels. Levels of energy, it is all fundamentally one cosmic symphony of vibration, indeed. So unbelievable, so strange. The same energy in different levels. Frequencies.

    That's all there is. We are made of it. Even more, we are it. Entangled with it for eternity, whether we appreciate it or not. It doesn't matter anyway. Or, does it? Does one's awareness matter? If you realize, does this new state of your mind affects your frequencies? And if so, what is the subsequent effect of all other frequencies in relation to you?
    They should get affected as well and ultimately, one's personal realization may propagate, as a frequency effect, this energy change reflecting in the whole Universe. Maybe, a part of this symohony gets attuned with my frequency or maybe we affect each other? We may cancel one another or amplify our intensity? A matter of tuning? Am I attuned with myself? Attuned with the frequencies around me? What is Inspiration? What is the frequency of inspiration? Does it affect other frequencies around me? When I get inspired, when my spirit and mind are uplifted high with the flow of thought and emotion. Inspiration is an emotion, but it also addresses thoughts.

    It is a mindset, a state of mind that can be amplified with corresponding thoughts or canceled with thoughts out of tune. Interesting, isn't it? Your mindset creates emotions. It is always like that. Heck, this is even the placebo effect. The mind controls the body and its biochemistry. Thus, if one attains control over his or her mind, they attain control over their moods, emotions, balance.

    Today I got hit by doors, walls and hard edges that got me really pissed off, not to mention this red bump on my forehead. At the end, just as I was getting angrier, I paused and stepped out of me. "Must be having a wrong mindset, in the negative scale" I thought "If reality is beating me up like this all around". It is a fact of life, and frequency, that when you're out of tune with yourself, everything else starts to reflect this. That is why positive mindset is important. Very important even. As being in harmony with yourself is.

    In today's popular commercial science world, mainstream culture is not used to critical thinking, especially one that is directed towards one self, for personality integration purposes. Who cares about the unexplored potentials of the mind, when its commercial uses are highly doubtful and require much effort to reach. Mental passivity is a bliss for today's increasingly neurotic modern human, just like the hipnotizing blink of commercials.

    It is a fact that the emotional state is a reflection of the mental state and in turn, the physical overall wellbeing is a reflection of your emotional state. The question is, which comes first - your mental state or your emotions? Which creates which? Is it the chicken that lays the egg or is it the egg that hatches the chicken?!

    Back to seriousness, it is an interconnected relation, if one element is disturbed, all get disturbed over the chain. If you weild the root, you attain management over all its branches. Since, the structure of a human being is centralized, in the brain that is. Of course, there are many organs that function independently, for the brain's convenience, but I've heard of people who in the course of many years of learning in self-mastery have attained ability to control even the function of those organs. Like, controlling your heart beat, even stopping it by will. Someone, some while ago told me about a man who was able to erect his penis and ejaculate without touching it at all.
    Sure, it's the power of visualization, this happens in sleep too, lol, though in sleep boys most likely touch their penises, by a reflex.

    Anyway, if inspiration can be called in, then the mind, as in psyche, has the power to induce hormonal secretion in the CNS, which means that all mood-disorder related mental conditions ultimately are aroused from unconscious issues that build up outside the conscious expanses of one's everyday thoughts and create psychological pressure. Unconsious pressure that leads to an out-of-tune state, a disbalance that manifests itself physiologically. I'm sure this is in the core of all neurous brake-downs, neuroses, depressions and all psychological conditions alike, experienced by otherwise healthy individuals with normally developed encephalouses.

    Depression is classified and treated as a "mental disorder" requiring pharmaceutical intervention, because it is, most simply put, a marketing strategy for pharmaceutical developers.

    As grotesque and disturbing as it may seem, it is a fact. A fact, that is strongly denied by all the psychiatrist lobbyists working in favor of the pharmaceutical companies. Psychiatry is an archaic branch of psychology from the days of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Later completely adopted by the pharmaceutical industry to serve their marketing needs.

    The most disturbing part is, that people are truly got into believing they need the pills in order to feel better, because it is much easier this way anyway. It is much easier to drink a bunch of bliss-bringing pills instead of actually confronting yourself, working through your issues, observing yourself and bringing your personality to integrity via a conscious mental effort of realization. People are out of tune with themselves and psychiatry is deceptively giving them a helping hand.
    Helping them to never achieve psychological integrity and any personal insight, that goes through suffering, but leads to liberation and renewal. Unlike the illusion of these that pills bring until the effect of the dose lasts. Such a pittiful state. You see, modern psychiatry addresses the root of those popular mental "disorders" in a very incorrect way. Worsening them or just dulling them at best.

    That is why education in untapped fields like self-management, integration of unconscious issues with conscious self via realization and reconsiliation and the like are so much lacking in mainstream society.
    It is just more profitable this way, even if retarding for the population. So sick. We will never make this next step this way, to reach the next level.

    Still, if frequencies do interfere with each other, then it is worth spreading some inspiration around the informational medium in this reality we are attuned with, for it just may come to inspire more minds on the way and then it is all worth it. Not that the sole bliss of inspiration is not worth it on its own, even without words, just in silence and awe. While this magic lasts. This magic of Life.

    Here is a disturbing testimony from a psychiatry pharmaceuticals victim. He prolongs his speech a lot, repeating himself. Still, quite revealing. The dude was in his 20s and was turned into a zombie by his perscribed drugs. This is ridiculous. Those psychiatrists have no consiense, drugging kids and young people like that. Shocking. All psychiatrists care about is selling you the drug, nothing more, nothing less. By the way, while I was in NYC, I saw a lot of strange, somewhat spaced-out, somewhat removed individuals, they looked like drugged, I thought they were on some sort of medications, anti-depressants or whatever. My suspicions were correct. Duh, so obvious. This is just sick.

    By the way, speaking of ridiculous prescribed drugs on the market, take a look at this video as well.

    Well, not just religious dogma is archaic in our modern world, you know, there are too much archaic paradigms, some better, some worse, all bad.