Sep 20, 2009

When Man Created God. Genesis of Religious Thought and the Spiritual Need [part 2]

In our contemporary societies, intrigues, rows and fights, jealousy, hypocrisy, selfishness and ignorance, break-ups and problematic communication are considered as standard spices to human relationships. It is normal for people to fight and be unable to reach consent with each other. It is normal to hurt each other both physically and emotionally, whether or not we feel sorry and apologize afterwards. Violence has always fascinated man and has been a preferred form of entertainment for both children and adults alike until this day. It is normal for peoples` behavior to first react and think later. Stereotypes and behavioral frames plague the minds of the youth, as well as their parents`. In their relationships, people do not seek harmony, but domination. Helplessly submitting to the will of their emotional affections and spontaneous urges.

It is no wonder really that ignorance and mental passivity are preferred states of the mind by default, since realization in self-awareness is not an easy process and causes much emotional distress to the traveler who dared to plunge into the depths of his soul. Self-control is an art that only the strongest wield. The first steps are the hardest. Just as the darkest hour is just before dawn.

A grotesque picture can be drawn of humanity today indeed, a present that we can radically transform. We create the future today, whether we do it consciously or not. If the average levels of awareness and understanding are heightened globally, we will make the next step in our social evolution as humanity and as self-aware, intelligent beings. This mental evolution is necessary if we are to move positively forward as humanity, because if we continue to develop only our exterior habitat, but remain stagnant and narrow-minded in our spiritual concepts and understanding one day a third world war with technologically advanced weapons will be inevitably fought. And this is a very grim prospect indeed, but lays very real and immanent on the path we currently follow. Our future relies upon us. Every individual matters, because if we are to truly change our world for the better, the change must begin in the mind of the individual! You may not be able to change the world alone, but you can change yourself and with that to positively influence your very local world. You may not be able to stop war and hate in the whole world, but you can stop those in yourself and bring peace and harmony in the world closest to you in the face of your family, at work, at the street in your relationships with friends and all the people you communicate with in your life. If you improve yourself and aim to higher awareness and understanding you influence the people around you and bring positive change in your life and the lives of people close to you.
And together we can move the world and drown it in a global wave of inspiration!

So, where do you start? Start with yourself!
How? Transform yourself into an example and embodiment of the new ideals – patience and understanding in your relationships with others, self-control and higher awareness in active mentality. Search for the reasons of your reactions and behavior, analyze, comprehend and understand yourself. Build your character, ask questions and search for the answers. Do not be passive – improve, dare and do!

Know yourself and reach the profound depths of your mind. Do not simply be an average person driven by your instincts and primal reactions, push your limits over the edge, sculpt yourself and wield yourself.
Most people find it hard at first to even see their inferiorities and imperfections or perceive their limited awareness, so that they wonder whatever there is to improve in themselves.

The human Ego is a strange entity or this essential personality that is formed in your childhood and established in your adulthood that you address when you say “I”. Often our perception for ourselves and what we show to the world differ, whether we do it consciously or not. Mostly our behavior as personality is driven by psychological motifs that are beyond our awareness. There are many common forms of behavior noted by the science of psychology that people share, like the compensatory behavior that is widely spread. For instance, a person who has poor self-esteem and deepened level of uncertainty tends to adopt an arrogant, aggressive and anti-social behavior with varying levels of intensity. Aggression always is a sign of inner uncertainty and fear.
Our ego has the peculiar property to conceal the true motifs for our reactions and affections, always searching for justifications, never allowing you to be critical towards yourself and ever sustaining a sense of greatness and impeccability. As if the purpose of the ego is to keep your consciousness in a semiautomatic state, preventing it from expanding and awaking. As if the human ego is a primal chain that frames our consciousness and keeps us asleep. A primitive mechanism that we haven`t realized as a limitation yet, along with our very basic mammalian behavior in the face of all the primal instincts that drive us.
As if, indeed self-knowledge is hidden from man, as the ancient wisdom says and human eyes have not yet fully awoken.
By a rule, if you are to grasp and comprehend the world and the most hidden mechanisms of the Universe better, you must first comprehend and understand yourself, the cosmos within you.
This is achieved by the process of self-observation that results in a heightened self-awareness and realization. By putting yourself at the place of the known object, whom you poke, question, explore and analyze. The more questions you ask and the more persistently you think on the answers the deeper your insight goes and the more you realize and understand.
Observation and contemplation are at the base of all knowledge. The answers rarely come in an instant with a flash, but usually unfold gradually in time becoming more and more profound and complete. Seek and you shall find.

How knowing yourself changes you? In quantum physics there is one fundamental principle, without the presence of which no system would have existed at all – this is the observer principle. The act of observation changes the behavior of the observable object, even more the act of observation sets it in motion and definitiveness. Without an observer no knowledge and no form exist. This notion is quite profound as it implicates that beyond our own consciousness that creates our personal reality, we live in another much bigger reality that is the Universe itself. And as far as we can discern this cosmos we live in is filled with all kinds of forms and definite objects with definite shapes and electromagnetic properties. Furthermore, this atomic soup of particles ultimately organized and reorganized in such a way that eventually led to life on Earth and evolution of human beings.
The Universe, from the energetic aspect we perceive it, is an unimaginably huge void of blackness and intangible nothingness that is scarcely filled with all the atoms that make up the billions of octillions of stars, all the exotic stellar objects of the cosmos, our planet and all life on it. As chaotic and unpredictable the quantum world is, all the systems from the stellar to the microcosmic are guided by certain patterns, physical principles and existential rules that define their form and movement. That is, the cause-and-effect link chain rules the world as we know it. Anthropology and cosmology tell us that the physical systems were set into motion and definite existence before the emergence of human consciousness, therefore there must be a greater, cosmic observer who by the act of observation has set into motion the organization of the atoms into ever more complex structures and the birth of the Universe itself. This is essentially the consciousness of the Universe herself, this Cosmic observer that observes itself and by this act creates all the forms, life and everything we know. Just as there are dimensions inside dimensions, so there are consciousnesses inside consciousnesses in a fractal manner and our human consciousness is a living mind inside the Mind of the Universe or this that we call God. Extremely profound. We discussed more this concept in our previous lecture and we will unfold it more in the lectures to come.
So, the act of observation gave birth to organized physical systems that led to our creation as well. Governed by the very same principles, the act of observing yourself sets your inner universe into motion. By observing yourself you gain insight about your inner workings and psychological mechanisms, you ask questions and tackle the answers, you analyze and by this process of taking notice of yourself you reveal new space in your mind and create new forms and knowledge.
Again, the more you take the effort to think, the more thoughts in your mind move, merge and organize into ideas, comprehensions, concepts and unfolding insight.
In the process of knowing yourself you become a creator of your very own, inmost universe that you fill with life. This is the deepest meaning to human life, that began to unfold since the ancient times when human consciousness gradually awoke for itself and began observing the world, this process of awakening from the primitive mammalian consciousness level to human is the profound transformation that inspired its symbolic reenactment in the biblical story of Genesis 3:7 “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked;” The subject has detached itself from the object, the consciousness became autonomous and differentiated from the primordial womb of the unconsciousness. Now, the consciousness perceives itself as a subject that observes the world without as well as its world within. The symbolic psychological process this biblical story describes is very interesting to analyze, which we will do in an extensive lecture soon to come.
“And the eyes of them both were opened..” the human consciousness revealed.

It is time for the next big step in our spiritual, mental evolution. It is time to think deeper and realize wider, it is time to evolve our minds further! Someone
recently told me "What is normal?" in regard to psychopathologies in our contemporary society that are propagated as acceptable, so I though if we loose all of our criteria, what are we going to turn into ? And what about the health of this psyche of ours? I believe people should stop ignoring psychology, or deep troubles await us ahead!

“Your life is a reflection of your mentality.”
Bruce Lee

Improve yourself, change the world!

Sep 15, 2009

When Man Created God. Genesis of Religious Thought and the Spiritual Need [part 1]

"The experience of being the knowing subject . . is only one half of the process of knowledge. The other half is the experience of being the known object.”


To know yourself. This shrouded in mysticism ancient concept brings a sense of esoteric mystery in modern thought. But the human soul has been an object of exploration and contemplation since tens of thousands of years ago. It has been the tool for spiritual insight of the first shamans of ancient tribal communities, who felt there is more to themselves than can be seen. Self-knowledge was born back then, when people for the first time began to interprete their dreams and the symbolism that sprang out of the depths of their minds. When people began to search for the source of their thoughts that appear in the mind as if having a life of their own. The source of their emotions to which they were subordinate.
Since then the great endeavor in search of answers that human though embarked on gradually gave birth to all the legends, philosophies and religions we have today.

Spirituality is a fundamental and intrinsic quality of Homo Sapiens. Our ancient predecessors felt their intangible connectedness to those invisible aspects of nature, to this hidden life-giving Source that was behind everything. And thus ritual was born, out of the need to communicate with the intangible that was later recognized as God.

The perception of the mystic, hidden, spiritual and this intimate connectivity of all that is visible with something beyond ordinary senses do not spring from anywhere else, but the human soul. Satori, enlightment and divine insight do not come from anywhere outside, but take place in the soul. All this is important to mention, because worldwide there is this prevailing age-old delusion that the Divine is situated somewhere outside ourselves, what is more, somewhere far away and far above up in the unreachable heavens. We are used to perceive God as a human-like figure with human emotions who sits authoritatively on a throne in the skies forever watching the crawling little specs below, may be eating chips while following up the developing intrigues, war conflicts and newest technological brake-throughs.
Of course, our whole view of the world from a religious perspective is old and inconsistent with modern humanity and this is why there is so much tension between peoples and religions. We need a new, wider, deeper and more encompassing view and understanding of God, the Universe and our place in it, a view that will suit our mental potential and capacity as intelligent, civilized beings. We do not live in the middle ages anymore, despite that the new pope seems to have been living under a rock.

And there is only one way to achieve the next level in our social advancement as one humanity – by realizing and understanding ourselves deeper and better. The change must begin in the mind of the individual, the transformation from the primitive levels to higher levels of self-awareness and realization on the whole.
Which returns us to the ancient notion of knowing yourself.

To know yourself is the process of self-realization, self-contemplation and self-improvement. It is the active consciousness that is aware of its mechanisms, that observes itself, takes notes of its behavior and reactions, understands and realizes the psychological motifs of others as well as those in itself. Active consciousness that operates on a higher level than the average awareness we have as a social standard today.
The science of contemporary psychology, as though still in its infancy, has organized and synthesized all the empirical knowledge we have thus far about the mechanisms and structure of human psyche into an elegant and comprehensive system. Psychology is the modern analogue to the ancient practice of knowing yourself.
People from the past had always perceived this inmost, invisible darkness that has control over them and filled them with fearfulness. This darkness is the very nature of the predominant part of our psyche – the unconsciousness, the contents and mechanisms of which are unseen and unknown to our regular “I” consciousness that is by default our self-perception and all this that we call “Me”. When you say “I” you address this limited perimeter of awareness that floats “on top” of the depths of your complete Self.

So, what exactly is this unreachable unconsciousness? And if our wishes, moods, affections and behavior are predominantly set to motion by psychological motifs that we are not aware of, then how can we realize all these so that we expand the limits of our minds?

The unconsciousness contains all the mechanisms that drive us in life, its roots begin from our DNA, where the fundamental instincts are encoded (Self-preservation and Reproduction instincts that we share with all other life on this planet, as well as many other forms of behavior which we will discuss at another lecture). The structure of our psyche is in layers and as we pointed out the deepest layer begins in our DNA that contains all the information from the very beginning of life on Earth. We have much to understand about this and much to learn. This is what the old Sanscrit esoterics call “Akasha”, the Informational pool of Earth or what Carl G.Jung describes as the Collective Unconscious, the source of primal symbolism. In brief. Then comes the personal level of the unconscious where all those emotional affections, events, twists and turns that shaped our personality throughout our lives are contained. In the universe energy is never lost, information is energy, memories are information. From the very moment when your brain is complete in the womb you start the record button and it never stops until your death. The psyche records your life completely, even though consciously you forget many things and remember just a few of all.
Having described these very basics of the psyche you may argue that if your psychology is rooted in your DNA then personality is predetermined genetically. The answer is a firm No. Firstly, you cannot dismiss the influence over ones personality the family setting has. The influence that the setting where you grow up has on your personality is tremendous and is the main shape-giver of what you are as a person and character. Then when the child is older it is greatly influenced by its peers, the “spirit of the era” in terms of the most fashionable stereotypes, mind frames and traditions that prevail in the society it lives in. And until it is adolescent and able to think and analyze on its own, this child` psyche is already fully formed and in most cases it remains in this shape with very little change throughout its life. That is why how you rear up the child is of utmost importance about what it is going to be when it grows up.
Of course, this is the case for most people who never embark on the journey of self-realization, observation and improvement. Because whatever your psychological start in life, when you grow up you have the ability to consciously reshape yourself, rebuild your personality and radically better yourself as a self-aware individual.
Considering the more or less uniqueness of every individual psyche, the process of self-improvement thus cannot have one universal formula that will work for all. However, there are certain key points that are collectively applicable to all and a must in order for you to achieve results, these are as follows: to put yourself at the place of the object of observation, to ask questions about yourself to yourself and search for the reasons behind your behavior, character, personality traits, moods, affections and reactions; honesty and sincerity with yourself. Perseverance and persistence in your will to achieve results and attain insight.

The first steps are the hardest. For me, after a decade of active mentality and self-analyzes I have achieved remarkable results that are already visible for everyone who knew me since back then when I first began. And even, I can say that I truly put my will into this some five years ago when I overcame my worst teenage years. So, in this period of five years I improved my character and relationships greatly, attained amazing insights about the nature of human mind, soul, society, religions, God… during the last two years I`ve increased my IQ with 30 points and my understanding about myself and the world is increasingly deepening and widening. Also, I notice an acceleration in the rate of sudden realizations and profound insights. A truly remarkable journey that sadly very few people undertake.

In the beginning it is hard, confusing and seemingly futile. The hardest part is being honest with yourself. It is very hard to admit to yourself that you were wrong, that you reacted inadequately, that the blame is in yourself and to acknowledge your negative personality traits. But if you persist, the results gradually come and in time you expand your awareness and the process of self-analyzes becomes a state of your mind. Your ability to communicate with others improves as well as all of your relationships. And problematic relationships are a plague for modern societies, resulting in all those ridiculous intrigues, constant fights, brake-ups and divorces.
Just imagine if everyone consciously betters him/herself and heightens his and her awareness. Humanity will radically transform into something unforeseen by grim science fiction views of the future where the same people fight with better guns.

Let us turn our attention now towards the introductionary quotation of E.Edinger and analyze that, which it describes.
In order for any knowledge to exist two fundamental factors must be present – observing subject and object of observation. When the scientist examines the atom, he or she is the observing subject, while the atom is the object of observation. When we explore the world we live in, the world is the object of observation and we are the observing subject.
During the predominant part of their life, the average person is mostly in the role of the observing subject, experiencing the world with our senses that connects us to reality outside and our consciousness with gaze fixed on the scene from without. It happens more or less to occasionally reflect on oneself, but so rarely this self-contemplation is persistent and consistent enough so to lead the personality to realization and awareness, to improvement, unfoldment and perfection.
In the process of self-knowledge and self-awareness, you put yourself at the place of the observable object, while the observing subject is you again. This is the consciousness that is aware of and observes itself. And in this process of self-observation your inmost universe becomes alive and fills up with forms, emotions and symbols that were previously unseen by your minds` eye.
Self-knowledge, as the highest aim and spiritual meaning to human life has been a central part in all philosophical and esoteric teachings since the most ancient of times.
Yet, our psyche remains largely unexplored and poorly understood to this day. The average levels of self-awareness being so low worldwide and humans still primarily driven by their most basic instincts. Mostly incapable of self-control, slaves to destiny, relying on the main stream to guide their thoughts, behavior and life. Still living by the laws of the herd and mental passivity.


Aug 19, 2009

How It All Began. The Story of Earth, Life and Human Society. We Are 1 Big Family [part 3]

As powerful as the perception of beauty can be, in reality there are no ugly things. For evolution everything is practical, evolution does nothing without purpose. It does not create beautiful or ugly forms, evolution shapes every form so that it be optimally practical and useful to itself.

Indeed, if you observe nature and analyze the causes and consequences of animal behavior you will inevitable notice that every little detail has its purpose. Every skill and every colorful shade has a purpose and practical use in a world of tough competition and fight for survival.

Only the fittest survive and this law holds true even in our contemporary human societies in terms of peer and financial competition. Shaving off the unsuccessful and unfit lies at the core of every advancement. And advancement, as a process, signifies the transition to a better state. Advancement is what the process of evolution is involved with.
All living things adapt to the environment they inhabit and develop their skills based on their needs for survival. For instance, pray birds have adapted to life high above the surface, so that is why they developed excellent vision and long, sharp claws to enable them to hunt successfully land animals. The anteater is an excellent example for biological design optimally suited for the feeding habits of the animal – they have long, trunk-like mouth with long and thin tongue that can stick into termite holes and exceptionally long claws which makes them ideal tool for burrowing in the tough termite towers of dry mud.

Evolution is invariably practical, but there is one principle a part of her mechanism that is involved with the variations between individuals of the same group. That is the almighty natural selection instinct. Natural selection is a tool of the fundamental reproduction instinct, but it also triggers the self-preservation instinct in the form of fear and aggression. For this reason it is the males that are more brightly colored in nature, because they have to compete in order to reproduce. The more colorful, the stronger and more successful male will have the chance to pass on his genes.

Instincts are the basic form of behavior established through collective experience and imprinted in our DNA so to ensure that life will go on. It is simply amazing how collective experience is established throughout millions and billions of years and information is preserved and encrypted in molecules that basically serve as behavioral programs that guide the living being in its life.
Evolution, furthermore, shapes the design of the body as well. As we mentioned, the biological design adapts to its environment so that it increases its chances for survival. Biological design always changes and fits in the surrounding habitat, because self-preservation is the other basic and fundamental instinct of life. And that is why when Homo Sapiens left its birth place continent for the first time and began to take over the Earth, those groups that all took off as the same looking ancient African people in time developed so differently to form all the ethnic varieties we know today.
People who settled in the north hemisphere began to change over the millennia, because they needed to fit their new habitat. Their nose bases became thin, so that it could warm the cold air breathed. Their skin paled, because with very few months of intense sunshine the body did not needed to produce so much melanin anymore to protect the skin from UV rays, because clouds were doing this instead. Also, the blue and green eyes and light color hair is considered to be the result of milk-products consumption. People in Europe from tens of thousands of years have goats and cows and their main nutrition for many millennia has been milk and its products. Whereas the people in other parts of the world consumed very little to no diary products at all and that is why there are no light eyes and hairs in ethnic groups that do not derive from European settlers.

Every little detail of the body design is there for a purpose and this purpose is shaped by the geo-climatic specifics of the environment the organism has adapted to.
People in the hot and moist regions naturally have dark skin, because the body produces melanin, which builds up in the outer layers of the skin so that it protects the organism from harmful UV rays and bad burns. Also their noses are wider, so that it cools the hot air breathed. The hair has remained on our heads because its purpose is to cool or warm the brain. The eyebrows are designed to protect the eyes from sweat drops coming down the forehead. Make an experiment – shave your eyebrows and go into the shower, notice how water flows from your forehead directly into your eyes, whereas if eyebrows were present they would diverge the water away from the eye! This is the practical side of body design.

You know about this pesky useless appendix that people have that causes problems to kids eating nuts without peeling them. This is an evolutionary remain of a second stomach where primitive people some a hundred thousand years ago used to store plant products they ate for further digestion. After some couple of dozens of millennia the appendix will complete disappear from the human body, as well as the “wisdom” teeth at the back of your jaw.

For you see, environment is not a static constant and it is constantly in motion and a subject of change. So evolution is constantly at work as well, adapting the organism to its forever changing environment so that it always survives. Because if the organism is unable to adapt to its environment it simply dies out. And the job of evolution is to preserve and maintain life, also to make it better.

Our human life is so short that our environment seems to us as if it has always been there in the way we see it. But our whole human civilization has developed in just one frame of the whole lifespan of this Earth. Too often, unfortunately, our perceptions and minds are also as narrow. When we mindlessly segregate each other on “superior and inferior races” without being able to comprehend that we all are descendants of one race and one tribe – the Homo Sapiens. There are no other human races presently alive. How ridiculous racism is and a prominent trait of our primitive consciousness and narrow minds.

Thankfully and finally we have the solid facts that we are all one big family, descendants of one tribe located in Africa some 60 thousand years ago. Namely the Genographic Project that gathers up genetic data from tens of thousands of men, because the “Y” chromosome in the male genes passes with very little to no changes throughout the generations, so it is easy to follow. And our common ancestry does not finish there, it can be traced down the evolutionary ladder and back to the very first life forms on this planet. Because we are all born here and we are all part of this great journey of life that began 4 billion years ago. Even more, we are in a symbiotic relationship with this planet and this ecosystem, even though we have supermarkets and pharmaceutics today. We all share a common beginning and a common future and it is about time to take the next step in our evolution, the step that has to be made in our minds!

It is so naïve and ignorant when people think they are not animals. The truth is, that not only we are mammals, but sometimes people act more mindlessly than all other animals.
Our common instincts and physiological needs aren`t the only things all living beings share. We furthermore have such a close behavior, habits and social structure with other higher mammalians. But the human ego blinded by its illusions of immortality and perfectness treats other animals like inanimate things. When animals also have minds on their own, of course much down on the evolutionary tree than our complex human consciousness. But animals also have some early form of psyche, because higher mammals dream in their sleep and this means that their brains store memories which turn randomly into dream patterns when asleep. And this fact is truly amazing. If you have a dog or a cat pet, you know what I speak of. However, it is all down to our primitiveness that we behave the way most people do in the world today – driven by their primal instincts, blindly following their spontaneous urges for sexual satisfaction and aggressive reactions.
Unaware of the reasons for their behavior and totally unaware of the psychological mechanisms and factors that shape their personality and social behavior. Slaves to their random moods and impulses, pushed by the collective flow of the mass.

There is no unity, no lasting cooperation and understanding between countries and between individuals. Even members of one small family so often fail to achieve harmony and understanding with one another. We have so many words in our languages, yet we cannot find words to communicate with each other. The fact is, that if one has not achieved harmony with oneself, one cannot achieve harmony with others.

Modern man and woman are not very different in their behavior than their ancient predecessors. Still acting in the darkness of their unconscious insctinctivity without ever questioning their behavior, without ever looking for the deeper reason and cause.

If we are to change our world for the better, we must change ourselves. We must advance in our minds and our understanding of ourselves and this world.
Human behavior is much too primitive for the 21th Century technological advancement. And such a set of primitive consciousness and technological weaponry leads to self-destruction.
An uplift of human consciousness is urgently needed. And you can make a change, by improving yourself! The more people take part, the more difference we will make globally.
When you seed the idea of self-observation, that is heightened state of self-awareness, this is the first step into the process of realization. Gradually, in time you will notice more and more about yourself and the hidden mechanisms that shape your character will become more and more apparent for you to realize and modify.
At some point, the initial effort you had put into keeping your mind into an “open” self-observational state a.k.a when you are aware of your own behavior as well as the behavior of others around, so that you are able to control yourself; The initial effort you needed will turn into a state of your mind, so you will no longer need to make an effort in order to achieve it. In other words, you will have learned your mind to operate in a higher level of awareness.

Because, your talk may be very wise and impressive. But after all, a person is recognized for his or hers deeds. You are the way you act and behave. You are what you do. Empty talk is nothing. You must be an example for others, so that they feel the need to advance too.

It is time to expand the limits of our consciousness. To advance our minds so to match our technological civilization.
As we can see by the state of humanity today, there has been very little advancement of our minds, on the whole. Still waging wars and evergoing conflicts, unable to think in a wide and objective manner, still needing religion to give a meaning to our lives, a meaning that turns into senseless fanatism that takes the life of millions and turns brother against brother. Religion that being so poorly understood in its very nature turns the human being into a mentally passive unit that behaves mindlessly when his or hers simple beliefs are questioned. Thinking and questioning is banned in religion, because it was implemented in primitive societies as a political tool to unite the masses and engage them in community activities like going to collective pray. God has no religion and the Universe is not a human being.
We are all one big family! Let`s put an end to this madness and lay the beginning of a new humanity with a brighter future.

Open your eyes and see,
look for the hidden bondages
that connect all things. Follow
them back and forth and see
where they lead. Travel with
your thoughts beyond the speed
of light and touch with your mind
every hidden place in the cosmos
and your soul alike. Observe, explore,
think, analyze, synthesize, ponder, tackle,
learn, understand, realize! Know no
limits to your mind! Just as there are no
boundaries in space alike. Question and seek.
Seek and you shall find. The Universe
unveils her secrets only to persistent
minds and the soul does too alike.
Excel forward and upward. Be better,
advance and know no limits to your
imagination and your mind.

* * *

These are texts that I have written an year ago. I will expand them, analyze and
discuss on the previous and the forecoming topics yet in the future! The photo is a
gorgeous late afternoon at the 7Lakes region in Mt. Rila , Bulgaria. Dense clouds were
gathering over and shape-shifted constantly. I just sat there at the mid of an oval meadow, surrounded by the cloudy myst and the Silence. On the other day we took off from the hut
there to a trek down the Rila monastery. A crazy thunder storm caught us on the way, a very muddy and steepy trail-way down a huge green ridge! 7+ hours trek on the whole, last week.
A very rainy summer this was.. and still is! :) And there is so much more to come!

Aug 16, 2009

How It All Began. The Story of Earth, Life and Human Society. We Are 1 Big Family [part 2]

Water is the essential component that created the necessary womb-conditions for life to spring. When Earth was young and molten there was not a single drop of water on her surface and it is yet unclear exactly how water formed and prevailed. Some of the water most probably came from comets, which are huge frozen chunks of ice that crashed on the planet in her early age. However, most of the water that we have today was formed by the process of chemical reactions that hydrogen and oxygen initiated bonding together. Earth is rich in iron and those first oceans contained much of it as well. The atmosphere was dense from the greenhouse activity of volcanoes and mainly composed of carbon dioxide and methane. A lot of research has been done on ancient rocks that are like time-machines telling us what Earth was in ancient times.

The particles that make up all matter have the peculiar property to bond and combine with each other, so to form ever complex systems. Almost like an intrinsic urge it is that atoms combine into molecules and molecules combine with one another with the billions and create elegant structures of amazing complexity from stars to our brains. However, complex systems evolve in time and no complex system is assembled at once from the very first time. That is, matter and molecular structures evolve and better themselves through time and collective experience. Mostly I refer to life on Earth.
Thus, following this fundamental principle of unfolding complexity based on collective experience life evolved from a single type of unicelled bacteria, the prokaryotes. These first living things were very simple molecular structures, more like chemical programs that synthesized chemical molecules and used them as a biofuel for their simple cellular processes to sustain their system and to divide, that is reproduce. Earth has been practically devoid of oxygen in her first few billion years of her existence, geological research concludes. So the first generations of organisms lived on other elements like iron, methane and hydrogen. Research has also shown that life began in the warm and chemically rich oceans. The first plants also evolved in the ocean beads. Terrestrial volcanic activity is linked to rapid increase in oxygen levels in the atmosphere some 60 million years ago, which just coincides with the evolutionary boom of mammalian life. However, when ocean weeds gradually began to take over the shores some 500 million years ago and then embraced the whole surface of the Earth, they synthesized carbon from the carbon-rich atmosphere and transformed it into oxygen. Oxygen that was to become the fundamental life-giving molecule for life on this planet. Life on Earth is a closed system, that is every creature is sustained by other creatures in the form of the food chain and symbiosis.

For instance, all oxygen breathing life is in an inseparable symbiosis with the plant life, as we breathe what plants exhaust and plants breathe what we exhale. This is the closed ring of life that established itself hundreds of millions of years ago. In fact, breathe and breathing is so intimately imprinted in our genetic memory that much of human mythology and spiritual symbolism is associated with the act of breathing. For example, in Genesis we read that God breathed in the soul of the first human. We associate the mouth as the opening through which the soul leaves with the final breathe of the diseased. Even the etymology of words like “spirit” and “soul” derive from the words for “breathe” and “breathing”. Which is quite an interesting symbolism, that is created spontaneously and unconsciously and is associated with cellular memory, that is with the collective memory of the species and not that of the individual.
There is this ongoing debate between religious creationists and evolutionists, that is the old debate between science and religion. This debate is the result of nothing else but our limited minds and narrow understanding of the world and ourselves, with emphasize on the general lack of understand of ourselves, our psyche and the workings of human psychology. Because religion is a spiritual fruit of the human psyche and ironically we are unable to analyze and understand the symbolism of our own soul. However, we shall discuss the genesis and meaning of religion and religious symbolism in a lecture to follow.

Observing the development of life on Earth by indirect means of anthropology, geology, archaeology, carbon dating and real-time observations people with ability to think and analyze matters objectively had slowly revealed the timeline of evolution of life on this planet. Let us briefly summarize what the concept of “evolution” describes – Evolution is the constant change of life in order for it to be optimally adapted so to ensure its survival. Evolution is the process of development, which began from the birth of those very first bacteria billions of years ago and which continues until this day and will continue as long as there is life on Earth.
Because change is a constant that is ever in motion, nothing is static.

Returning to this moment when inanimate matter bonded in such a way that gave birth to life, provided the right environmental conditions were present of course. One may think that this whole life phenomenon is no phenomenon at all and rather it is a predetermined consequence that lies on the path of this cosmic principle of ever more complex systems. And yes, this is quite true if we think in mathematical terms and make some simple calculations we will come to the conclusion that somewhere out there must be at least one more planet with life similar to the one here. It`s just that if you make more calculations you will realize that the cosmos is so incredibly huge and the distances involved are so tremendous that there is a very good chance that no life will ever encounter another in this vast Universe. Even if you travel with the speed of light, you will still need billions of years and no matter is able to travel beyond the speed of light and remain in a state of matter, that is if a space ship is to travel beyond the speed of light it will dissolve and disappear as though it went into a black hole. But, I truly wonder why do people dream of alien life so, when there is so much life and beauty in this planet and there is so much to learn and understand, so much to create and so much problems to fix and settle that plague humanity today.

I think we should concentrate on our own development and evolution of our minds, and just maybe when we reach a certain level of our mental evolution we just might encounter other minds but in a quite different way than science fiction movies imagine.
Again, on the primitive debate between science and religion, primitive religion says “God created all life in an instant with magic wand in six days.” and primitive science says “There is no God, the Universe is a meaningless void of chaos and emptiness and life is a random generation of confused molecules.” The truth is that our knowledge and understanding is still in its infancy and there is much ahead of us. Because what we refer to God, or the Creator of the Universe and life is a very real and fundamental principle in quantum physics that sets things into motion and without it there would be no definite states, nor forms or complex structures. This is the observer principle. Since, we know that life existed long before humans were around to observe it and the Universe existed long before Earth got around, there must be a cosmic observer that was aware of this Universe from her very beginning. This Cosmic Mind is the Creator, but it is by no means the religious concept of God having human face and human emotions. The Universe moves guided by fundamental laws and principles and it does not suddenly shift by her will, as though if it gets angry and orders a massive flood to punish naughty humans. I do not intend to go deeper into my insight about the nature of reality just yet, but we know nothing about God and what this Universe is. The Universe does not have a religion, only humans do.
After this brief and unavoidable divergence from our current topic of evolution of life, let us go back to it and continue our mental journey back in time.

After the dinosaurs died out, nature reevaluated its evolutionary path and everything became smaller and more compact. It seems that huge size for both animals and plants was not sustainable for our planet and in the course of time it changed its ways and mammals branched off as the new all-promising breed of life. Carbon dating the anthropological remains found we estimate that around 2.5 million years the first Hominid branched off all other animals. These ancient human-like creatures had little in common with modern day humans and were simply the evolutionary trial version of what was to lead to us. Of course, globally thinking the appearance of the first bacteria was to ultimately lead to us, since we are at the top of the evolutionary tree. As if the Universe purposely wished to lead evolution to manifestation of living consciousness, so that it can know herself better.
Finally, the first skeletons that absolutely match modern day human skeletons we found date at around 200 thousand years ago, that is when Homo Sapiens branched off all other Homo species and took on its road to total domination. Now, the concept that humans are descendants of apes is a big misunderstanding of Darwin’s theory that was turned into religious propaganda by the institution of the church. Firstly, we can also say that humans are descendants of prokaryotes or the first living bacteria, as well. Second, even though we apparently have such a close genetic structure to apes compared to all other mammals Homo Sapiens is descendant of Homo species that for one reason or another evolved to be much different than apes. And apes and Homo Sapiens were two different branches of the mammalians that led to the Homo strain down at the crossroad where this evolutionary divergence began to take place. In other words, all animals are descendants of each other in this planet and apes today do not evolve into humans simply because they never were from the Homo Sapiens family.

It took really long, long time for Homo Sapiens to develop civilization, but once they did it our race plunged into an ever progressing spiral of advancement. Mostly in terms of external development of our environment to suit our needs for a comfortable and effortless existence. Homo Sapiens apparently did nothing but to simply survive living very much like all other animals lived for more than 150 thousand years. But then, gradually something in our minds began to awaken and to realize the world that was surrounding us, even more these awakening minds began to interprete this world and to express themselves. The need for self-expression gave birth to the first art we find in caves from the Stone Age period of our development in the form of cave drawings the oldest of which, found so far, dates back to approximately 32 thousand years located in France.
The brilliant human mind embarked on the journey of understanding the world around and the world within. Since we will be discussing genesis of religious thought in another lecture, let`s tackle another interesting concept of the human mind – beauty. Our perception of beauty when applied to other humans and particularly to representatives of the opposite sex roots deep as an evolutionary aid to one of the two fundamental instincts – reproduction. Beauty is generally associated with proportionality and symmetry. Symmetrical proportions of facial and body features convey good genes, which is all that evolution looks for. So, considering that every form of behavior in animals is triggered for a reason and usually has a very practical purpose we can follow down the basic principles that gave rise to the concept of beauty, that later on developed further into a great part of our social behavior.
Our perception of beauty is the practical quest of evolution to produce healthy and better offspring. Of course, we humans have developed to appreciate the character of the person as well, which on numerous instances is far more important than shallow beauty in regard to creating a good and stable family environment, where the parents stay together and get along well so that they rear up their offspring and provide them with affection and protection. Still, the magnetism of beauty are undeniable and next time when you see a man or a woman you feel attracted to, remember that what you experience is instincts and evolution in action!
However, our perception of the beauty has another aspect that is not related to other humans looks, but to scenery and inanimate objects. We look to a nature scene and consider it beautiful, we see beauty in color combinations and shapes. This is the artistic inspiration that created all forms of art and poetry. A true mystery of the human mind, closely related to this intrinsic property of human psyche – spirituality.


Aug 7, 2009

How It All Began. The Story of Earth, Life and Human Society. We Are 1 Big Family [part 1]

In the beginning.
An all encompassing phrase that precedes every great story. And our story is a great one indeed. The story of Life that led to us humans.
Since before the time of written history humans lived in groups or tribes and different tribes were in competition for food and thus territory with each other, so they fought one another and when they didn`t fought they traded goods. But trading evolved much later on with the beginning of Neolithic societies. Tribes scattered around the globe in the everlasting quest of humans to explore and travel. These earliest groups of some couple of hundreds individuals each, settled and grew in numbers and laid the beginnings of different nations worldwide. They all began their journey as a separated part of one oldest ethnic tribe – the black people from the heart of Africa some 60 thousand years ago, the people from the Red Earth “Adamah”. While they traveled and further separated into more and more groups which took different routes to the East and to the North in the span of tens of thousands of years those ancient travelers slowly changed beyond their notice. And this was the magical hand of evolution that shapes the biological design so that it perfectly fits the environment that surrounds it for a very practical reason – its best survival.
But before the time of Homo Sapiens, the story of Life was already going for hundreds of millions of years. And let`s begin our story even earlier, before the birth of our Solar System and just before the birth of our parent star the Sun that laid the beginning of all.

People from the oldest times have wondered about their beginnings, their purpose, pondered the nature of reality and the meaning of it all and today, like never before, we are able to connect, understand and comprehend the big picture of Creation.
We know that the Universe began its journey into existence from a state of nonexistence in the form of packed with infinitely dense potential Singularity. We do not know the cause that led to the birth of our Universe in the first place, even though there are these very fashionable theories of Multiversal Branes that randomly collide with each other and create Big Bangs in a totally mechanistic way and utterly deprived of meaning. Theories that are the intellectual fruit of very complex and quite abstract mathematics that have little to nothing to do with reality as Einstein have put it into a quote once. But we shall discuss the birth of the Universe, cosmology and quantum physics theories about it in another lecture.

The process of star formation is not very well understood yet and as far as Hubble observations show us, after the Dark Age of the young Universe suddenly in the “next frame” all galaxies and stars that make them appear fully formed and kicking. There are computer simulations trying to come up with an answer of how this first generation of stars formed when the Universe was filled with only the three basic atoms of mostly Hydrogen, some Helium and a minute amount of Deuterium. These simulations show that the first objects in the cosmos to form were extremely massive stars that soon after exploded spreading newly formed heavier elements into space that were to become the material for next generations of stars.
Stars today are born in molecular clouds composed of all the elements they need to burn happily for billions of years. What triggered the birth of our Sun is thought to be a Supernova explosion near by in cosmic terms, whose powerful waves disturbed the equilibrium of the molecular cloud creating turbulences in it and one of these clumped plenty of atoms in it so that they formed a protostar that soon after gained enough quadrillions upon quadrillions of atoms that clumped ever closer and tighter together until the first pair fused and they all lit into a giant nuclear ball that was our young parent Sun. The Sun was a massive object, which pulled surrounding atoms in a rotating disk around it, which gradually following the same principles clumped into balls and formed the planets. The heavier planets with iron and rock formed close to the Sun, while the gas giants being lighter are farther away from it. Just imagine that Mercury is most probably some 90% composed of metals like gold and platinum in a molten state. Jupiter grew so large, that if it was to gain some 80 times more its present day mass it would have lit up as a second Sun and life would have never began on this Earth. Fortunately, this mass was distributed for the formation of all the other planets.
The early Solar System was a complete armagedon with asteroid “left overs” flying around and crashing into young planets, fusing with their mass. However, in time the all prevailing tranquility of gravity settled the movements of all the objects in the System and each one of them set in its own cyclic orbit in an extraordinary cosmic choreography. This surreal balance gave our Earth the chance to settle its own geological micro-chaos, so that chemical processes began to occur that were to change her face forever.

In her first millions of years of existence, Earth was a hostile place of volcanic activity and molten rock. Her color back then was not our familiar blue, but a firey red and dirty yellow with dark gasses covering the lava above. Just like an alien world that an observer back then would never think that so much life will flourish and such a drastic change will take place on the surface of this world in the millions and billions of years to come.


Jul 10, 2009

What Is Good and Evil? The battle b/w Heaven and Hell?! The Moral Opposites in Human Self-Aware Mind [part 2]

Today, we are contemporary humans with much understanding of how things work and why things work the way they do. So, we know what causes earthquakes, storms and volcanic eruptions. We are quite aware of the reasons behind all these natural phenomena that are in fact cyclic processes involved in the very mechanism of life of our planet. Indeed, all these do harm living things on the surface of Earth, but if there were no earthquakes, storms or volcanic activity Earth would have been a dead planet.

That is, planetary processes involved with the very life cycle of Earth are not conscious acts committed with the purpose to harm humans. What an obvious deduction indeed. Earthquakes, volcanoes, rains and winds are all part of the life of this planet, so it is inadequate to designate these as “evil”, because these are not deliberate acts against, say, humans. It is only our subjective perception, quite naturally, since humans along with other living creatures do die in earthquakes, storms and so on, thus we interpret these as evil and think of these processes as the will of gods and spirits. Usually, humans perceive these “evil acts of nature gods” as manifestations of divine anger, which perception is quite peculiar as a psychological mechanism, because it shows that unconsciously humans always had had this sense of guilt before themselves and what they do.

So, our primitive interpretation of nature phenomena as “evil” is utterly inadequate and not applicable to nature at all.
Furthermore, let’s analyze if animals are evil then. Animals do eat humans sometimes and many other animals most of the time. Humans are animals too and for a predator there is no difference between a human prey and another animal prey. In nature it is “eat or be eaten” and this is the way life is. Life on Earth is a closed system, which means that everything is interconnected into a circular cycle that sustains itself. Some animals eat vegetables, other animals eat meat. There is nothing wrong for an animal to kill in order for it to eat and thus survive, quite on the contrary – this is the cycle of life in nature!

Only we separate ourselves from all other animals, but animals do not make this distinction, so if a carnivore has the chance to hunt down a human – it will, because human is no different from all different animals it would hunt down and feed on. It is ridiculous to blame an animal and call it “evil” because it attacked a human – it is instinct and it is the way life is. If an animal is threatened by a human it will protect itself and again you can’t blame it, because it would be foolish and subjective! I want to make it clear, if anyone happens to decide that I mean to say it is a good thing to be eaten alive – I reckon it is not a pleasant experience at all. What I say is that survival instinct is not “evil”, it is life. Evil is a human notion that was created by our active human minds and universally applied to everything, without us realizing how deeply subjective such a projection is.

Thus, Earth is an active planet and her planetary processes are not by any means conscious evil acts, just as animals do not kill because they are evil, but because they follow their instincts to survive. So, what is evil then and where does it come from?

At this point of our brief analysis we can turn to the intro quote again and reflect on its meaning once again.
The notion of evil began from ancient people’s interpretation for all the things that had harmful and negative effects on humans. Later on, this notion expanded and evolved into an ever increasing cosmogonic complexity until the spiritual world was completely divided into good and evil realms that were constantly into competition with one another.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam all acknowledge the metaphysical existence of one major dark figure that stands in opposition to the good god, this is the basis of monotheism – the good god opposed by an evil one. In fact, polytheism shares the same mythological conceptions with their pantheons of good and evil gods.

In general, humans thought that all the negative actions and bad deeds of human beings were ultimately governed by evil spirits that influenced humans to be evil. The image of the Devil is a composite image that unites all the negative qualities in humans and is held responsible for all the evil in the world. Indeed, our primitive lack of responsibility and limited self-awareness led to the need of such an image that was to be used as an excuse and justification for humans’ irresponsible and negative actions.
The human psyche is a vast informational dimension that is mostly hidden from our conscious minds, so that the reasons for our moods, thoughts, actions and behavior on the whole remain mostly unknown to us. Confronted with the impenetrable darkness of our unconscious mind we are just like a toy in the hands of a force that is beyond our control and this is the way those early humans felt as well. So they needed an explanation for what they could not explain, an explanation for what lied inside themselves. Self-knowledge as an occult teaching was formed about the same time, but the prevailing ignorant and primitive mass preferred the simpler explanation of evil spirits and demons. Thus humans dubbed their intrinsic lack of self-control and their mindless behavior as the work of devils who were conspiring against humanity, ever tempting the poor innocent humans into sin and crime.
Ignorance is the easy path of the primitive mind. And I do wish to emphasize on Primitive.
Also lazy and passive mind.

Because, we Homo Sapiens have the amazing “consciousness” quality to our minds and we are able to rationalize our actions and think in advance. Unfortunately, our herd instinct gathers people in groups united under political ideologies and religions, large groups where the individual is merged with the mass and the individual responsibility diminishes. Our world is divided in groups.

Just look around you and observe. Wars, aggressive behavior and conflicts on all levels from the personal to the international prevail in our human relationships. We do evil on ourselves and on each other. Religion blames it on devils and demons, but in reality evil is in our minds, humans are evil and negative human actions have evil consequences. All the rest is simply an excuse for the lack of self-control, self-awareness and responsibility, an excuse that the primitive mind readily takes advantage of. Sin is the summarizing old notion of the mindless and unconscious human behavior. All the evil in this world comes from what humans do and religion turns a blind eye to the very lack of rational and conscious behavior of its followers that regularly pray to their misconceived divine images for forgiveness and redemption. But true redemption comes from within, when the person consciously betters himself and herself towards higher self-awareness and deeper understanding.

The pictures of demons and unnatural creatures awake a primal and irrational fear in human minds. In medieval times, stories about evil spirits, devils and witches were widely used for teaching purposes to scare children so that they listen to their parents and be obedient. Nowadays, millions of adult individuals still rely and believe in these stories like retards. Please, do not offend, but this is the naked truth. Instead of trying to better ourselves consciously and live in harmony and higher awareness with one another we constantly search for justifications and excuses for our own ridiculous and negative behavior.

It is time to advance in our minds. It is time to leave our primitive past behind and move on towards a brighter future of higher awareness and global unity where people will cooperate with each other, live in harmony and understanding for the collective benefit of all!
Heaven will not come into earth from the sky, but only from within us. When humans take the next step in their spiritual evolution and transform themselves into mentally advanced beings with a higher level of self-awareness only then heaven will come to earth. If we truly realize this we can make a change. Heaven sleeps in our souls, in each and every one of us and waits. Waits to be awaken and realized. How long will it wait depends on us and if we do not change our ways it may never come to pass.
There are no divine beings in firey chariots coming to save us, we must realize this childish illusion of ours. We must save ourselves or perish like narrow-minded and foolish creatures that destroyed themselves. Humans cry to be saved from themselves, how pitiful indeed.
We are both slaves and masters of ourselves, you get born in the first state and the second is achievable only through conscious realization.
Evil has only one master and one slave – both are myself! And all demons live in man and die with him.

In summary, evil is the lack of awareness in man, evil is the negative behavior of the primitive human. All demons and devils have the face of man and the ancient battle between good and evil is fought nowhere else but in the human mind a.k.a man fights with himself – the light of willful, self-aware consciousness battles with the darkness of the unconscious mind of instincts and behavioral automations.

Who wins in yourself depends on YOU.

That’s it, the naked truth stripped of all illusions and childish fairy-tales. Have you ever wondered, what the nature of spirituality is?

In Memoriam R.I.P our beloved cat Pisan. He left this world after 15 yrs
spent in our family. Go in peace, my little brother, life is just a moment!

.. a moment, that is worth making the most out of it, the most good, the
most sensible, the most enduring! S p i r i t u a l | L o v e

Jun 30, 2009

To be or Not to be.. Aware? About Good and Evil, God and Satan – The Moral Opposites of Human Mind

“At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity - idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious and political idols.” A. Huxley

Good and evil – this is the most fundamental pair of opposites in humanity’s spiritual and social cognitive perceptions. The notion of good and evil, as all things in our human cosmogony and existentiality views, initially developed from a quite trivial distinction that Homo Sapiens began to acknowledge tens of thousands of years ago. This was the most simple perception that death, pain and injury were bad things for a human to experience, thus everything that brought about any of these was naturally perceived as bad, treacherous and evil. There are no living beings that perceive death and pain as something good indeed, but Homo Sapiens had a marvelous brain that allowed us to develop these basic perceptions into complex cognitive models situated at the base of our spiritual views and human mythology.
Death has always been an unexplainable part of life that both drew people into its mysterious nature and scared them away with its inevitability. Archaeology and anthropology observe burial rituals as the earliest evidence for ritualistic behavior of ancient human tribes tens of thousands of years ago. Death and the unseen side of reality associated with it was the very first spiritual cult that laid the beginnings of human spirituality. Long before religions began to occur, humanity’s spirituality revolved around shamanism and the purpose of shamanistic practices were to communicate with death ancestors, whose spirits lived in nature and animals.
Death has not been considered evil by that time, the way much later religions considered it and was not associated with evil demons, but rather it was perceived as a transition from this world to another invisible aspect of reality that humans communicated with through shamanistic practices. The belief that ancestral spirits lived in animals was prevailing for long time and later influenced much of human mythological concepts and religions with zoomorphological deities, like Egyptian and later Greek and Roman mythologies where we see human and animal images in a symbolic symbiosis. It is interesting to note, that our notion of angels and demons is also fundamentally influenced by these ancient spiritual concepts of supernatural deitification that was symbolically perceived as a fusion between human and animal – that is why angels have bird-like wings and demons are often depicted with goat and bat body parts. Of course, the visual representation of christian mythology was established and dogmatized mainly by medieval artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

Long before major religions today were conceived and established, humanity began to develop and expand their spiritual views, filling the world with invisible spirits and supernatural forces that were behind everything inexplicable.
The forest was a dangerous place to be for the primitive human, especially at night when human eyes were of no use. Darkness was especially frightening for the ancient humans, because in the dark you cannot see what lurks near by and danger can stalk you unprepared.
Gradually, humans filled the forests with helping spirits who guided the hunter and traveler by day and ill-intentioned, delusive spirits that wandered in the forests by night. The psychological division of good and evil began to take root in human spiritual interpretation of the world around. The most fundamental division – that of light and dark was naturally the very first mythologized human perception, driven by the most pragmatic reasons.

The duality principle is present in every aspect of the Universe and is no wonder that human spiritual perceptions are also based on it. Day is opposed to night, cold to warm, weak to strength, sound to silence, life to death and so on. The world seems to be entirely based on the cyclic balance between opposite states. Of all the opposites that surrounded humans, none seemed to be more chaotic and inexplicable than the opposite emotional states that were constantly taking place in the human soul. Humans are very emotional beings, perhaps we are more of an emotional beings than rational ones. And namely our uncontrollable and unpredictable human emotions that drive our behavior were a complete mystery for the ancient human mind. Primal humans, thousands and tens of thousands of years ago, were perplexed with their own selves and dazzled by their emotions that took such a strong grip on the mind that humans were simply left with no other choice but to obey whatever the emotion demanded. The uncontrollable and demanding nature of human emotions is very much the same today and humans are pretty much slaves to their emotional urges just as much as they have always been. Self-control is the domain of very few individuals who now and then were persistent and strong enough to tame and master their own selves.

For the ancient human mind the unseen and chaotic nature of human emotions were perceived as the very will of spiritual entities acting upon their souls. Thus the notion of spiritual and ghostly intervention that took place inside human minds began to take shape.
For it was the greatest mystery as to how come you feel well and happy at one moment and at the next heavy emotions oppress your being. How come emotional affection was suddenly unleashed and you fell desperately in love to such an extent that your whole perception of the world changes. How come anger kicked in so unpredictably and a human was simply unable to neither stop it nor control it. All these were questions that began to bother ancient people’s minds and answers were needed in order for an explanation to formed that had to serve as an answer to all the generations to follow.

We discussed lightly the genesis of religious thought here and there in previous lectures and another one dedicated entirely on this topic is coming ahead, so we shall not discuss it here, although it is a part of the story, just as human evolution also is. Every element must be observed and taken into consideration in order to grasp and understand the Big Picture.

Human spirituality evolved from the way humans perceived the world and themselves. Moreover, human spirituality is a reflection of our human souls. As obvious as this notion is, as if humans today still do not comprehend and realize it, considering all the religious zeal and fanatism that prevail.

It is just so obvious that evil is associated with darkness, fire, anger. All the things that bring fear and are beyond the control of average humans. Our perception of our emotions as “forces” that had a will of their own was so persistent that it integrated in our very language and expressions. Anger was perceived as something that possesses and puts you under its will, just as love, but in the negative scale of the evolving human morality. All emotions were perceived as possessions that had a life on their own. Thus it was not long until humans began to interpret their emotional states as interventions from the spiritual world. The negative emotions were assigned to evil spirits and the positive ones – to good and helping spirits. This perceptual separation was to become the very foundation of all religions that were to come.
Because from then on gods were destined to always come in pairs – good gods and evil gods, always inseparably together.

It is a known quality of human psychology to project its emotional states onto the surrounding world, thus quite naturally our mythological notion of evil was associated with everything that brought fear to human mind. Much later on, evil was to serve as an excuse for the lack of personal responsibility and rational actions. In medieval Europe it was enough to say that the Devil made you do it and you were free of guilt and responsibility.

Human beings are controversial creatures that are primitively aggressive and cruel, while in the same time loving and compassionate. Of all the mysteries in the world there is no bigger mystery than human mind. The emotional duality of human mind gave rise to the spiritual and moral dualities that became the foundation of human society.
Good and bad are simply part of life. You live your life in a precarious balance between your emotional controversies that also reflect on your relationship with the world. All human relations are haunted by ups and downs that seem to be beyond rational control.

Religion, just as human psychology, seems to also be beyond rational control. In our primitive past people explained their behavior with the influence of good and evil spirits acting upon their poor innocent human self. However, it is utterly shocking when you realize just how much contemporary humans continue to use all these ancient models and “understandings” to guide their life and views on the world.
Religion is old and modern humans are supposed to have advanced in their minds so that they achieve a deeper and more conscious understanding of themselves and the world we live in. Instead, we observe a complete mental stagnation and even degradation, which is quite a pitiful sight. What is even more disturbing, is that we seem to not be able to realize the very nature of this religion that chains the development of human consciousness. I mean humanity as a whole, because separate individuals with deeper insight were always present, unfortunately for them they were usually quite alone. However, the psychological mechanisms behind humanity’s need for religion go deep and involve profound factors that lie in the very base of human psychology. Just as a teaser I will mention the need for a parental, authority figure that forms in the child’s psyche and stays with it for life. Ponder that for a while.

Speaking of good and evil, let’s continue our exploration into the supernatural and see exactly what evil is, how it came to be and what it really signifies.
By our collective perception “Evil” is a wide term that addresses everything that causes harm particularly to humans. In time, the notion of evil has become a widely used reference in our everyday language expressions and cognitive perceptions.
In general, evil is not just a religious notion, but it is our perception of an act that causes harm in any way. However, there is an important factor that defines evil, that is evil signifies a deliberate and purposeful act with negative consequences. Now, in order for an act to be deliberate and purposeful this act must be committed by a conscious entity that acts autonomously by its will.
In our primitive tribal past people widely used to subject to deitification nature and natural phenomena like weather, volcanoes, earthquakes and so on. Most of these nature gods were perceived as treacherous, their actions expressed in terms of strong winds and rains, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes were perceived as evil, purposed to harm humans. Another perception was that such nature gods were not solely evil, but angered otherwise good gods who had to be quartered for mercy and forgiveness via prayers or sacrifice so that the angry gods relax and seize their havoc.


Jun 5, 2009

The Cosmic Guidance Effect - All Great Things Have Began as Pure Dreams - Part 3

"A journey of a thousand li begins with a single step" Chinese proverb

The Universe ( before the Big Bang, when out of abstract nothingness everything came to be ) has been in a unified state with this Divine Singularity out of which cosmos was created. Considering the properties of Singularity, like infinite space that encompasses every conceivable direction, there is nowhere else for our Universe to have gone other than in a new dimension that it created falling in itself. So, the Universe is not born out of Singularity, but into Singularity that surrounds us completely as far as the meaning of the "completely" adverb can go. Well, this is as weird as things can get. The Universe exists in a Quantum Singularity environment?! Wow.

However, this is not as preposterous as it may seem at first thought. Because it explains the occurrence of quantum phenomena like superposition, entanglement, confinement, black holes which are literally rips in space and also all these psychic abilities we obviously have, but have not understood and learned to use yet.

It turns out that reality is much more than just what it seems to us and that we, as observing-conscious-minds are something truly extraordinary living in an extraordinary Universe.

Just imagine, the Universe exists and does not exist in the same time, undeniably there is space, lots of space and that is why we have legs, yet everything is at the same spot in the same time. But we have reached the realm of unsolvable by human logical paths paradoxes and we can only marvel at this fundamental reality that, maybe fortunately, we cannot perceive. Or can`t we?

We discerned that reality is essentially electromagnetic. Everything is energy. It is interesting how people of old times have also reached to this conclusion long before modern science did, by intuitive means the esoteric teachings like Hermetism declare that “Everything is energy and everything vibrates, nothing stands still” Indeed. Every physical body emits energy in the frequency spectrum, because of the constant buzz of the particles that compose it. But how these people who lived tens of hundreds of years ago could have possibly realized something so fundamental with such a certainty? All reality we can perceive with our senses or technology is essentially "composed" of the EM spectrum we know. Or as far as we know it, that is. The rest we simply label "dark matter", dark for 'unseen', for that it lies in an EM frequency range we cannot possible perceive, at all.

What is information? Information is energy. Energy is never lost. Which means that with every new thought that arises in your mind, every new idea, realization, vision and knowledge we create, we essentially transform raw energy into information. Since the Universe is a closed system we probably transform energy, rather than creating wholly new one from nothing…

So, thoughts are energetic entities that hold certain information. Emotions also are energy, biochemical magic. Energy is usually emitted in the space around its source.

Brain activity is associated with certain frequencies. In fact, human brain activity is a source of some of the lowest frequencies in nature. Examining the brain from a mechanical point of view, we have found that generally our brain has a few major modes of operation associated with specific frequency ranges. For instance, when you sleep the frequencies in your brain electrical activity can drop to as low as 3 Hz! Or when you contemplate the beauty of Creation the electrical activity in your brain ranges between 10 and 13 Hz. In the realm of these ultra low frequencies the length of your brainwave spans somewhere between 25-30 thousand kilometers. Considering that the speed of electromagnetic waves in vacuum is calculated to be at the speed of light and in air it is far from it, but still very very fast. So fast, that my thoughts propagate to the other side of the globe in the blink of an eye.

Now, let`s summarize it this way, theoretically we have the ability to communicate with each other telepathically instantaneously! Via our minds. Of course, the experience could not be anywhere near like text messaging or email, lol. But rather it would be an intuitive precognition that brings certain information that you feelingly-decipher and come to understand. Sometime along with inner, mental, visual imagery as well.

And it happens, it happens randomly, unexpectedly, most of the time without us even realizing it and there are these individuals who can use this ability of ours by will. Or so I`ve heard, let`s retain some critical thinking and not forget that there are many fakes and sharlatans who abuse peoples` naiveness to make easy money. But still, I cannot deny the factual nature of all these mind-associated phenomena that just somehow occur!

Our thoughts and emotions propagate in the space around us all the time and they reach far. The real question here is not if telepathy is possible, but why we cannot use it consciously? We are literally submerged in a pool of information propagating around us via radio waves (think all mobile phones and wireless communications, then all the other information of just the "physical" reality around us!) and all other EM waves all the time! Not mention the mind-waves of all those billions of people out there and all around! And yet, not that it is a correct way to put it if I say that "it is silent in our minds", but it seems like our minds are our minds and are like a small, confined, very personal space of ours in there in our heads that is completely isolated and separated from this whole rest of the cosmos around, and the world in a more local matter. It seems that your minds and its' mental dimensions it spans into is something that has absolutely no connection to Reality without and it is quite an autonomous, very closed and hermetized entity. That entity is us, you, your consciousness, all the mental content that makes what we are.

Yet, it is not the way we think of it. Our minds seem to have this connectedness on a very fundamental and subtle level. Energetic networks of information we are not quite aware we are involved in and we do not make barely any use of it all anyway, for we simply do not perceive it consciously and therefore we do not know it really exists. And, of course, how can we learn to "transmit" and "perceive" very refined "flows" of information!?

In our everyday life, we are literally drowned in an informational pool that surrounds us completely. There are more than six and a half billion people on Earth who transmit at our frequency, there are hundreds of people we pass by every day and yet most of the time we remain oblivious and shut to all this information in the space around us. And probably this is a good thing at this stage of our development, because with this primitive behavior of ours imagine if telepathy and clairvoyancy were accessible to every noob and maniac out there.

Clairvoyancy is similar to telepathy in principle, as it captures and decodes a wave of future potential that exists unmanifested in the present.

There is no defined future simply waiting to pass at the far end of the movie roll, we create the future in the present with every step we make and every choice we take. The only definite reality that can be said to exist is the present, the now, this very moment is the only definite reality. Everything else is pure potential that can be just about everything. And that is why clairvoyancy can decode, say the most probable future potential to develop, but can never tell with absolute certainty what the future will be. Because the future is not defined and does not really exist as something manifested and pre-shaped. The future is in our dreams and the past is in our memories, we live only in the present. An ever unfolding chain of present moments, this is reality.

This is the fundamental reality that quantum mechanics describe, everything exists in one place in the same time. That is all the future and all the past exist here and now, but not as manifested realities, but purely as information and potential. This is what QM models show and some scientists misinterprete as parallel universes that exist alongside us, that inspired movies like “The One” with Jet Lee. Say, your lifepath exists in potential in every possible way it could develop. Always there is one development that is most likely than others and this is what clairvoyants can tell you, but ultimately it is all down to the choices you make and the ways you choose to steer your life. Of course, most people are not captains of their ships, but merely passengers. Nothing is easy, apart from mental and action passivity, whether it be simply laziness, lack of motivation or lack of confidence.

There are too many unanswered questions and there seem to be quite a bit that are not even asked due to one reason or another!

Wise people from the past have also discerned that “If thee seek, thee shall find”.

As far psy-phenomena is concerned in my personal reckon, the more you realize your own psychological nature, understand yourself and expand your self-awareness and consciousness on the whole the more you notice and are able to consciously interact with the energetic properties of reality.

Again, Know yourSelf is the key. Mental development. We have lived in the middle ages long enough with our primitive behavior in wars and conflicts, separation and segregation, inability to communicate and understand each other, as well as inability to understand ourselves and a grotesquely narrow-minded views of the Universe in the face of old religions and superstitions.

God is not dead in the dusty pages of religious books, God is alive all around us and inside of us. Just open your eyes and look within and beyond and you will see God - the Universe we live in and Reality we are all made of!!

“If ever there has been a time when realization was of utmost necessity and the only solution, then this time is now in our catastrophic era. Anyone, who embarks on the journey to self-realization and understanding will inevitably reach the boundaries of his/hers consciousness, beyond which lie all the answers to our personal and social troubles.”

Carl G.Jung