About the Author

I am a dreamer, a poet, a thinker, a rebel and innovator. I aspire for change in conventions, in dogma and paradigms and inspire towards new ways of thinking and new perspectives of viewing. My name is Ateviel Al Bulgari, I'm 27 years old and live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I seek wisdom and understanding and dream for a better world and a brighter future, for a renewed humanity. A future of higher intelligence and consciousness, of reason and sense. 

I am working on a book, that will soon be done. The protagonist is 20 year old Fatima, who has just finished high school and is full of expectations about life. She dreams of going in Egypt and seeing the Great Pyramids. However, she is not of a particularly rich family and after her father left, her family is on a tight budget. She is also actively pursuing knowledge and wisdom in her inner journey to understanding and realization.

During the unfolding of the story, her inner journey expands outwards and events flow in such a way that she goes in Dubai (UAE) and lives there one year, working and gathering a lot of life experience. After that she goes to Egypt and spends a week in Cairo. In the end, her dream comes true, when she visits the Giza plateau. The book follows the events in the span of two years in the life of Fatima. The story is based on a true story. My story. The fiction element consists of strange dreams she has, during which she meets different characters and has deep and insightful conversations with them on different subjects. With every subsequent dialogue / dream sequence, she gathers more and more understanding about the universe, and very nature of reality, life and consciousness, religion and human kind, and the meaning of it all. A different and an unconventional complete perspective of the world (in its broad sense) takes shape by the end, that asks many profound and provocative questions and also gives bold answers to many of them.

I wish to translate it (from Bulgarian language) and publish it in USA and Russia, as well. I am in search of sponsors / literary agent / publishers. Contact me at: ateviel@gmail.com.nospam (remove .nospam)

"There is only one thing more powerful than
all the armies of the world, that is
an idea whose time has come"