Apr 2, 2009

The Frequency of Reality We All Are Tuned Into and Its Properties of a Mediator Between Human Minds [the Cosmic Guidance effect]

Since written history exists, the intangible and spiritual has walked hand in hand with the trivial and material. We must conclude that spirituality is an intrinsic property of human mind, a property that is deeply woven in our nature, as human beings. Furthermore, a property of self-aware consciousness that evolved in human mind.

Shamans, gurus, healers and clairvoyants are described since the earliest of times, yet these so called psy-phenomena remain largely a mystery and beyond the reach of the average person, as if existing nowhere else but mythology. If human brain is basically the same in every healthy person and every skill is learned, as the brain has a not yet defined in terms of limits ability to learn, develop and advance in the lifetime of an individual, then how come some people can perceive what is intangible for others? We know that intelligence is a relative that can be developed and pushed further via learning and the more you use your brain, the better it gets.

Geniuses are not born, they are made. Now, you may think “Oh, yeah, can I become like Einstein then?” The basic answer is “Yes, you can.” Provided that you constantly and actively use your mind to think, think, learn and think, observe and think. Put some passion and mental resources into a field of interest and you just might come up with something brilliant at some point! This is the way those things happen.

The truth is, however, that most people simply don`t think enough or at least not outside their own subjective box, they reckon that academic education is enough learning for them and that learning and character-improvement are for kids and young people. That is why at certain point adults begin to retard, because they have stopped learning! This situation is even imprinted on a popular social stereotype associated with “the generations gap”. And that is why many people say “Hey, have children while you are young, so that you can catch up with them!” Catch up with someone that will be at least twenty years younger than me?! Why, have I been under a rock during this time or what? I wonder.

However, let`s return to our brief exploration of the psy-phenomena that is attributed to the phenomenon of consciousness, what is it and why most people can`t use it. Including myself.

We will begin with a basic example from my personal experience that is shared more or less with many other peoples` personal experiences. Have you noticed in your daily life the extent to which your prevailing mood reflects on the social atmosphere you are in? Whether in school, at work or any other social setting you are in, your mood seems to directly affect the way others perceive you, even if you don`t show it. For instance, when you are in a positive mental state, everything works with you, the people around you seem more cheerful, things work out in your favor and reality itself seems to readily cooperate. Whereas, if you are in a negative or mind-absent mood people behave colder with you, things go wrong one after another your computer stucks, things disappear from view and you get angry searching for them, you miss the buss for a second, you get a flat tire, et cetera. As if reality reflects your mental state and responds you alike. It is important to note, that we are talking about emotional state here, rather than an intellectual one.

It is hard to tell where the boundary is between your subjective perception and objective reality. The fact is, your mental state does affect your reality, whether you realize it or not.

In fact, reality behaves like a sensitive organism that always tunes with you, whether this will be in the positive or negative scales, reality makes no difference, it simply reflects it back. The difference between positive and negative is experienced and matters only to you. After all, can`t blame reality, it is not a human being so to make a distinction between good and bad. Say, volcanoes, tornadoes and all kinds of “natural disasters” are bad only in human eyes, in the eyes of Earth all these are normal processes, even more these processes show that our planet is alive and active. The concept of “evil” has meaning only in our human eyes! You cannot label the cosmos “good” or “evil”, this would sound simply ridiculous and quite primitive too. It is our primitive and immature trait to project our human qualities and emotions onto this cosmic entity we call “God”, however we will discuss this at a later time and hope that all these ancient misconceptions will clear off in our brighter future of humanity! Hopefully it be bright and filled with realization and fall of dogma for good.

So now I’ll try to briefly reflect on the nature of “psy phenomena” and discuss their nature tackling into the possibilities of acquiring willful and aware control over this seeming potential of our minds. All through my personal experience with such “psy events” with confirmations in real-life, not just some schyzo-scenes, lol! Just will try to sober it out based on what it looks like from empirical point of view, what it may be as a theoretical ‘function of reality’ and how it could be understood in practical terms more. Following up!