Oct 19, 2011

The Whistleblower (2010)

The true face of UN's "Peace" corpse - hypocrisy and cynicism. And all global organizations alike. It is all for profit. At any cost, human suffering that is. There is no humanity where six and seven digits are involved. This is another truth in a world of lies. We live in a primitive world, only the blind do not see that.

The film is based on real events. With a happy ending (for corporations involved in the business of war)

    Mar 14, 2011

    Paper Money and Their Emptiness. Debt-based Economics, Financial Recessions, Central Banks, Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy – Is There a Solution to this Gordian Knot?

    Capitalism is a financial system that is meant to be an opposite to Socialism, or more like the other way around. Now, it is indeed a bit confusing to say so, since the former is a financial theory, whereas the latter is a political system. Of course, in practice, these two are completely entangled and they can't really exist independently from one another. The financial and the political systems in general, that is.

    Socialism is thought to have its roots in the 19th Century and the socio-political theories of the German philosopher Karl Marx. Actually, Marx's philosophy is established as Marxism and is also recognized to be a foundation to Communism. Ever since the Bolshevik revolution and especially the Cold War, Communism is regarded as a totalitarian evil and the very word of it brings about feelings of resentment.

    History is a complex topic and certainly not a straighforward one, not to mention that it is shrouded in a lot of myst and propaganda, also historic events too often are distorted through the subjective interpretations of the different view points. So, when one reads history, he or she should always keep in mind that this is the subjective interpretation of a source and that there are other layers and viewpoints to it as well.

    Karl Marx and his close like-minded friend Friedrich Engels aspired to a better world, where class-based society with its inequalities would become a thing of the past. They also revolted against the exploitation of the working class by the capitalists and saw religion and religious authorities as equally abusive towards the ignorant believers, in large parts because religion had a long tradition of supporing class-based societies and protecting the "divine rights" of kings and emperors. Their communist philosophy envisioned a society where there will be freedom and equality, higher consciousness, responsibility and solidarity among people. In some part, their philosophy is quite sound, in theory. In practice, however, things turned out to be very different. Just as any other beautiful theory regarding economic and political workings of a society.

    In practice, what the Bolsheviks and subsequently the USSR created was a totalitarian rule, which they all labeled as "communism" and also "socialism". I don't quite agree with the interchangeability of these two terms, because of their etymology. Communism comes from community, to commune. This term expresses the core concept of a classless society that Marxism envisioned. While Socialism roots itself from Society, social, with an "ism" attached, meaning "power to the people", as opposed to "power to the kings and rulers". From here on things get complicated and volumous.

    On the one hand, humanity simply isn't advanced enough so that we may completely eradicate feudal elements, as in ruling class over a majority of people mass. Such a social form isn't impossible, but it involves a society consisted of individuals of a wholly different level of intellect, culture, behavior and so on. Such a society cannot be created with a social mass of ignorant, selfish, narrow-mined, basic, low cultured and so on and so on "average" people, even less so average peasants (as with the case of the Bolshevik revolution). On the other hand, having the above prerequisite in mind, the Bolshevik's and subsequently all communists never intended to create any such "utopian" society, they simply used people's ignorance, naivete and the "spirit of the era", which was buzzing with worker's being fed up with the old capitalist-feudal order. They exploited the masses to overthrow the monarchy and set up a new monarchy of their own. As George Orwell's satire "Animal Farm" eloquently portrays. Watch an animated adaptation of his book here.

    Since the striking contrast between what "Communism" was thought to be like and what it was became obvious, the whole philosophy was condemned as no good. When in reality, there was Leninism, Stalinism and Totalitarianism. What I see as more disturbing is that the term "Socialism", as well as its root Social, went along in the category of highly undesirable things to have. And many people today perceive the term Socialism as somehow related to Dictatorship. A perception readily exploited by other forms of government today, who, more or less, are back to feudal-capitalism-like forms of social order.

    In conclusion, communism turned barbaric and totalitarian because The Human Element bares these qualities and infuses them in everything the human element gets involved with, thus distorting beautiful theories into ugly practices. Just like the so called "Democracy" and, of course, "Capitalism" in all of their various forms.

    Modern capitalism, promotes private ownership, ideally with no government ownership at all, encourages deregulated trade and production (free market) and is generally against social policies of any kind, like benefits, free (or cheap) health care, pension funds and so on. Democracy is some highly unclear term, that incorporates in itself various "schools of thought", economic and political practices. The average person thinks that Democracy means the right to vote, which is a highly simplistic and ignorant perception, not to mention naïve.

    Democracy indeed is based on people's right to choose their government, from the choices they are given, of course. Democracy also means that the government or ruling party must take into account the opinion of the majority of people in the form of referendums and local ballots on different issues, laws and decisions to be made. And, the most important and central element in true Democracy is a predominant Middle Class of educated people who have reasonable income and actively participate with reason, knowledge and sense in those referendums and public debates.

    If we look around the "advanced" modern societies it would be difficult to say if the Democratic model is truly the prevailent one. Yes, people have equal rights today, but these rights can be infringed quite often, with or without people's consent. Propaganda and projection of false perceptions are still widely in use by any government today, as well as social engineering and manufacturing consent. Which are political instruments attributed to dictatorships and totalitarian forms of rule, not democracies. In theory, of course. There are barely any referendums on important legislations, laws and decisions that the so called "Democratic" governments make. And, finally, the all-important-middle class is slowly disappearing.

    So, in practice, it doesn't really seem like there is true Democracy anywhere. There is capitalism, that promotes a social structure based on a small percentage of super rich and a large portion of poor, a social structure, quite similar to the way feudal societies were. Maybe with the subtle difference that today the peasants are allowed to take bank loans and have the illusion of wealth, for a while. There is still a lot of exploitation in the working place, propaganda and wide-spread ignorance, which is encouraged by the popular culture, because dumb people are simply easier to manipulate.

    In the last century, financial crises are the norm, today, the theory, even describes them as "economic cycles", a natural thing, you see. Just as there is life and death in the Universe. And just as natural as it was for communism to turn into a totalitarianism. In case the reader is missing the point, the natural element is the human element.

    Financial recessions are created by speculation on the stock exchange and the bank credits. By means of CDSs, Derivatives and other financial instruments in use. In other words, financial recessions are created by human greed, selfishness and irrational desire for more money, much, much more than one can ever spend. But there is more to it all. Central Banks had positioned themselves, well, as central in the economy of all "advanced", and not so advanced societies. Nearly every country today has a privately owned central bank. Central banks issue the printing of money, bank notes, and also regulate economic cycles by manipulating interest rates, currency rates and the quantity of money there are in a given economy.

    For instance, when there is inflation (that is too much money units are in use in the economy, so that the worth of the individual note goes down, which in turn raises prices and lowers profits for big corporations) the central banks responds by increasing interest rates. Which supposedly would make people spend less, presuming that they will buy on credit. Or, after a financial recession, the central banks lower interest rates, to lure people into purchasing more (they call it "stimulating the economy"), presuming that the people are stupid enough not to suspect that the low interest rates will not stay low forever. Another "economic stimulus" that the almighty and all-knowing Central Banks utilize is Quantative Easing, that is they print a bunch of cash, usually in the billions, and inject it into the economy, so that it may help ease the tight economic situation.

    Here comes a funny thing. There is this "economic phenomenon" called Stagflation. (stagnation + inflation). That is, prices rise a.k.a there is inflation and in the same time there is high unemployment, which presumably means that people aren't spending so much so to create inflation. Wow, what could be causing this *phenomenon* ? Could it be that the central bank is pumping empty cash (not covered by any real value, like commodity, resource, gold, silver, human lives) into the economy, thus diluting the money mass and consequently lowering the value of the individual bank note unit.. ? So that, when the value of a bank note unit goes down, prices go up in order to make up for the lost value.

    By the way, the central banks are tricky institutions and they can manipulate the currency values as well. So another phenomenon occurs this way – a national currency that has a higher value than it actually should have. Or a lower one in that matter, depending on the goal of this strategy. So that is how the Federal Reserve, for instance, pumps 600 billion dollars (as in QE) into the dollar notes mass and yet the rate of the US dollar currency had steadily risen in the past few months. Isn't this magic! It is amazing how irrational modern economy can be. Just as the human element behind it.

    Watch this highly provocative short documentary. The title is

    • The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

    So, here is the basic scheme of the Debt-based Economy.
    The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank, lends to the US government whatever sum of money (with interest) they need for their political deeds, campaigns, propaganda, ads and so on, government expenditures. The FED calls this "Bond Buying", another deceptive term. If it isn't a deception to say that you are buying something that doesn't exist (yet) with empty papers (printed by the Fractional Reserve System scheme). By now, it is highly doubtful what really is the fraction of this reserve at all – is it 1:9, is 1:90, is it 1:900…?! The most outrageous thing of it all is that if I decide to print some money for myself, the Central Bank will condemn this criminal act as "Counterfeiting". Shocking.

    Anyway. In return to the Central Bank's Bond-Buying, the Government signs a contract to repay the loan ( because practically the central bank loans money to the Gvrnmnt ) in time. The way governments repay these loans are, basically, by taxing the populace. The more the government loans money form its central bank, the more it increases the various taxes that the population is obliged to pay. Crazy, isn't it? Very much. And you thought that all these money from taxes went for the collective benefit of building infrastructure, social benefits and so on. Not quite.

    Here is another educational documentary that covers the issues in the above short, but in more detail and retrospective. The title is

    • The Money Masters (1995)

    "Isn't it bewildering how many people just live through their lives, completely oblivious? Worrying about their trivial troubles of love, salary, relationship issues and gossip from around the entertainment industry." (comment in youtube)

    I think we should majorly rethink our knowledge of history. Which makes me think again on just how much propaganda and crap is studied in schools and universities. All those young and pumped up with eagerness individuals coming out with their degrees, thinking they understand it all. When they have been simply manipulated, programmed even, to seamlessly pour into the predetermined channels of the social and economic systems. When we need change, change of paradigms. New ways of thinking and new ways of doing. We need revolution, mostly in our minds. People with revolutionary thinking, not social units content with their degrees and knowledge who will continue the old ways over and over again. We need to question the paradigms and make it a cultural norm. Only then true cultural progress and advancement will be achieved.

    A true Age of Reason, of harmony, responsibility and collective prosperity in knowledge, science, medicine.. without wars and primitive retardedness. Higher education as common as primary education is today in the world. Higher awareness and deeper consciousness, wisdom and understanding a common acheivement. And no, the world will not end when everything is prosperous and people are advancing intellectually at an increasing pace, we will merely step into an entirely new era of our evolution, that we can't even imagine today.

    How long will all this insanity continue in this world, over and over again? How long will people remain stupified, ignorant, narrow minded, short sighted, unaware, blinded and so basic ? What debt?

    Since all these money are fictional, then we have a fictional debt to return and we may as well not return it at all! FED what? IMF what? World Bank what?! What are these institutions without people's consent? Nothing.

    Two useful links for US citizens:

    "A revolution is easy to start... just pull your money out of the banks, walk away from your debts, buy silver and gold, stop shopping at corporations... buy local. They are dependent on our consent." (comment in youtube)

    Financial centralization is bad for this world, as well as meta governments. There is still too much primitive motivation in humans for such institutions to be healthy for social prosperity.

    We need a sustainable and stable economy, reusable energy and a politically participatory society with war out of the scene. Oh, and a stable population, very important as well. No outrageous population booms, conscious reproduction, well guided with responsibility towards life and nature. Is it impossible?! Will humanity ever brake the chain of primitivity and truly move forward!? Do we need so much money in order for civilization to prosper? Are old dogmas and paradigms disrupting our cultural advancement? How long will humanity exist? Is the Universe infinite? Where is the quantum boundary between your mind and reality itself?! Is there telepathy?! Does anything exist at all?? What is your mind made of? No, really, what is it made of, beyond the atomic? Huh, what? Quarks?! 

    Think outside the box. Open your eyes. (R)EVOLUTION

    There is no haram, everything is halal. Discipline precedes freedom. Darkness precedes the light. Death precedes life. Ignorance precedes knowledge. Forget everything you know and learn it a new.

    "This is not a doctrine, but an observation of the world. To say that Nothing is True, means that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that Everything is Permitted means that we are the architects of our own actions and we must bear responsibility for them."

    Alexander the Great didn't spend much time in thinking sophisticated ways of solving the Gordian Knot. He just drew his sword and slashed it. I don't know what that means.

    Do read this related article in the blog as well:

    I also recommend that you watch these documentaries, related to the topics discussed above:

      And these movies:

        Feb 5, 2011

        The Shock Doctrine. The Barbarism and Primitivism of Deregulated Capitalism

        History is an entangled topic. It also is a multi-layered one. Historic events may seem linear with clear cause-and-effect chains at first glance, but beneath there are other layers that shape and influence them.

        For one reason or another, canonic history, that is taught in schools and universities is presented in a very one-sided, shallow way, that is incomplete on the least and plain deceiving on the most. Unfortunately, it is history that has been used as one of the major instruments of propaganda and manipulation, by distorting and editing it, so that it suits the ideology and views of governments and regimes.

        American history books have been revised more than a dozen times in the last century. And our history, for the Bulgarian people, is a subject of debates, controversies and much uncertanties, as it has also been distorted by manipulative regimes in the past for centuries in a row. History in the span of centuries and millenias back could be a tricky subject to stitch and unearth, for obvious reasons. However, the extent of distortion of the very recent history just shocks the observer.
        I am rendered speachless and stunt at the depths of propaganda and manipulation that is infused in our knowledge of events that have occurred just in the last half a century. Every official version is a load of manipulation, everyone is hypocrite, cynicism is the norm and all complex variations of human behavior stemming from the basic instincts are cultural standards even for the most "advanced".

        It is a pitty that the present is never able to see itself as incomplete and backwards from the viewpoint of the future. So that is why "advanced societies" throughout history have always thought that they were at the top of cultural perfection and people continue to think like this today.

        I want to share a video and the book, that it is based on. The book is titled The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Here is the official website. It explores the barbarism, cynicism and primitive ways of imposing change to societies.

        Change that does not benefit "ordinary" people, but corporations. Change, that presents itself as advanced and freedom-bringing, but in reality, it has a degrading effect and reverts societies back into feudal-like models of highly uneaqually distributed super-rich and super-poor. These are the effects of deregulated capitalism. It is barbaric simply because humans are too primitive still and are unable to regulate themselves rationally. That is why a deregulated "free" market of pure capitalism is a highly unhealthy model that has a highly erosive effect on its host society. As we can very well see this in practice all over the world.

        The more I live, the more I realize that this world is guided not only by primitivity, but unbelievable doses of irrationality. Not to mention that the very definition of "sanity" gets more and more doubtful all in regards to the extent of irrationality that world leaders implement in their actions. And actions driven purely out of selfishness are also irrational, because you cannot be selfish in a system that is interdependent and where if one element is unstable, all other elements will suffer from it. And so on. It is a crazy world. Not just playfully crazy, but seriously insane. It can be seriously argued against the current standards of "sanity", as well as the current standard approaches in "curing" "sanity" divergences. It is all business. RX generation, manipulated, abused and stupified.

        I highly recommend watching the documentary and the book must be at least twice as good, in terms of an "eye opener" for all those other hidden layers behind the official façade of history. The very recent history. The history of Capitalism and in parts experimental psychology. In this line of thought, as complimentary for yet more layers and perspectives, I recommend watching

          Here are two previous articles in this blog, with more videos provoking thought and convention, conventional propaganda that is. Do browse through the "Recent Posts" section on the right side bar for more.

            And here is the Shock Doctrine documentary:

            So, am I the only one who holds the opinion that all these economists, experimental psychologists and dictatorship-training agencies should be declared psychopatic, inhumane and be held accountable for crimes against humanity?

            There is Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. Those three are all beautiful in theory and highly distorted in practice. It seems that neither alone is the best, maybe the best version would be a syncretic one between them all. A Social Democracy with rationally balanced state regulation and free market policy. Rationality and other higher cultural values are missing from the picture so far.

            In this barbaric world of freaks and sub-human creatures, filled with lies and hypocricy. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

            Observe. Think. Make your conclusions. Wake up.

              Jan 30, 2011

              Social Revolutions, Shifting of Powers and Overturning Old Orders - A New Chapter of Cultural Evolution?

              People are beginning to wake up, finally, and to demand their voice be heard and taken into account by governments. No dictatorship lasts, nor any regime that infringes and supresses human freedom of will. Nothing lasts in that matter, even the Universe will not last for ever. But that isn't something that should concern us in any way for no living human will witness it anyway. We live today, here, in these exciting times of cultural uprising and social revolutions. Though, these events aren't really more exciting than any other similar events back throughout history. Actually, history has always been exciting, full of buzz and developments. In the past couple of thousand of years at least. It is funny too that people have been feeling like they live at the end of days for at least the last one thousand years. If they keep thinking this way, some generation eventually will hit the jackpot, finding themselves living in the last days, not any time soon in my reckoning. Though I may be wrong, the apocalypse may be tomorrow – sell!! But seriously, as serious as one can be in this ridiculous world, put mildly.
              Things have been pretty exciting in the last century, in the last couple of centuries even, even in the last.. yeah, right. As I said, history has been pretty exciting. And continues to be so! How exciting.

              Even Arabs are beginning to see that they are being manipulated into mindless obedience by their leaders who say "Allah Akbar" and this line is enough for the crowds to adore them. Well, not anymore. People now want freedom, whatever the definition of this, at large. This most recent wave of social revolts began at an unlikely place really, Tunisia, wow. And interesting. I do hope Egyptian people will be able to bring pharaoh Mubarak down. Bulgaria is with you people of Egypt! They say the whole city of Cairo is blocked with widespread protests and the atmosphere is really tense and full of sense of a revolution.

              Religious leaders in the region were fast to declare that the social unrests were "islamic revolution", there is no islamic revolution there, but revolution of the people. The "Muslim brotherhood" has long lost its grounds with the average arab people and they are made famous mostly by "western" media who still rag about "Al qaida" that is most popular in the "western world" ..and this Mubarak has no self-respect to step down, seeing the dislike of all these people out on the streets. An utter display of a complete lack of dignity all for keeping his throne's sake.

              People in other dictatorship regimes have risen as well, like Syria and Algeirs. I wonder if people in Iran will be able to gather enough strength to rise once again against their oppressive regime. Well it is about time for people in North Africa and the Middle East to wake up. Now I understand the importance of coordination and communication – of course, how logical. That is why in the past there were no such flash revolutions and it was really hard to gather people into an uprising. And that is why, when the printing press was invented and the first pamphlets were used for spreading the idea of the revolution that took place in 1789. Communication is at the core. That is why totalitarian governments control information and utilize propaganda extensively, because if they allow information to flow free, they can't keep their control over people. Thus, any government that exerts control over the means of communication and information exchange are totalitarian and have dirty laundry, that they are afraid not to surface.

              There are also other, more subtle forms of dictatorship around the world, such are more or less all highly centralized governments, like USA, China and what the EU is turning into. I guess centralization of governance is not a good thing as it inevitably leads to some forms of totalitarianism, awaking human's most basic instincts – selfishness and domination, with all of their branches. May be the central model is good for some much more advanced society, culturally and intellectually. But not for humanity at this stage of our evolution.

              We live in exciting times today and order is shifting. Old orders are gowing down and new, hopefully better, ones are emerging. I do hope the same will happen with religious dogma soon, as well. As religion is another major impact factor for cultural retardedness, violence and segregation. I can only widly speculate what historical treasures are hidden in the Vatican archive, all of their dirty laundry with some precious manuscripts, along thousands and thousands of other interesting documents. This archive is like the Federal reserve's gold stash – closed to all public eyes until the last pope is dead and all old conventions are brought down. Such crazy facts would surface from this archive, that world history will be completely shaken. Unless the last pope burns himself with it, which I dread to even think about –all those precious archives. Yeah, now that will be the revolution – if people in the US gather in millions and demand that the Federal Reserve opens its gates to public audition and if other millions of millions people gather and demand that the Vatican opens its archives to the public!

              Hopefully that's the way all the local revolutions lead – to a global revolution that will mark an entirely new chapter in history and in humanity's cultural evolution. Evolution in the mind.

              (R)EVOLUTION !

              Jan 13, 2011

              The Unsustainability of Today's Capitalism and the Imminent Collapse of Debt-Based Economics. Is this the only possible way?

              In the previous episode, the topic of the feudal elements in modern capitalism and the enslavement by central banks cartels was discussed, alongside other problematic areas like "Is liberty dead in USA?". Is it time to officially retire the Statue of Liberty? And replace it with a huge advertisement of, say, Bank of America or a big banner flashing "The IRS wants YOU".

              The most obvious difference between civilization today and civilization one thousand years ago is technology and mass production. There are certain other subtle differences among more advanced societies, like heightened sense of moral and ethics, better individual self-control, education at large, more rational understanding, respect for life and equal rights between men and women. However, it is not rare when such seemingly higher culture turns out to be only a public façade, with people behind it being as primitive as their predecessors a millennium ago. For instance, the cases with pedophile professors and politicians, people who should represent the highest of cultural and intellectual standards in society. Not to mention the still persisting differences in salaries for men and women in certain professions and positions. A pitiful situation indeed. As Carl Jung sadly remarks:

              "Even those who serve as teachers and leaders in modern societies are slaves to their unconscious drives and primitive motivators"

              That is, apart from cultural advancement, modern society lacks public recognition for the need of mental advancement and raising social standards in this respect, as well. However the pressing importance of this topic, among others, I'll turn attention to another serious issue in our global society that needs to be recognized sooner, nevertheless. It is the topic of the strange workings of debt-based economics and feudal ways of capitalism, their effects on society, the political deception and propaganda in these respects and the overall unsustainability of this model that will lead to very serious social unrests in the foreseeable future.

              Capitalism is at the core of current economic systems around the world, more or less barbaric. The barbarism in capitalism is in the abusive ways corporations work, both towards the environment and workers, all to increase profits and decrease expenditures. The highly unjust distribution of money leads to social tension, all because human greed has no rational limitations. And what is this money? Means of exchange. What are those papers that we use to trade and exchange our labor for? Increasingly, just paper. Does the world need so many of them papers, in order to develop and prosper? I don't think so.

              Paper money, once, had a value denominated in Gold or Silver hard matter. The more gold a country had, the more money it could produce. However, the Fractional Reserve system of central banks increasingly depletes paper money of any actual value, so that a paper note is worth just another paper note of the same denomination. Nothing really, that is. It is an extremely weird situation and the bee hive, of sort, of such empty papers is, you might have guessed it, United States of America. The last financial recession began from there and spread around the world. This is because central banks are interconnected, global trade and also because the US dollar has been enforced, or more like deceptively negotiated, to be a main reserve currency to many countries around the world. And also is one of the main reasons why the US dollar still is able to maintain a certain value. Considering the artificial ways of financial growth that the US Federal Reserve has been applying in the past 80 years and more.

              The Fractional Reserve Requirement in the past, has been guided by some rational regulations. For instance, you can issue 9 fictional dollars covered on 1 real one, that is covered on, say a gold coin. Today, regulations are increasingly being removed, declared as evil and enemies to pure capitalism.

              So, if we take this correlation and apply it to the US economy, one can say that the real productivity is 10% and the rest 90% are debt?! This means, that this debt can never be repaid and financial crises will only grow deeper and more severe. How can we have severe financial crisis based on virtual money?! What will happen if all those money are simply deleted, burned, destroyed away from circulation? ...

              So, money turn out to be some kind of fictional value exchange notes. In the past, a paper bill represented the value, say in gold and silver, of a physical asset the paper holder had. But today, a bill virtually represents nothing. The wildest thing is that in the 16th Century, when the Fractional Reserve system began, and forward, European trade developed on virtually empty notes that had no real asset cover. And that development boomed and flourished. The inevitable conclusion here is that the world doesn't really need all those paper money in order to develop its markets and production. So weird, it is amazing. It is amazing how banks can give you "real" money that you can actually spend for whatever in exchange of some signed paper check, for instance. Such a twisted scheme. lol I have to say that banking is some kind of magic. Making money out of nothing. Brilliant. The dream of every alchemist from the past.

              US banking system and that of many other countries in the world turns out to be mostly Debt-based. Everybody owns money to someone else and that someone else owns money to yet someone else else and so on. The USA was indeed a land of freedom originally (if we don't take into account the genocide of the local population), however with the creation of the US Federal Reserve in 1913 this freedom began to loose its grounds. And why is the US Fed Res labeled as "Federal" anyway, when it is a private bank that lends money to the US government, rather than being owned by the US govrnmnt?

              It's all a big show, a game of deceit and deception. It's pretty huge, pretty serious and really awesome to behold. How easy it is to manipulate large masses of otherwise normal, not mentally retarded, even intelligent individuals. And indeed this is the strangest thing. How and why people let themselves be manipulated?

              The financial crisis involving lots of people loosing their homes that took place in 2008 was well known and discussed by dissident economists way back in 1995. I recall in one particular documentary "The Money Masters" made in 1995 where some of the interviewees warn of this upcoming crisis in plain, direct speech. Of course, the common people never take interest in such boring documentaries and prefer to switch to American Idol or some idiotic reality show. So, it is their own ignorance that led them to loosing their homes, their bad. Continue to be sheep-minded, oh mighty common people, until you get ripped off completely, so that you may finally wake up from your intellectual slumber.

              If you ask an average American about the Federal Reserve, they will be quite unable to tell you anything about it. They think it is federal and that this federal bank actually helps American economy. And the main stream media assures that this perception is sustained in the way they serve news. For example, here is a recent news title "The Fed not backing down on bond buying" as if this is something very positive and even sacrificial that the FED does in order to help, you see. When in reality, this is just a financial scheme to ensure long-term profits, for the FED, and long-term financial burden for the average American.

              The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. It is not a lie to say that American people have given up their constitution and their Liberty with it. Most of them just don't realize it yet. This moment of realization will surely come though.

              There are so many controversies in the United States, so many secrets, cover ups and unanswered questions, I simply can't believe that American society is so tranquil, so tranquilized. They must be putting some sort of sedative in the water supply (or else, the average American person IQ really is around 80). And the US shouldn't name their political system "Democracy", it's something else, but not Democracy.

              This entire financial system is very wrong and unsustainable. It will turn into a black hole at some point, this is inevitable. And who's to blame?

              Ordinary, working-class people, in the end, are the ultimate victims of capitalism. They have been cleverly deceived into taking those sub-prime mortgages on the one hand, but on the other hand, all those people have fallen victims to their own ignorance. Their own financial ignorance and naivity. They didn't read the fine script and didn't really thought in perspective, like "How much will I have to pay when the initial low-rate period ends?" that has been confusingly specified somewhere in between that fine script.
              So, there are two sides in this problem - the big banker's deception and wall street risk-takers' greed and on the other side all those consumers' personal ignorance and lack of sober thought on just how much they can actually afford. Thus, everybody is guilty, everyone in their own way. 

              In the end, capitalism may be a very positive idea on theory, but on practice, just as every other bright idea, is twisted by the primitive ways of the human element. It's human's, and in particular, men's irrationality in their instinctive drive to dominate, that destabilizes the whole system.

              So, is the current version of Capitalism and Democracy the only possible frames for societies? There are actually some economists who think these two are in a way "the end of the line" as in the best possible solutions. Right, just the average human narrow-mindedness speaking, I'll say. Human is such a strange creature - a bag of hardwired instincts and yet a dynamic consciousness. Intelligent and yet dull, a shallow intelligence that is the current educational standard. And so on.

              Who knows what the future will bring. It may as well be a big huge asteroid putting an end to human misery, lol.

              Jan 2, 2011

              Welcome to a New 365-Day Round Into the Future

              The old year rolled out into the past gracefully, leaving space for the new one. Human civilization, willingly or not, rolls forwards with time too. The past year was.. well, just another year filled with conflicts, turbulences, controversies, deals, ups and downs, resolutions, social, political and financial struggles, nothing of much significance really. For me it was a long year, as usual, a lot of things happened, a lot of knowledge, experience, wisdom and understanding gained, I grew up a little bit more. A new piece of dream was added to my list for the forseeable future - I want to climb Everest summit. A tough challenge for body and mind. Yeah, pretty cool.

              I was busy for the past month renovating my website, the one in my native language. It is almost done. My writing style evolved quite a lot and I think I'm ready now to complete my book and make it ready for the next phase - publishing. Though, I don't really have a well defined idea yet on just how am I going to do that. When the time comes the Universe will guide me, I'm sure. I'll keep my eyes open, not to miss any guiding signs, lol. This summer I'll be graduating my BA and think to enroll in a Masters course straight after. Psychology is a long-time interest of mine and decided to license it, I think this is a positive thing to do anyway. And then, we'll see. I'll conceive on the "then" in the meanwhile. Or it may conceive me. Life is a two-way relationship - you live it and it lives you.

              Right. I was a fan of the Wikileaks cause, these information freedom rebellions and so on. But now, more provoking questions arise surrounding this whole randevou. Like, why did Assange let his personallity overshadow the cause? This is something one should never do, if the cause is what really matters and if it is not just another PR strategy. Makes you wonder, is it, afterall. And the media he "works" with is a strange pick too - the Guardian, New York times... the most mainstream, corporate-friendly media suddenly turning rebellion? Something is wrong with that picture definitely. And why, really, the cables are concerned with only some countries and others are not even mentioned.. Controversies, I'm not really sure what happened, was it a preplanned sensation in order to provide reason for enacting cyber security laws similar to iPatriotic act and so on? Maybe this Wikileaks scandal was another well conceived and smoothly executed "False Flag" operation of the US and allies, to legally increase their control of the internet, as in electronic fascism.

              Could be anything. The truth is that masses are manipulated very easily, due to their ignorance, because it is easy to manipulate someone who lacks certain knowledge that you have. And for me, the truth is that I know very little, sometimes it feels like I know nothing really. Funny thing, when I knew less, though, I felt like I knew it all. LoL ":)

              Anyway, welcome to the new year, make yourselves at home. Here are few clips on financial conspiracies, speculations and dirty laundry, to cheer you up


              Here is another interesting video on the secrecy in modern governments, espionage and stuff like that from the founder of the website that leaked documents around the web long before Wikileaks showed up and swept the media in a sensational rock star-style. Interestingly enough, what this person says about the outcomes from the "Wikileaks scandal" are very similar to what the author speculated a few clips and sentences above. Ahh, those conspiracy theories cooks, such chefs


              And the website address: