Jan 30, 2011

Social Revolutions, Shifting of Powers and Overturning Old Orders - A New Chapter of Cultural Evolution?

People are beginning to wake up, finally, and to demand their voice be heard and taken into account by governments. No dictatorship lasts, nor any regime that infringes and supresses human freedom of will. Nothing lasts in that matter, even the Universe will not last for ever. But that isn't something that should concern us in any way for no living human will witness it anyway. We live today, here, in these exciting times of cultural uprising and social revolutions. Though, these events aren't really more exciting than any other similar events back throughout history. Actually, history has always been exciting, full of buzz and developments. In the past couple of thousand of years at least. It is funny too that people have been feeling like they live at the end of days for at least the last one thousand years. If they keep thinking this way, some generation eventually will hit the jackpot, finding themselves living in the last days, not any time soon in my reckoning. Though I may be wrong, the apocalypse may be tomorrow – sell!! But seriously, as serious as one can be in this ridiculous world, put mildly.
Things have been pretty exciting in the last century, in the last couple of centuries even, even in the last.. yeah, right. As I said, history has been pretty exciting. And continues to be so! How exciting.

Even Arabs are beginning to see that they are being manipulated into mindless obedience by their leaders who say "Allah Akbar" and this line is enough for the crowds to adore them. Well, not anymore. People now want freedom, whatever the definition of this, at large. This most recent wave of social revolts began at an unlikely place really, Tunisia, wow. And interesting. I do hope Egyptian people will be able to bring pharaoh Mubarak down. Bulgaria is with you people of Egypt! They say the whole city of Cairo is blocked with widespread protests and the atmosphere is really tense and full of sense of a revolution.

Religious leaders in the region were fast to declare that the social unrests were "islamic revolution", there is no islamic revolution there, but revolution of the people. The "Muslim brotherhood" has long lost its grounds with the average arab people and they are made famous mostly by "western" media who still rag about "Al qaida" that is most popular in the "western world" ..and this Mubarak has no self-respect to step down, seeing the dislike of all these people out on the streets. An utter display of a complete lack of dignity all for keeping his throne's sake.

People in other dictatorship regimes have risen as well, like Syria and Algeirs. I wonder if people in Iran will be able to gather enough strength to rise once again against their oppressive regime. Well it is about time for people in North Africa and the Middle East to wake up. Now I understand the importance of coordination and communication – of course, how logical. That is why in the past there were no such flash revolutions and it was really hard to gather people into an uprising. And that is why, when the printing press was invented and the first pamphlets were used for spreading the idea of the revolution that took place in 1789. Communication is at the core. That is why totalitarian governments control information and utilize propaganda extensively, because if they allow information to flow free, they can't keep their control over people. Thus, any government that exerts control over the means of communication and information exchange are totalitarian and have dirty laundry, that they are afraid not to surface.

There are also other, more subtle forms of dictatorship around the world, such are more or less all highly centralized governments, like USA, China and what the EU is turning into. I guess centralization of governance is not a good thing as it inevitably leads to some forms of totalitarianism, awaking human's most basic instincts – selfishness and domination, with all of their branches. May be the central model is good for some much more advanced society, culturally and intellectually. But not for humanity at this stage of our evolution.

We live in exciting times today and order is shifting. Old orders are gowing down and new, hopefully better, ones are emerging. I do hope the same will happen with religious dogma soon, as well. As religion is another major impact factor for cultural retardedness, violence and segregation. I can only widly speculate what historical treasures are hidden in the Vatican archive, all of their dirty laundry with some precious manuscripts, along thousands and thousands of other interesting documents. This archive is like the Federal reserve's gold stash – closed to all public eyes until the last pope is dead and all old conventions are brought down. Such crazy facts would surface from this archive, that world history will be completely shaken. Unless the last pope burns himself with it, which I dread to even think about –all those precious archives. Yeah, now that will be the revolution – if people in the US gather in millions and demand that the Federal Reserve opens its gates to public audition and if other millions of millions people gather and demand that the Vatican opens its archives to the public!

Hopefully that's the way all the local revolutions lead – to a global revolution that will mark an entirely new chapter in history and in humanity's cultural evolution. Evolution in the mind.