Nov 18, 2008

Is "Time" Real? What Is Time? Do Gravitons Exist? Just How Big Is the Universe? - Part 3 - The Diameter of the Universe!!

Now, having considered the shape of the Universe and its chronologically layered structure of cosmic evolution and expansion we have all the values we need to deduct just how big is the Universe as of today.

We know that the Universe was born out of no space at all about 15 billion years ago and since the first second of its life it has been expanding in volume and size. The Universe expanded spherically from the central Big Bang point of genesis outwards towards a yet unforeseen end-point, that may as well be hundreds of billions years away long, long way ahead. The sphere is a shape that can accumulate an infinite number of spacial dimensions and withstand the greatest exterior pressure. As it expanded because of the accumulation of dark-matter space that filled it up from within, the Universe retained its chronological center of genesis that can be considered as layer 0 or the most inner point of the onion-like invisible chronologically layered expansion. Today, we are located somewhere in the outer most layer of the expanding Universe and peering towards its center we see it as it was before the expansion reached its present-day size, that is we say that we peer back in the past but instead we peer towards the center of the Universe or more specifically we capture the spectral information particles carry from this stage of cosmic evolution. This center is located at about 15 billion years away from us. Thus, the present-day diameter of the Universe is 30 billion years. And the future? We cannot see it, the way we can see the “past” simply because it is not there yet!

All the sudden, the Universe seems much smaller than we previously thought, doesn’t it? If you consider 280, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 kilometers as cosmic diameter a small space that is. It is huge, even for the speed of light!

If we now return to our earlier approximate estimation of matter-dark matter proportions in the Universe, having deducted its present-day size at 280, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 km in diameter we could do the following logical gradation: if all the observable matter can be theoretically squeezed into the spherical space between the Sun and the nearest star Proxima Centaur, which is located at approx. 40 trillion kilometers away then we can estimate that the present day matter-dark matter proportions in the cosmos are about 40 trillion to 280, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 in approximate values.

And in this mind-boggling space we live in we cannot achieve peace and harmony with each other on our small and beautiful planet, how primitive we must be to live in such a pitiful state as humanity is today. And where will we be tomorrow?

Think Big

Oct 31, 2008

Is "Time" Real? What Is Time? Do Gravitons Exist? Just How Big Is the Universe? - Part 2 - The Genesis and Structure of the Cosmos

Now, having realized the nature of time and what its function in human mind is, let’s ponder on and examine the distances involved through time and space in this Universe we live in.

How big is the Universe? What is it? If the Universe has a limited space in terms of distance, then what is the Universe contained in?

It is yet unclear as to what exactly this huge blackness filled with exotic stellar objects and boundaries unseen that our Solar System floats in is. It is thought to be endless, having a deductable beginning, that we are able to partially observe with telescopes and where our sight cannot reach mathematics fill the gap.

So, we live in an endless Universe that began at an inexplicable moment coined “Big Bang” (for glamorousity), that is also expanding in volume as certain observations and calculations show.

The reasons that caused the birth of the Universe are also unclear and unreachable as well, since they lay beyond the Universe into which we exist.

There are mathematical speculations emerging about what caused the BB, notably the “Brane theory” where in an undefined beyond Universal space, huge and flat membrane-like structures made of quark elements float and occasionally bump into one another creating Universes inside their large and flat plank-like, plazma environments. These theories don’t really resolve anything and effectively get rid off the initial Quantum Singularity state that has preceded the Universe. A theory devised for certain minds own theoretical satisfaction, that is based on pure mathematics and provides little answers, posing quite a lot of questions instead. Like what is this environment that these beyond-universal Branes are contained in? What makes them ripple in the first place? The “Branes theory” seems to try to explain quantum environment with classic physics and its’ cyclic-mechanical effects. Also, there is no such a particle as “graviton” and one day science will conclude this fact, for gravity is the resulting effect of matter-dark matter interaction, kind of a mechanical effect that works in the macro and cosmic scales. All the blackness in the cosmos is perceived by us an utter emptiness. However, there is no empty space in the Universe, even Singularities aren’t “empty”. The very fabric of space is in fact this invisible energy that we perceive as “black vacuum”, this is the so called dark matter that is undetectable neither with our senses nor with our current technology. But this blackness is the very thing that gives the Universe space and volume, allowing regular matter to gather and create structures. So, as undetectable as it is it must interact with matter somehow and this is the gravity effect that large bodies exert on each other in space. The effect of large material bodies interacting with dark matter space is analogous to the effects a large body has on other bodies near by in water. Gravity appeared with the first large stellar objects and simply did not existed in the initial quantum state of the Universe when atoms were forming.

Imagination is another amazing tool that allowed dimensional-thinking in the human mind.

Nothingness and inexplicableness cause great discomfort generally in scientists’ views and flare up the wandering imagination.

Unfortunately, a lot of our words that we use to describe different groups, objects and perceptions have been burdened in time with negative meanings and loads of misunderstanding. So it is quite hard to discuss any topic without blurring it with prejudice and expose it to the risk of misunderstanding by the layered meaning of certain words and concepts you need to use.

This is again due to our limited understanding, awareness and plain ignorance. That is why it is hard to mix spirituality with science without provoking silly smiles. When we discuss the initial Singularity we can hardly avoid associating it with our primal perception of the Creator god, however it is not a human-like god with human emotions and speech. It is quite ridiculous to say that the Universe or even this that lies beyond it has religious preferences and to project our own emotions like anger, revenge, love or mercy to it. The Universe is an energetic structure that is quantum-based and very much resembles a mind-like organism on a cosmic scale. However, our current levels of understanding and awareness are too narrow to comprehend this reality, but one day God will no longer be associated with old religions, but with reality itself and the very nature of consciousness.

The Universe began from an incredibly small densely-packed with energy point, that was so small in fact that it wasn’t even a point, but was not at all.

By a mathematical method of cosmic reverse engineering that is guided by observational data and spectral analyses the unfoldment of cosmic development can be followed back through its stages and mathematically the Universe shrinks into the reality of quantum physics.

The smallest scale physics reasonably work with is the Planck scale that gives dimensions and properties to the smallest things that make up everything we know. When the Universe was micro seconds old it was unbelievably small around 0.00000000000000.......000000016 cm in diameter. And if we go even further back before that eventually we will reach the 0.00000000 cm and after the zero moment the whole minute-point Universe plunges into a negative, non-existent state.

This is the state of quantum Singularity. Because, the smaller the scale the larger the energy density and levels. If the scale dissolves into infinity then the energetic potential this infinity would hold is infinite. Energy is perceived to be carried by something, that is particles and from the point of view of our cosmic reality particles take up space, thus it is a complete paradox as to how could infinitely dense energy be held in an infinitely small space, that is actually not there at all.

This is the great mystery of Singularities and is a true cognitive and perceptual trouble for the human mind.

To a hardcore conservative scientist’s terror, we can never know what lies beyond the dimensional boundaries of this Universe, because if anything with a positive scale of existence transcends into the negative scale of non-existence it will simply vanish in an instant, as it will seize to exist the moment this quantum boundary is crossed.

So, yes there are boundaries in the cosmos after all. But these boundaries are not really reachable for humans anyway.

The Universe is an immensely huge vastness of black emptiness that is filled nevertheless with so much motion, complexity and life. Just see this amazing planet we live on – it is so small compared to the cosmic scales and yet it is thriving full of life!

As huge as the Universe is today it started its’ expansion from the smallest imaginable thing that popped-out of a completely opposite state of non-existence.

It is interesting to note, that if the Universe rewinds back into a Singularity, then it is still contained in it! Because Singularity is infinite and infiniteness is limitless, that is there is nothing beyond the infinite, because the infinite is forever and has no end. So, everything began from a state of quantum Singularity and something just before the silent birth of our womb Universe happened that triggered a dimensional collapse at a certain point in the negative space of the Singularity that we are in. This dimensional collapse created an entirely new dimension that was to layer into a multidimensional structure that our Universe is which is essentially the electromagnetic spectrum that composes everything we know.

So, the initial Singularity collapsed at a certain “point” and the new dimension folded into itself, effectively trapping some of the energetic potential of the Singularity and this enclosed amount of energy was to become all the matter, antimatter and dark matter that exists. Our Universe is a closed system and the Singularity environment it exists in doesn’t really have access to the Universe, because they are at different dimensions and energy levels. The frequency levels of the Singularity are quadrillions upon quadrillions hertz higher than the highest frequency known in the cosmic electromagnetic spectrum. Frequency levels is the reason why we cannot detect dark matter as well.

Nevertheless, the Singularity environment this Universe exists it by its very nature is the reason for quantum phenomena and uncertainty. If you look at quantum physics as a scientific realm you will be amazed by the amount of controversies that make it up. As if nothing seems to really make sense in the quantum scale of reality, while in our macro scale everything seems so orderly and elegantly driven by a cause-and-effect chain.

One thing is certain though, that reality is the strangest thing and this Universe is something that we haven’t really understood yet. This reality of this Universe that so readily bends and unveils in front of the eye of human mind that penetrates deep into the very building blocks of this quantum-cosmic structure.

Mathematical deductions based on computer models fed with observational data show that in the first second after her birth, the young Universe was extremely densely packed with opaque, hot energy and its size was as big as a grapefruit. Then, space took on a staggering expansion doubling its size every 0.02 seconds. The expansion of space is thought to be due to dark matter accumulation. And this must be the case. Since the Universe cannot be filled with “nothing”, there must be something to hold its dimensional integrity and allow for different scales to exist, otherwise its scale-based dimensional structure could not exist, since there would be no space for the larger scales to go into. Dark matter began its synthesis and accumulation alongside regular matter, but at some point its accumulation kicked in and dark matter outgrew regular matter many times, maybe something like 1 billion parts dark matter to 1 part regular matter in a progressively increasing difference gap.

However, as dark matter accumulated and created space in the Universe, regular matter also was on the move assembling into hadrons, atoms and molecules. Approximately 300, 000 million years after the “Big Bang” the first stars were born that were almost entirely composed of hydrogen, as all the heavier elements were to be created later on by nuclear fusion and supernovaes. Meteorites, for instance, are the ancient remains of all the nuclear fusion activity going on in the Universe for billions of years, since they are almost entirely composed of heavy elements like iron and others.

It is interesting that alongside the stellar evolution from atoms to stars, these first stars assembled into galaxy formations from the very beginning. It almost looks like stars were forming in galaxy formations, rather than just randomly scattered around. It is also very intriguing that data accumulation points to the existence of a massive black hole in the center of every galaxy. Quite logically, after all if stars are assembling into galaxies, that means that something is assembling them this way, a greater pull that swirls stars around its center. The very shape of galaxies point to this massive gravitational swirl that holds stars together in galaxies. That is why galaxies have tales, which give them the specific spiral shape associated with a galaxy. Also, the presence of a galactic center that exerts enormous gravitational pull is evident in the very flatness of galaxies. Have you every wondered why stars and planets are spherical, yet galaxies are flat disk-shaped? Think of the Solar System. All the planets are arranged on a plane around the Sun, and this plane crosses the Sun at the middle. No wonder it is like that, since gravity would be strongest at the middle of a massive object that rotates. Now, scientists think there must be a “graviton” particle that acts as a mediator for gravity itself that must travel somehow from the Sun to all the planets. Of course, the “graviton” model views space vacuum as a complete emptiness devoid of physical properties whatsoever. However, this is not the case. Dark matter is essentially a cosmic plasma into which all the regular-matter stellar objects float. As a massive object floats in dark matter space it interacts with it through its very mass dislocating and depressing space. Not because space is like a flat plain that depresses under the weight of massive stellar objects, but because space is dark matter itself and obviously dark matter interacts with regular matter. There is another critical factor in gravity that is rotation.

Do you think that if the Sun stops rotating it will continue to exert gravitational pull on planets? No, it will not. And planets will gradually scatter or slowly halt to a stand still, while their own rotation around their planetary axes slowly stops as well.

When a massive stellar object rotates it swirls the very space around it an this dark matter space acts as a mediator for gravity, gradually swirling larger and larger space in diameter across the stellar object thus effectively swirling around it all the other objects located in the space affected.

We could name dark matter particles “gravitons” in this sense.

The same gravitational principle applies to galaxy formation and that is why galaxies, like our Solar system, also have flat disk shape – because all the stars and matter contained in a galaxy are swirled around its gravitational center, which must be a spherical object, so that its strongest rotational momentum is at its middle, which arranges everything that swirls around it in a flat plane.

It is somewhat abstract to define a black hole or quantum singularity as “spherical” since it is infinitely small and doesn’t really take up any amount of space, however its Event horizon does and the event horizon is spherical having its strongest gravitational pull at its middle part. Dark matter is the ultimate plasma environment that will not rip off even exposed to the most insane rotational speeds. But will transmit the rotational momentum as far away from the central object until the effect gradually slows again because of dark matter itself that is acting both as a mediator for gravity and the very thing that limits its reach. All this can be simulated in a supercomputer model.

Dark matter also exerts pressure, like water does. And this is the reason for the spherical shape of stars and planets. We know that the spherical shape has the highest resistance to outside pressure, considering that everything has a reason to be in the way it is, the spherical shape of stars and planets also must have a practical reason. The pressure dark matter space exerts on all the regular-matter floating in it shapes stars and planets like spheres.

Let’s return now to our mental journey from the beginning of the Universe we embarked on.

When Hubble peers deep and faraway in the cosmic expanses it sees a chronologically layered structure of the cosmic evolution. That is, the first galaxies that were formed all share something in common – they have an active galactic nuclei or Quasar. Quasars obviously are black holes actively engulfing regular matter in an energetic inferno. While the quasar phenomenon is not observed in younger galaxies like our own, which are also much closer by to us.

It is interesting that if you look at Hubble’s photos you will notice that the centers of galaxies do shine, which means that either most of the stars in a galaxy are clumped close to its center and thus combine their collective shininess as the brightest part of a galaxy or it means that the central black hole is feeding on the galaxy constantly. However, if we consider quasars again it seems that much more matter was engulfed by galactic centers in the past than what we observe in the present layer of the Universe.

Let’s try to clear up the accumulating fog about the chronologically layered structure of the Universe. We deducted that Time as a cosmological value is a purely abstract concept that exists only in our minds and perceptions.

The standard cosmological model of the Universe today is this tube-shaped Universe that begins from the “Big Bang” point and expands like a cone forward into the future that is towards where we are today. This model is not correct for it presents the Universe in a misconceived way.

Since the sphere is the universal shape that assembles naturally in a high-pressure environment, the Universe in all its multidimensional nature must be a spherical object, considering that it exists in a quantum Singularity environment that exerts an enormous amount of pressure on it. Also, if the Universe was initially the size of an atom and then it grew to a grapefruit-size it couldn’t have been a flat atom or a flat grapefruit, could it?

Furthermore, as the spherical Universe expanded in volume it must have retained its chronological center of beginning. That is, space expanded in all sides away from where it began, however the central point of genesis remained there.

You can visualize the model of the Universe as a donut shape, but the central hole is so extremely narrow that it could be barely perceived at all. Who knows how weird the center of the Universe is and how twisted reality is there, because of the event horizon.

Regular matter evolved into stars and planets, while in the same time it was being constantly moved away from the central-point of Genesis and spaced apart by accumulation of dark matter space that expanded the cosmos. So that is why, as the first stars and galaxies formed the Universe was much, much smaller than it is today and these primal stars and galaxies are observed far away from where we are. Further yet, in the closer distance we observe younger galaxies and stars being born. We are located at the outer most layer of the Universal expansion and this is the reason why we cannot peer into the future Universe just as we can peer into the past. Because this future Universe is simply not there yet.

Imagine an onion with a couple of thick layers. Starting from the most inner one at its center, around which are wrapped all the other consecutive layers. These are the chronological layers of the Universe that reflect stellar evolution. The reason I refer to this structure as “chronological layers” is that this term describes it best to the imagination, not because I include time as anything real. There is no time particle!

Of course, if you exclude the time-concept things simply seize to make sense at all. As we pointed out earlier. Namely, things seize to make sense for the human mind!

It is hard to imagine, if there is no time as a past-present-future realities, then how can the whole Universe exist only in the Present? What about these observations of distant stellar objects ten billion years away? Well, we see their informational imprint carried by photons that Hubble captures and assembles into a photograph. However, these photons have traveled say 15 billion years, which means that we do not see what is there in real-time, but what was there in the early ages of the Universe. These objects we observe from the “distant past” may be as well long gone by real-time today. In fact, when we peer into the distant past we actually peer towards the chronological center of the Universe, its point of genesis.

In reality, there is no “time” in the cosmos and the whole Universe exists at the same time everywhere in every present moment. Time is a value that the moving observer considers relative to his speed and distance traveled from start to end point.

What we observe does not show us the Universe in real-time, simply because we pick up information from photons that have traveled from a distant start point and end up captured by our telescope lenses. If we could peer towards the beginning of the Universe, that is its center of genesis in real-time we would most probably see nothing, as we define dark matter as “nothing”. Because these first stars have been long gone and all the active regular-matter has been moved away from the central region by dark matter space expansion. Dark matter is cosmic space.

[To be continued..]

Oct 17, 2008

Is "Time" Real? What Is Time? Do Gravitons Exists? Just How Big Is the Universe? - Part 1 - Humanity's Greatest Invention

What is this time? Where is it? What is it made of? Just how it is so deeply interwoven in our perception of reality and the way reality operates? What is the nature of Time?

In the beginning, tens of thousands of years ago Homo Sapiens, a most peculiar specie of the higher mammalian family, began to rapidly develop analytical abilities in their progressively increasing complexity of thought processes that were assembling in this specie’s minds. Our distant, earliest predecessors began to incorporate dimensional-type of thinking in their lives. They began to analyze and think in advance, trying to predict what ways a situation could develop and to follow a cause-and-effect thinking pattern in their risk-estimation, say, in hunting. These ancient people also with their progressively increasing awareness for themselves and their environment around, began to observe and gather collective-experience data that was passed through the generations in the form of teachings and tales. So that each consecutive generation had more and more information and knowledge about how their environment worked and what it was all about.

People observed and noticed all the cyclic movements and changes that occurred in nature around. Days were followed by nights and nights by days, the cyclic movement of the moon across the night horizon and the positions of all the more noticeable bright blinking lights in the black sky. One season was changed by another and then another and then back the same again, they observed how nature was guided by a closed-cyclic principle that was universally applied in all levels. Every movement seemed to follow a certain cycle that was repeated on and on and on again until the object that moved existed. From the movements of the stars and the Sun for the span of a year and again the same cycle, the seasons, the rain, the migration of the herds and the cycles of human life. The cyclic nature of seasons and all the intrinsic changes these had on the surrounding environment left a permanent impression in these early human minds. Rains fell more during a certain time of the year and nature flourished, while it was hottest during another time all in a constantly moving cyclic nature.

Ancient people long observed all these ever-going patterns and gradually integrated these cycles of nature in our mental ability to think dimensionally and navigate through time and space in our minds. But there was more, human memory evolved to work as a fully integrated dimensional structure that was composed of layers spaced apart in time.

People had evolutionary brilliant minds that were rapidly developing with the increasing collective knowledge and experience Homo Sapiens gained.

Humans had the ability to remember and recall stored information by will. What’s more, we developed the mental ability to operate with and analyze this information we have gained in our memory and combining different pieces of it humans could come up with entirely new knowledge that they in a way “remotely” gained, by mental simulation in the alchemy of thinking.

Humans vividly remember their emotional experience during their lives as. So These ancient humans began to develop a mental map for the world around that was constantly spiraling forward, which spacial model we needed in order to develop our dimensionally-thinking ability better and organize our collective experience, as well as the personal one.

People began to make predictions for a possible development of a certain event based on gained experience and knowledge in the past that was stored in their memories. After all, if you are to make a prediction, you must have a certain set of values that define what it will be about, that is a certain knowledge of how the object of prediction behaved before.

So, this defines our dimensional-thinking ability – to gather and analyze information we have accumulated in memory and use it to understand even more by combining and synthesizing it, so that we can come up with an understanding without the physical moment of experience, and of course to predict how tomorrow could develop in order to do better. In other words, Homo Sapiens progressively evolved and were using their minds more and more.

Human memory is a dimensional structure that stores information, experience and knowledge in a chronologically progressive order. That is, thanks to the way our memory worked, those earliest humans gradually created a dimensional perception of themselves, for they had memories way back from their childhood. The perception of childhood memories, for instance, is a perception of a memory that is now located at a certain distance away from where we are today at the moment of recalling it. So, this memory spacing gave human consciousness the perception of a past time. And the analytical ability of human mind to make predictions for the future based on our present knowledge and information, gave humans the sense of a future that is out there and could be accessed through the mind, but has not yet come to pass.

The nature of human memory and the amazing way it worked gave rise to one of the greatest inventions of humanity – Time. After all, how can you organize your memory without the perception of Time?

At a certain point, humans began to feel the need to store certain information outside of their heads, so that it could be preserved and accessed even when the individual is long gone. This mostly practical necessity to share information through distance both in miles and days was needed by the ever increasing in complexity early human societies.

So, writing was developed out of this fundamental necessity for human societies in order to organize and function better.

However, humans needed and wished to record their personal experience as well and be able to measure it with a certain scale, so that they could refer to it with preciseness, say in a dialogue or when you want to share a certain memory associated with experience or knowledge you gained in your life.

For you see, imagine back then some 30 thousand years ago when people measured their time simply by counting the most basic cycles for their personal orientation in time-and-space. So, when they referred to their past experience they were saying something of the kind “Many moons ago” or “Some sunsets ago” or “Many days ago”, “Eight winters ago”. In the distant time back then before humans even had numerical classification as a primitive counting tool.

Obviously, if Homo Sapiens were to organize their memory and spacial orientation in their experience records, humans needed a system to measure and count the cycles of nature, so that this system could give a basic framework for human experience to wrap around and organize itself better.

The yearly cycles of the Sun and monthly cycles of the Moon gave the basic beacon to serve as an orientation for a time-measuring system.

Humans from different civilizations apart in both time and distance all observed these cycles and created their calendar systems more or less quite alike. For, they were all Homo Sapiens and perceived reality in alike way.

Thus, Time was born out of human Memory, the structure of which defined our perception of reality and guided by the cyclic nature of everything around us we established this dimensional perception of time and space that served as a framework to wrap our knowledge and experience around.

However, these first calendar systems as a basic orientation created with the notion of time were quite primitive and not with the second precision that quartz crystal and neutron stars provided at a much later time. These were time-keeping devices for larger chunks of time ment to preserve and pass knowledge and historical information on to the generations and as a basic orientation through the days and years. Wrist watches along with Scientific Time was to be born much later on.

Time was gradually invented and integrated in the very structure not only of our cognitive perception but in the very structure of human society, since Time was now recording human history. When people began to invent writing systems that is.

Ancient calendar systems are an intriguing object of exploration and raise interesting questions. We can find some information about the genesis of the seven-days-week division for instance, in the apocrypha text “Book of Enoch”, an ancient manuscript that preserved the thoughts of a human who pondered reality and marveled at the world some 2000 years B.C, who divides the year into 52 weeks each made up of 7 days, which resulted in a 364 day year. These ancient calculations were quite close to the actual precise mathematics that estimate a full cycle of Earth on its orbit around the Sun that guides our contemporary calendar.

Our perception of time was so profoundly embraced by the early human minds and civilizations so that time-measurement and calendar systems became central to advancing human societies and integrated in our whole perception of reality, which of course included our spiritual perceptions as well. Even Moses says that “God created everything in six days and on the seventh He rested”. Have you ever thought of why Moses or the original mind that created the mythological conception with which the Bible begins, why would he say or write that God created heaven and earth for a total of seven days, including the rest which completes the cycle? Namely seven? Why seven? As if Moses had read these ancient wisdom teachings' texts and was amazed by this mythological person Enoch as one of the very first thinkers in human history. The writer of Genesis was even so influenced by the teachings of this Enoch that he embedded the seven day Enochian calendar in his Story of Creation. Enoch is also mentioned later on, as a commemoration to this great ancient thinker that the writer felt deep respect towards. To preserve his memory in the generations to follow, indeed thousands of years later. But this is not so surprising however, because all founders of great religions had knowledge of all the previous teachings and concepts before them and they bettered the original concepts that developed them further. Alongside our intellectual advancement, human spirituality also developed and ancient tribal shamanism and divine pantheons evolved into the monotheism of major human religions today.

So, if you closely followed the unfolding thought-chain of the above conversation you now have the answers to the questions with which this analysis began - What is this time? Where is it? What is it made of? Just how it is so deeply interwoven in our perception of reality and the way reality operates? What is the nature of Time?

Time is a construct of human mind which we use to organize our memory, thoughts and cognitive perceptions for better orientation. Time also served as an orientation for quite a lot of activities in human life. Until, at some point we declared it Universal and applied time to every aspect of our perception and understanding of reality. Just think about the role the notion of Time plays in human society! Without our notion of time and its measurement our civilization could not exist in this structurally organized way!

Indeed, time is a fundamental factor in human mind. IF you exclude time, our perception of reality simply crashes.

The analytical abilities of human mind also gave birth to mathematics, which rather evolved from the calculation systems adopted in counting the different cycles observed in the calendar system.

Nowadays, the notion of time has underwent a tremendous development in both complexity and increasing abstraction. Today, time has its own dimension in reality and it is also an intangible, for both senses and technology, force that is deeply interwoven with reality itself. Time and space were inseparably joined and the notion of time turned into an autonomous entity.

But if we are to search for it, it is nowhere to be found. We can see movement in cyclic fashion, we can see the constant transience and unfoldment of everything there is, but it is only movement that is measured by time. So, as our collective experience grew and the amount of knowledge passed on the generations people increasingly developed their intelligence and peered ever deeper into the very fabric of reality and meaning of it all.

In order to orientate we need a measurement system that provides us with a set of values to guide us.

So this is where scientific notion of time comes in. With time, humans measured speed, which was to play a crucial role in our everyday lives in advancing civilization. The faster you could do something you want to get done, the more other things you will be able to do in the span of a day, a month, an year and during the span of your life.

Here is where transportation comes in. Efficient transportation from one place to another plays a crucial role in human civilization development.

Even long before the internal-combustion engine, philosophers have pondered speed and medieval mathematicians enjoyed themselves with ever more precise and abstract calculations. As abstract as it was, mathematics worked and could be applied to human inventions. It worked so brilliantly even that it began to seem as if everything could be explained with pure mathematics. As if at a certain point Homo Sapiens simply began living in their minds so that the whole reality complied with the way human mind worked and perceived.

For instance, the modern String Theory is entirely based on pure mathematics raised to the highest levels of abstraction. Also the Multiverse speculations in the theoretical science sphere and the adored by the public greatest speculation with the notion of time – Time travel.

Mathematics seem to work no matter what you apply it to. And time is an inseparable element of mathematical calculations. Time, essentially, is a measurement tool which we use to estimate and orientate. Time is a construct human mind needs in order to operate the way it does.

In reality, time does not exist. And our mathematics are all from our perspective and apply only to the understanding of our minds based on the unique environment we have developed in. Why environment? Because the notion of time evolved through our observation of the cyclic movements of nature around as well, as we discussed earlier. Imagine, if there is another intelligent self-aware form of life on a completely different planet with a different orbital period and, say, a larger Sun. And if their planet has entirely different planetary processes that fuel the habitat these alien beings have developed into, so that their calendars could be quite different than our Earthly ones. Even to such an extent, that ours would have no meaning to them at all. The same goes for mathematics. If these creatures, say, move faster than humans and operate in different frequency ranges their whole perception of reality would be extensively different than ours and their measurement tools would make no sense to us. Imagine if these creatures are to look at our mathematics, which may very well turn out to be a complete nonsense for their minds and perceptions.

This is the subjective nature of science, especially in theoretical physics and mathematics. On the whole, as self-aware as we are, human mind is quite subjective and somehow narrow. Where we enter the realm of human psychology, with depths unseen, this creative source that humans refer to as “Soul”. And it is, the depths of your psyche are the depths of your soul.

Religion is the great product of this psyche and its intangible mechanisms that shape our spiritual perceptions.

The “time concept” is deeply integrated in our minds and society, in our expressions, grammar, personal time-keeping devices and your daily schedule you organize your life with in its cyclic nature.

Without the notion of time as a distance measurer through the eyes of speed, the mental travel we took earlier in the beginning with the speed of light would have been a dimensional model impossible to draw and frame into mental perspective.

Aug 29, 2008

There Is So Much To Life, To The Meaning Of Life That We Have Not Fully Grasped.. Yet!



Expect continuation of lectures in mid October! And prepare yourselves for what is coming, something that will stir the world!

Jul 30, 2008

Like Everyone Else You Were Born Into Bondage. The Bondage of Your Minds` Limited Awareness. Part one: the Ancient Wisdom

“Know thy self and you shall know God”

This old saying is not just a mirror-like mystical proverb that has long lost its meaning throughout the ages.

Indeed, on the most shallow level this proverb makes perfect sense, since we are made “In His image and likeness”, but let`s analyze the symbolics by more thorough and rigid means, after all our brilliant minds are intended to be used as much as we possibly can.

If we turn our minds` eye towards the first half of this ancient proverb and try to analyze it that is to analyze ourselves as it instructs us, we will inevitably notice something profound in the nature of our mind, of our soul. Namely, its layered structure and the jointly coexistence of the opposites in ourselves. If you observe yourself, you will reach the limits of your conscious awareness at some point, beyond which lies the vast expanse of our unconscious psyche. Your thoughts pop up out of nowhere in your mind, random memories and associations surface in your imagination, you react in ways the reasons for which are hidden and unknown and you are under the control of your moods and emotional affections.

When you try to follow the cause and effect chain that is behind all these, the reach of your awareness hits the impenetrable barrier of the boundaries of your consciousness, where it dissolves into the darkness of your psychology. And these unexplored depths of your mind contain exactly what you need to know in order for you to solve your inmost controversies, settle the uncertaincies and better your personality, while in this process of self-observation and self-analyzes you expand the borders of your self-awareness and consciousness on the whole. This is essentially the process of knowing yourself.

When you discern the existence of your unconsciousness, you have made the first step. The second step is to acknowledge the existence of your imperfections that is behavioral and characterological inferiorities and draw-backs that affect your communication and relations with others. It is this deepend awareness about your psychological world that widens and heightens the state of your mind so that you become not just the subject who experiences his/her thoughts, moods and reactions, but also the object of your observations, who creates new thoughts and emotions that react to this higher self, that observes yourself. So, there are three essential entities here: your thoughts, your “I” experiencing your thoughts and your Self observing your “I” experiencing your thoughts. You become both the subject who observes and the object of observation.

It may sound somewhat confusing at this point, but it will clear up further on in our lectures.

In fact, the presence of observing subject and observable object is a fundamental and universal law in order for any knowledge to exist. And this law applied on a universal scale creates life and all forms there are in the cosmos. When you observe yourself and gradually realize the causes, reasons and mechanisms of your psyche you create knowledge and expand the dimensions of your mind, you fill your inner universe with new life and new forms that only existed in potential before your minds` eye brought them to life. All this may sound very inspiring and even exotic in a mystical kind of way, but the process of realization is a truly incredible experience that goes far beyond all words.

Now that we discerned the essential components for knowledge formation, we can briefly turn our attention to the second part of the mystical ancient proverb at the beginning of this post.

Just as when you observe yourself and generally realize your mental factuality, so that you can confidently declare that “I am” (existing), by the same principle this Universal Entity or God declared the same for Itself. The Universe is the mind of God, the universe is the observable object that God, as the observing subject, realized and declared that “I am”. God IS, because the universe exists. Just as we are because our minds exist and realize our existence. God has no name, God is everything but a mere human being with human face and emotions and God certainly has no religious preferences. It is quite ridiculous to say that the Universe is evil or good, christian or muslim. All this grotesque religious tension is due to our limited awareness and primitive understanding. And “evil and good” are purely human qualities/concepts and apply only to human beings. This is a very ground braking and hard to wrap your mind around, but don`t try to swallow it all up at once. Analyze, imagine, observe, think, estimate and synthesize.

It is time to grow up and move on to the next level of our mental evolution, it is time to realize the universe at large. And this is it. In brief. Very brief. Yes, God is Everything. Not just everything around us, we live in the Mind of God, we are made of God. Of course, this does not makes us gods, but we are truly divine beings. Everything is Divine! Do try to think objectively and release your mind off religious dogma and stagnant narrow mindedness. Think, analyze and expand your mental horizons. Use your mental potential, do not satisfy with old, primitive limits. Evolve! We will discuss the nature of reality and go deeper into our understanding about God later on in this series of lectures, somewhere at the beginning of 2009 by schedule.

But now let us return to exploring our selves, because we have to first solve our inner misconceptions and lift our limits in order to understand the Universe and grasp it better.

And this is the meaning of the old wisdom “Know yourself and you shall know God (better)”

And the most pressing issue people need to solve globally is the limited and even lack of self-awareness and self-control. This is a process that every person has to initiate in him/herself.

The global change must begin in the mind of the individual! No one is going to do it for you, there are no magic wands, pills or brain technologies. You can fry your brain with frequency modulators or get high with psychedelic herbs if you like, but the true process of mental advancement is exactly a process, that becomes a state of your mind and a standard in your life and interaction with others. Take your life-long dose of inspiration and live by the standards of higher awareness and deeper understanding!

Do not use the old, passive ways of thinking and do not say “Well, that`s just the way I am” when addressing an inferior aspect of your character. You have the potential to build your personality and transform your inferiorities into qualities! There are no defined limits for the human mind. Just look around you, our whole civilization is a product of our human minds. All the knowledge we have and I want to emphasize on all is a fruit of the human minds. Is this not so?

Do not be simply driven by your instincts and mechanical reflexes. Observe, think, analyze.

Here is a simple and important exercise for you to begin with:

Since aggression is a major issue for humanity today, next time when you feel angry or aggressive emotions take over you, stop. Seize yourself and step out of the emotional affection. Now turn your awareness inwards and analyze. What is the reason? Why do I react this way? “He/She makes me angry.” Yes, but search for the reason not in the person there, but in yourself! Of course, this scenario is not universally applicable, for there are situations when the reason is indeed in the other and not in yourself. Say, you are angry to someone because they are ruing their life without being able to change their self-destructive behavior. Still, anger will not solve anything. Anger and aggression are primitive emotions that never solve anything, but just make things worse. So, in the longer term try to fully take control of these negative emotional states and remove them from yourself.

Have you ever thought about how excessively we use the word “hate”? “I hate milkshake; I hate work; I hate getting up early; I hate winter; I hate him/her; I hate, hate, hate….” We hate everything from inanimate objects, to situations, to abstract concepts, to our friends and family. Why do we hate so much and so easily? Why do we have to use this word at all, even in this careless and humorous way?

But the inadequate use of words and concepts is yet another topic to discuss at another time.

You must be overwhelmed by now with all these issues that you even did not considered as such and thinking “Cheese, life is so much easier when you are not that much aware of everything.” Indeed, the life of an ignorant is an easy and simple life. You just don`t bother to think about global events like the reason for religious tension, political conflicts, human behavior and nature of reality. But, again our brilliant minds are intended for to be used and used by the most out of it! Also, and this is a major misconception as well, geniuses are not born, they are made! The brain is just like a muscle – the more you use it, the better it gets!

To know yourself starts with questions, questions asked to yourself about yourself! Mental advancement consists of self-observation and self-analyzes, to search and realize the reasons and psychological motifs behind your emotional states, affections, reactions and behavior. To grasp and understand the cause and effects that shaped your character and personality throughout your life and to consciously modify and better all those negative and inferior traits that plague your self-esteem, confidence, communication and relationships.

This is the highest meaning of being a human, beyond that of evolution to simply reproduce yourself and beyond that of the social system to contribute to local and global economics like a brick in the wall. To heighten your mind is the intransitive meaning and deepest mystery of human life. And to heighten the global standards of consciousness is the only solution to humanity`s crisis.

“Knowing is not enough – you must apply! Willing is not enough – you must do!”

Bruce Lee

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Jul 26, 2008

What the Bleep Do We Know?! Down the Rabbit Hole

"Follow the white rabbit"

Computer instructs Neo while he dreams inside the dream.
The imaginative and wild journey this dreamy girl takes in the exquisite novel of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" written in the late 19th century captures the imaginations of generations to follow. The descent down the rabbit hole is a symbolic journey into the depths of yourself, when you turn your sight inside and peer deep into the ever darker and hidden layers of your psyche.
"Alice in Wonderland" is a must reading for every person looking for wisdom and insight. There is much hidden wisdom and guidance between the lines, when you look into the symbols that emanate from one another in a colorful chain between the real and the unreal!

It is interesting to mention that even in the oldest mythology preserved until today that of the Aboriginal people of Australia tells about the ancient times, which they call "The dream time", the time when people were walking alongside spirits and were half-awake. We will analyze some of the world mythologies` symbolism later on in our lectures.

Now, I really want to present you the ground-braking and mind-blowing video "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" that explains the quantum world in a language comprehendable for all!
Just think about it - everything around us, every object from peanuts to planets is composed of molecules that are composed of atoms that are composed of quarks that are composed of pure energy! The world we live in may seem like a solid, material thing for us, but in a fundamental level of reality it is simply made of pure energy. Different levels of energy that together makes up our world and us! I strongly recommend this movie, that will challenge the limits of your imagination and show you the world from a perspective you never thought about before.

I couldn`t find the whole movie around the video websites of the Internet, however I found pieces of it and this one is 20 mins. from the beginning. Sit back, relax and.. think!

And another 20 mins. :

There are 8 parts of the whole 1:40 mins. movie that you can watch in Dailymotion website or any other video website like Youtube, but in the Tube the movie is broken into 10 mins. parts.

If you find yourself inspired by the movie, I strongly recommend you the book, which is more detailed and things are explained even deeper for your mind to grasp and realize. You can find the book on the Amazon widget on the sidebar to the right or you can ask for it in your local bookstore!

"If quantum mechanics hasn`t profoundly shocked
you, then you haven`t understood it yet"
Niels Bohr

Jul 17, 2008

Let`s Straighten the Conceptual Curves and Clear the Fog

In my conscious experience so far I came to the conclusion that there is a general misunderstanding and a lack of understanding of all those elusive concepts and terms that are used to address the intangible aspects of the human being.

Since the ancient times of the Persian and Greek philosophers we have inherited the terminological concepts of the Soul, Consciousness and Mind. From these three many other immaterial terms derive like Spirituality, Enlightment, Insight, Revelation, Inspiration .. they all signify the intangible and hidden contents of human nature.

All these words are burdened with so much conceptual confusion and misinterpretation today, that it is hard to use them without provoking different degrees of prejudice, which is a result of this layered and accumulated misunderstanding throughout the ages.

Despite all the semantic and dogmatic misconception, the fact is that human beings are intelligent and deeply spiritual creatures. Furthermore, intelligence did put us on the top of the vertebrates pyramid, but it is the spiritual ritual that first served as a community-gatherer and fascinated those ancient predecessors of ours.

Spirituality, which later evolved into religion is this deeply symbolic fruit of the sensitive and creative human soul.

Now, let`s define some of the major concepts we often use, so that we leave the least room for misunderstanding and clear up the conceptual fog a bit.

We will start with the Mind. the Mind is a widely used concept in our everyday language and unsurprisingly so, since this term defines this essential entity that you are. Think about it, when you say “I” you generally don`t really mean your body, but this entity in your head that thinks and experiences the world consciously.

In general, the term “mind” addresses the rational and analytical abilities of our brain that distinguishes homo sapiens from all the rest living beings on this planet. This full of beauty, magical planet that gave us life! And on the other hand, the “mind” also addresses another aspect of the human brain, that we feel much closer to what we perceive ourselves to be, namely the Consciousness. Human consciousness is this phenomenon that we address when we say “I”.

The “Mind” concept is like a two-sided coin that, on the one hand signifies the “mechanical” qualities of the human brain like Intelligence, and on the other the conscious perception that the individual has for him/herself and the world.

Let`s take a brief look into Intelligence and its relation to Consciousness, since those two are both referred to by a common “mind” concept.

Intelligence is the overall evolutionary quality of the human mind due to its sophisticated design of neuron networks that give us the ability to learn, remember, think and analyze on a much wider scale and higher level than all the other animals on this Earth. Human memory capacity, for instance, is yet undefined nor there are defined boundaries of human imagination. Our ability to remember, analyze, estimate and think associatively makes us intelligent beings. Yet, intelligence as a property of the brain is not in a direct relation to this elusive consciousness of ours and specifically to the self-awareness aspect of consciousness.

There are numerous examples of this odd disrelation between ingenuity and self-awareness as in being conscious of yourself and analyzing yourself. There have been not one and two geniuses who had deep psychological controversies, unsocial behaviors and general lack of self-integrity. So, it is a fact that intelligence does not automatically lead to higher levels of consciousness as well.

Just as there are those spiritual teachers and gurus who have reached profound insights and deep understanding of their very nature and soul, yet they may not have much of what we call common knowledge of the official sciences of the day.

A controversy this is, undoubtfully. But, what causes it? And why intelligence is easier to develop than your psychological self? The human mind by default is outwardly oriented and our thoughts revolve around issues that regard the world around us in relation to us, but rarely we think about the world within us in relation to what we are. This is because of a very simple and pragmatic reason – our physical senses are outwardly oriented and our psyche has evolved on the background, where we cannot see it nor perceive it as being there. We experience its influence only indirectly as our changing moods, spontaneous reactions or thought associations and in different ways in our behavior and personality.

However, the purpose of this lecture is to briefly define the main ontological concepts we will be using much as we advance further.

We defined the “Mind” concept and its two conceptual and factological “branches” – Intelligence and Consciousness.

Now lets` take a closer look to the “consciousness” concept. As we mentioned above, the term Consciousness addresses our self-awareness on the one hand, and on the other it is used as a wider term that signifies the everyday awake state of the mind, like the opposite of being asleep. So, “consciousness” in our language defines two states of our mind – one is our average awareness of the world around us and the other is our self-awareness that realizes and observes the world within us.

As a quick note, “Consciousness” and “Awareness” are two generally interchangeable concepts that both define the same aspects of the mind. To be aware off.. something is to realize it, to observe it, to comprehend it, to notice its presence.. In this order of thoughts, we can define “awareness” as the active state of consciousness, as in running process that we are engaged in.

While, “consciousness” in modern psychological terms describes the mental wholeness of the human being, that is all your thoughts, memories, views and ideas, character and personality.

The term “consciousness” is related to the term “psyche” in this that the Psyche describes all that the Consciousness addresses in regard to self-awareness, but the psyche goes beyond and encompasses the vast, dark depths of the unconscious part of our minds. To clear it up, “psyche” is the general term addressing the wholeness of the mind in its psychological aspects of consciousness and unconsciousness. You can also think of it as the term "consciousness" encompasses your outwards perception of the world as well as your inwards (self-conscious) but excludes the unconscious part of your mind, while "psyche" relates and encompasses the whole inner, psychological world of your soul only. We are talking about semantic meanings of the words and etymological analysis here.

The unconscious expanses of our minds are very little explored, most notably in the last century with the birth of psychology as an official discipline of practical research. Despite all the amazing advancements in this field made by notable minds in the past and all the empirical knowledge on the subject that has been reflected in the books, psychology is a poorly understood matter by the wide majority of people.

Briefly, the term “unconsciousness” addresses this undefined psychological depths of yourself that unfold into layers as the newest is “situated” closest to your conscious awareness and the farthest goes beyond your individual experience and physical boundaries.

Want to see the border of your consciousness, live?! – then observe yourself! Think about, say an aspect of your personality (behavior) that you do not feel comfortable with. Maybe you are too shy? Or react inadequately in certain situations? You find it hard to fully communicate yourself to the others? Or do you have anger-management problems? Certain things in other people annoy you unbearably? Whatever it is, there is something you can find for sure.

Now, analyze! Remember the importance of the question “Why?” and sincere honesty with yourself. Honesty with oneself is essential, if you intend to deluse yourself and search for justifications you will not achieve any advancement.

So anyway, keep searching for the reasons you think might be behind your behavior and reactions. Follow the cause-and-effect chain down until you are unable to anymore. It may be a very short road, or a longer one. But at some point your thoughts disappear into an impenetrable darkness where you can not follow them any further. This is the realm of your unconscious mind. It is an interesting and very fruitful mental engagement, if you find yourself able to achieve any results. Concentration on the subject you follow is needed as well. And remember – practice makes perfect, it is a golden rule!

The “Psyche” concept is essentially interchangeable with the “Soul” concept, since they both address the same thing.

And lastly, lets` briefly summarize the conceptual definitions we deducted!

  • Mind --> Intelligence and/or Consciousness
  • Intelligence --> Rational and analytical abilities of the brain, memory capacity, imagination
  • Consciousness --> Opposite state of being asleep, realizing the world around you and/or self-awareness
  • Consciousness = Awareness
  • Psyche --> Consciousness and Unconsciousness, psychological wholeness of what you are
  • Psyche = Soul