Jul 26, 2008

What the Bleep Do We Know?! Down the Rabbit Hole

"Follow the white rabbit"

Computer instructs Neo while he dreams inside the dream.
The imaginative and wild journey this dreamy girl takes in the exquisite novel of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" written in the late 19th century captures the imaginations of generations to follow. The descent down the rabbit hole is a symbolic journey into the depths of yourself, when you turn your sight inside and peer deep into the ever darker and hidden layers of your psyche.
"Alice in Wonderland" is a must reading for every person looking for wisdom and insight. There is much hidden wisdom and guidance between the lines, when you look into the symbols that emanate from one another in a colorful chain between the real and the unreal!

It is interesting to mention that even in the oldest mythology preserved until today that of the Aboriginal people of Australia tells about the ancient times, which they call "The dream time", the time when people were walking alongside spirits and were half-awake. We will analyze some of the world mythologies` symbolism later on in our lectures.

Now, I really want to present you the ground-braking and mind-blowing video "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" that explains the quantum world in a language comprehendable for all!
Just think about it - everything around us, every object from peanuts to planets is composed of molecules that are composed of atoms that are composed of quarks that are composed of pure energy! The world we live in may seem like a solid, material thing for us, but in a fundamental level of reality it is simply made of pure energy. Different levels of energy that together makes up our world and us! I strongly recommend this movie, that will challenge the limits of your imagination and show you the world from a perspective you never thought about before.

I couldn`t find the whole movie around the video websites of the Internet, however I found pieces of it and this one is 20 mins. from the beginning. Sit back, relax and.. think!

And another 20 mins. :

There are 8 parts of the whole 1:40 mins. movie that you can watch in Dailymotion website or any other video website like Youtube, but in the Tube the movie is broken into 10 mins. parts.

If you find yourself inspired by the movie, I strongly recommend you the book, which is more detailed and things are explained even deeper for your mind to grasp and realize. You can find the book on the Amazon widget on the sidebar to the right or you can ask for it in your local bookstore!

"If quantum mechanics hasn`t profoundly shocked
you, then you haven`t understood it yet"
Niels Bohr