Jul 10, 2009

What Is Good and Evil? The battle b/w Heaven and Hell?! The Moral Opposites in Human Self-Aware Mind [part 2]

Today, we are contemporary humans with much understanding of how things work and why things work the way they do. So, we know what causes earthquakes, storms and volcanic eruptions. We are quite aware of the reasons behind all these natural phenomena that are in fact cyclic processes involved in the very mechanism of life of our planet. Indeed, all these do harm living things on the surface of Earth, but if there were no earthquakes, storms or volcanic activity Earth would have been a dead planet.

That is, planetary processes involved with the very life cycle of Earth are not conscious acts committed with the purpose to harm humans. What an obvious deduction indeed. Earthquakes, volcanoes, rains and winds are all part of the life of this planet, so it is inadequate to designate these as “evil”, because these are not deliberate acts against, say, humans. It is only our subjective perception, quite naturally, since humans along with other living creatures do die in earthquakes, storms and so on, thus we interpret these as evil and think of these processes as the will of gods and spirits. Usually, humans perceive these “evil acts of nature gods” as manifestations of divine anger, which perception is quite peculiar as a psychological mechanism, because it shows that unconsciously humans always had had this sense of guilt before themselves and what they do.

So, our primitive interpretation of nature phenomena as “evil” is utterly inadequate and not applicable to nature at all.
Furthermore, let’s analyze if animals are evil then. Animals do eat humans sometimes and many other animals most of the time. Humans are animals too and for a predator there is no difference between a human prey and another animal prey. In nature it is “eat or be eaten” and this is the way life is. Life on Earth is a closed system, which means that everything is interconnected into a circular cycle that sustains itself. Some animals eat vegetables, other animals eat meat. There is nothing wrong for an animal to kill in order for it to eat and thus survive, quite on the contrary – this is the cycle of life in nature!

Only we separate ourselves from all other animals, but animals do not make this distinction, so if a carnivore has the chance to hunt down a human – it will, because human is no different from all different animals it would hunt down and feed on. It is ridiculous to blame an animal and call it “evil” because it attacked a human – it is instinct and it is the way life is. If an animal is threatened by a human it will protect itself and again you can’t blame it, because it would be foolish and subjective! I want to make it clear, if anyone happens to decide that I mean to say it is a good thing to be eaten alive – I reckon it is not a pleasant experience at all. What I say is that survival instinct is not “evil”, it is life. Evil is a human notion that was created by our active human minds and universally applied to everything, without us realizing how deeply subjective such a projection is.

Thus, Earth is an active planet and her planetary processes are not by any means conscious evil acts, just as animals do not kill because they are evil, but because they follow their instincts to survive. So, what is evil then and where does it come from?

At this point of our brief analysis we can turn to the intro quote again and reflect on its meaning once again.
The notion of evil began from ancient people’s interpretation for all the things that had harmful and negative effects on humans. Later on, this notion expanded and evolved into an ever increasing cosmogonic complexity until the spiritual world was completely divided into good and evil realms that were constantly into competition with one another.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam all acknowledge the metaphysical existence of one major dark figure that stands in opposition to the good god, this is the basis of monotheism – the good god opposed by an evil one. In fact, polytheism shares the same mythological conceptions with their pantheons of good and evil gods.

In general, humans thought that all the negative actions and bad deeds of human beings were ultimately governed by evil spirits that influenced humans to be evil. The image of the Devil is a composite image that unites all the negative qualities in humans and is held responsible for all the evil in the world. Indeed, our primitive lack of responsibility and limited self-awareness led to the need of such an image that was to be used as an excuse and justification for humans’ irresponsible and negative actions.
The human psyche is a vast informational dimension that is mostly hidden from our conscious minds, so that the reasons for our moods, thoughts, actions and behavior on the whole remain mostly unknown to us. Confronted with the impenetrable darkness of our unconscious mind we are just like a toy in the hands of a force that is beyond our control and this is the way those early humans felt as well. So they needed an explanation for what they could not explain, an explanation for what lied inside themselves. Self-knowledge as an occult teaching was formed about the same time, but the prevailing ignorant and primitive mass preferred the simpler explanation of evil spirits and demons. Thus humans dubbed their intrinsic lack of self-control and their mindless behavior as the work of devils who were conspiring against humanity, ever tempting the poor innocent humans into sin and crime.
Ignorance is the easy path of the primitive mind. And I do wish to emphasize on Primitive.
Also lazy and passive mind.

Because, we Homo Sapiens have the amazing “consciousness” quality to our minds and we are able to rationalize our actions and think in advance. Unfortunately, our herd instinct gathers people in groups united under political ideologies and religions, large groups where the individual is merged with the mass and the individual responsibility diminishes. Our world is divided in groups.

Just look around you and observe. Wars, aggressive behavior and conflicts on all levels from the personal to the international prevail in our human relationships. We do evil on ourselves and on each other. Religion blames it on devils and demons, but in reality evil is in our minds, humans are evil and negative human actions have evil consequences. All the rest is simply an excuse for the lack of self-control, self-awareness and responsibility, an excuse that the primitive mind readily takes advantage of. Sin is the summarizing old notion of the mindless and unconscious human behavior. All the evil in this world comes from what humans do and religion turns a blind eye to the very lack of rational and conscious behavior of its followers that regularly pray to their misconceived divine images for forgiveness and redemption. But true redemption comes from within, when the person consciously betters himself and herself towards higher self-awareness and deeper understanding.

The pictures of demons and unnatural creatures awake a primal and irrational fear in human minds. In medieval times, stories about evil spirits, devils and witches were widely used for teaching purposes to scare children so that they listen to their parents and be obedient. Nowadays, millions of adult individuals still rely and believe in these stories like retards. Please, do not offend, but this is the naked truth. Instead of trying to better ourselves consciously and live in harmony and higher awareness with one another we constantly search for justifications and excuses for our own ridiculous and negative behavior.

It is time to advance in our minds. It is time to leave our primitive past behind and move on towards a brighter future of higher awareness and global unity where people will cooperate with each other, live in harmony and understanding for the collective benefit of all!
Heaven will not come into earth from the sky, but only from within us. When humans take the next step in their spiritual evolution and transform themselves into mentally advanced beings with a higher level of self-awareness only then heaven will come to earth. If we truly realize this we can make a change. Heaven sleeps in our souls, in each and every one of us and waits. Waits to be awaken and realized. How long will it wait depends on us and if we do not change our ways it may never come to pass.
There are no divine beings in firey chariots coming to save us, we must realize this childish illusion of ours. We must save ourselves or perish like narrow-minded and foolish creatures that destroyed themselves. Humans cry to be saved from themselves, how pitiful indeed.
We are both slaves and masters of ourselves, you get born in the first state and the second is achievable only through conscious realization.
Evil has only one master and one slave – both are myself! And all demons live in man and die with him.

In summary, evil is the lack of awareness in man, evil is the negative behavior of the primitive human. All demons and devils have the face of man and the ancient battle between good and evil is fought nowhere else but in the human mind a.k.a man fights with himself – the light of willful, self-aware consciousness battles with the darkness of the unconscious mind of instincts and behavioral automations.

Who wins in yourself depends on YOU.

That’s it, the naked truth stripped of all illusions and childish fairy-tales. Have you ever wondered, what the nature of spirituality is?

In Memoriam R.I.P our beloved cat Pisan. He left this world after 15 yrs
spent in our family. Go in peace, my little brother, life is just a moment!

.. a moment, that is worth making the most out of it, the most good, the
most sensible, the most enduring! S p i r i t u a l | L o v e