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Writing requires a mindset for it, apart from inspiration. And when the topics involve complex, entangled issues and deep analyzes writing is even more time consuming. For the most part, it is not the inspiration, nor the mental resources writers lack, but time. Free and hassle-free time to sit, tune in and wove your thoughts graciously into sentences that make sense and at best bring pleasure to read as well.
Writing resembles a lot of arts, one of these is dancing. I dance with the words, adjust them, reorder them, measure them and bring them into permutations, like alchemist. Alchemist that dances with words. Words are good dancers, they sure got the moves.

You can contact me via email to  make a suggestion, express opinion, discuss, ask or answer whatever meaningful, all are welcome.

I am also looking for sponsors for publishing my book when it is complete. I am open to comments, suggestions, criticism, advise and propositions. 

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