Jun 30, 2009

To be or Not to be.. Aware? About Good and Evil, God and Satan – The Moral Opposites of Human Mind

“At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity - idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious and political idols.” A. Huxley

Good and evil – this is the most fundamental pair of opposites in humanity’s spiritual and social cognitive perceptions. The notion of good and evil, as all things in our human cosmogony and existentiality views, initially developed from a quite trivial distinction that Homo Sapiens began to acknowledge tens of thousands of years ago. This was the most simple perception that death, pain and injury were bad things for a human to experience, thus everything that brought about any of these was naturally perceived as bad, treacherous and evil. There are no living beings that perceive death and pain as something good indeed, but Homo Sapiens had a marvelous brain that allowed us to develop these basic perceptions into complex cognitive models situated at the base of our spiritual views and human mythology.
Death has always been an unexplainable part of life that both drew people into its mysterious nature and scared them away with its inevitability. Archaeology and anthropology observe burial rituals as the earliest evidence for ritualistic behavior of ancient human tribes tens of thousands of years ago. Death and the unseen side of reality associated with it was the very first spiritual cult that laid the beginnings of human spirituality. Long before religions began to occur, humanity’s spirituality revolved around shamanism and the purpose of shamanistic practices were to communicate with death ancestors, whose spirits lived in nature and animals.
Death has not been considered evil by that time, the way much later religions considered it and was not associated with evil demons, but rather it was perceived as a transition from this world to another invisible aspect of reality that humans communicated with through shamanistic practices. The belief that ancestral spirits lived in animals was prevailing for long time and later influenced much of human mythological concepts and religions with zoomorphological deities, like Egyptian and later Greek and Roman mythologies where we see human and animal images in a symbolic symbiosis. It is interesting to note, that our notion of angels and demons is also fundamentally influenced by these ancient spiritual concepts of supernatural deitification that was symbolically perceived as a fusion between human and animal – that is why angels have bird-like wings and demons are often depicted with goat and bat body parts. Of course, the visual representation of christian mythology was established and dogmatized mainly by medieval artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

Long before major religions today were conceived and established, humanity began to develop and expand their spiritual views, filling the world with invisible spirits and supernatural forces that were behind everything inexplicable.
The forest was a dangerous place to be for the primitive human, especially at night when human eyes were of no use. Darkness was especially frightening for the ancient humans, because in the dark you cannot see what lurks near by and danger can stalk you unprepared.
Gradually, humans filled the forests with helping spirits who guided the hunter and traveler by day and ill-intentioned, delusive spirits that wandered in the forests by night. The psychological division of good and evil began to take root in human spiritual interpretation of the world around. The most fundamental division – that of light and dark was naturally the very first mythologized human perception, driven by the most pragmatic reasons.

The duality principle is present in every aspect of the Universe and is no wonder that human spiritual perceptions are also based on it. Day is opposed to night, cold to warm, weak to strength, sound to silence, life to death and so on. The world seems to be entirely based on the cyclic balance between opposite states. Of all the opposites that surrounded humans, none seemed to be more chaotic and inexplicable than the opposite emotional states that were constantly taking place in the human soul. Humans are very emotional beings, perhaps we are more of an emotional beings than rational ones. And namely our uncontrollable and unpredictable human emotions that drive our behavior were a complete mystery for the ancient human mind. Primal humans, thousands and tens of thousands of years ago, were perplexed with their own selves and dazzled by their emotions that took such a strong grip on the mind that humans were simply left with no other choice but to obey whatever the emotion demanded. The uncontrollable and demanding nature of human emotions is very much the same today and humans are pretty much slaves to their emotional urges just as much as they have always been. Self-control is the domain of very few individuals who now and then were persistent and strong enough to tame and master their own selves.

For the ancient human mind the unseen and chaotic nature of human emotions were perceived as the very will of spiritual entities acting upon their souls. Thus the notion of spiritual and ghostly intervention that took place inside human minds began to take shape.
For it was the greatest mystery as to how come you feel well and happy at one moment and at the next heavy emotions oppress your being. How come emotional affection was suddenly unleashed and you fell desperately in love to such an extent that your whole perception of the world changes. How come anger kicked in so unpredictably and a human was simply unable to neither stop it nor control it. All these were questions that began to bother ancient people’s minds and answers were needed in order for an explanation to formed that had to serve as an answer to all the generations to follow.

We discussed lightly the genesis of religious thought here and there in previous lectures and another one dedicated entirely on this topic is coming ahead, so we shall not discuss it here, although it is a part of the story, just as human evolution also is. Every element must be observed and taken into consideration in order to grasp and understand the Big Picture.

Human spirituality evolved from the way humans perceived the world and themselves. Moreover, human spirituality is a reflection of our human souls. As obvious as this notion is, as if humans today still do not comprehend and realize it, considering all the religious zeal and fanatism that prevail.

It is just so obvious that evil is associated with darkness, fire, anger. All the things that bring fear and are beyond the control of average humans. Our perception of our emotions as “forces” that had a will of their own was so persistent that it integrated in our very language and expressions. Anger was perceived as something that possesses and puts you under its will, just as love, but in the negative scale of the evolving human morality. All emotions were perceived as possessions that had a life on their own. Thus it was not long until humans began to interpret their emotional states as interventions from the spiritual world. The negative emotions were assigned to evil spirits and the positive ones – to good and helping spirits. This perceptual separation was to become the very foundation of all religions that were to come.
Because from then on gods were destined to always come in pairs – good gods and evil gods, always inseparably together.

It is a known quality of human psychology to project its emotional states onto the surrounding world, thus quite naturally our mythological notion of evil was associated with everything that brought fear to human mind. Much later on, evil was to serve as an excuse for the lack of personal responsibility and rational actions. In medieval Europe it was enough to say that the Devil made you do it and you were free of guilt and responsibility.

Human beings are controversial creatures that are primitively aggressive and cruel, while in the same time loving and compassionate. Of all the mysteries in the world there is no bigger mystery than human mind. The emotional duality of human mind gave rise to the spiritual and moral dualities that became the foundation of human society.
Good and bad are simply part of life. You live your life in a precarious balance between your emotional controversies that also reflect on your relationship with the world. All human relations are haunted by ups and downs that seem to be beyond rational control.

Religion, just as human psychology, seems to also be beyond rational control. In our primitive past people explained their behavior with the influence of good and evil spirits acting upon their poor innocent human self. However, it is utterly shocking when you realize just how much contemporary humans continue to use all these ancient models and “understandings” to guide their life and views on the world.
Religion is old and modern humans are supposed to have advanced in their minds so that they achieve a deeper and more conscious understanding of themselves and the world we live in. Instead, we observe a complete mental stagnation and even degradation, which is quite a pitiful sight. What is even more disturbing, is that we seem to not be able to realize the very nature of this religion that chains the development of human consciousness. I mean humanity as a whole, because separate individuals with deeper insight were always present, unfortunately for them they were usually quite alone. However, the psychological mechanisms behind humanity’s need for religion go deep and involve profound factors that lie in the very base of human psychology. Just as a teaser I will mention the need for a parental, authority figure that forms in the child’s psyche and stays with it for life. Ponder that for a while.

Speaking of good and evil, let’s continue our exploration into the supernatural and see exactly what evil is, how it came to be and what it really signifies.
By our collective perception “Evil” is a wide term that addresses everything that causes harm particularly to humans. In time, the notion of evil has become a widely used reference in our everyday language expressions and cognitive perceptions.
In general, evil is not just a religious notion, but it is our perception of an act that causes harm in any way. However, there is an important factor that defines evil, that is evil signifies a deliberate and purposeful act with negative consequences. Now, in order for an act to be deliberate and purposeful this act must be committed by a conscious entity that acts autonomously by its will.
In our primitive tribal past people widely used to subject to deitification nature and natural phenomena like weather, volcanoes, earthquakes and so on. Most of these nature gods were perceived as treacherous, their actions expressed in terms of strong winds and rains, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes were perceived as evil, purposed to harm humans. Another perception was that such nature gods were not solely evil, but angered otherwise good gods who had to be quartered for mercy and forgiveness via prayers or sacrifice so that the angry gods relax and seize their havoc.


Jun 5, 2009

The Cosmic Guidance Effect - All Great Things Have Began as Pure Dreams - Part 3

"A journey of a thousand li begins with a single step" Chinese proverb

The Universe ( before the Big Bang, when out of abstract nothingness everything came to be ) has been in a unified state with this Divine Singularity out of which cosmos was created. Considering the properties of Singularity, like infinite space that encompasses every conceivable direction, there is nowhere else for our Universe to have gone other than in a new dimension that it created falling in itself. So, the Universe is not born out of Singularity, but into Singularity that surrounds us completely as far as the meaning of the "completely" adverb can go. Well, this is as weird as things can get. The Universe exists in a Quantum Singularity environment?! Wow.

However, this is not as preposterous as it may seem at first thought. Because it explains the occurrence of quantum phenomena like superposition, entanglement, confinement, black holes which are literally rips in space and also all these psychic abilities we obviously have, but have not understood and learned to use yet.

It turns out that reality is much more than just what it seems to us and that we, as observing-conscious-minds are something truly extraordinary living in an extraordinary Universe.

Just imagine, the Universe exists and does not exist in the same time, undeniably there is space, lots of space and that is why we have legs, yet everything is at the same spot in the same time. But we have reached the realm of unsolvable by human logical paths paradoxes and we can only marvel at this fundamental reality that, maybe fortunately, we cannot perceive. Or can`t we?

We discerned that reality is essentially electromagnetic. Everything is energy. It is interesting how people of old times have also reached to this conclusion long before modern science did, by intuitive means the esoteric teachings like Hermetism declare that “Everything is energy and everything vibrates, nothing stands still” Indeed. Every physical body emits energy in the frequency spectrum, because of the constant buzz of the particles that compose it. But how these people who lived tens of hundreds of years ago could have possibly realized something so fundamental with such a certainty? All reality we can perceive with our senses or technology is essentially "composed" of the EM spectrum we know. Or as far as we know it, that is. The rest we simply label "dark matter", dark for 'unseen', for that it lies in an EM frequency range we cannot possible perceive, at all.

What is information? Information is energy. Energy is never lost. Which means that with every new thought that arises in your mind, every new idea, realization, vision and knowledge we create, we essentially transform raw energy into information. Since the Universe is a closed system we probably transform energy, rather than creating wholly new one from nothing…

So, thoughts are energetic entities that hold certain information. Emotions also are energy, biochemical magic. Energy is usually emitted in the space around its source.

Brain activity is associated with certain frequencies. In fact, human brain activity is a source of some of the lowest frequencies in nature. Examining the brain from a mechanical point of view, we have found that generally our brain has a few major modes of operation associated with specific frequency ranges. For instance, when you sleep the frequencies in your brain electrical activity can drop to as low as 3 Hz! Or when you contemplate the beauty of Creation the electrical activity in your brain ranges between 10 and 13 Hz. In the realm of these ultra low frequencies the length of your brainwave spans somewhere between 25-30 thousand kilometers. Considering that the speed of electromagnetic waves in vacuum is calculated to be at the speed of light and in air it is far from it, but still very very fast. So fast, that my thoughts propagate to the other side of the globe in the blink of an eye.

Now, let`s summarize it this way, theoretically we have the ability to communicate with each other telepathically instantaneously! Via our minds. Of course, the experience could not be anywhere near like text messaging or email, lol. But rather it would be an intuitive precognition that brings certain information that you feelingly-decipher and come to understand. Sometime along with inner, mental, visual imagery as well.

And it happens, it happens randomly, unexpectedly, most of the time without us even realizing it and there are these individuals who can use this ability of ours by will. Or so I`ve heard, let`s retain some critical thinking and not forget that there are many fakes and sharlatans who abuse peoples` naiveness to make easy money. But still, I cannot deny the factual nature of all these mind-associated phenomena that just somehow occur!

Our thoughts and emotions propagate in the space around us all the time and they reach far. The real question here is not if telepathy is possible, but why we cannot use it consciously? We are literally submerged in a pool of information propagating around us via radio waves (think all mobile phones and wireless communications, then all the other information of just the "physical" reality around us!) and all other EM waves all the time! Not mention the mind-waves of all those billions of people out there and all around! And yet, not that it is a correct way to put it if I say that "it is silent in our minds", but it seems like our minds are our minds and are like a small, confined, very personal space of ours in there in our heads that is completely isolated and separated from this whole rest of the cosmos around, and the world in a more local matter. It seems that your minds and its' mental dimensions it spans into is something that has absolutely no connection to Reality without and it is quite an autonomous, very closed and hermetized entity. That entity is us, you, your consciousness, all the mental content that makes what we are.

Yet, it is not the way we think of it. Our minds seem to have this connectedness on a very fundamental and subtle level. Energetic networks of information we are not quite aware we are involved in and we do not make barely any use of it all anyway, for we simply do not perceive it consciously and therefore we do not know it really exists. And, of course, how can we learn to "transmit" and "perceive" very refined "flows" of information!?

In our everyday life, we are literally drowned in an informational pool that surrounds us completely. There are more than six and a half billion people on Earth who transmit at our frequency, there are hundreds of people we pass by every day and yet most of the time we remain oblivious and shut to all this information in the space around us. And probably this is a good thing at this stage of our development, because with this primitive behavior of ours imagine if telepathy and clairvoyancy were accessible to every noob and maniac out there.

Clairvoyancy is similar to telepathy in principle, as it captures and decodes a wave of future potential that exists unmanifested in the present.

There is no defined future simply waiting to pass at the far end of the movie roll, we create the future in the present with every step we make and every choice we take. The only definite reality that can be said to exist is the present, the now, this very moment is the only definite reality. Everything else is pure potential that can be just about everything. And that is why clairvoyancy can decode, say the most probable future potential to develop, but can never tell with absolute certainty what the future will be. Because the future is not defined and does not really exist as something manifested and pre-shaped. The future is in our dreams and the past is in our memories, we live only in the present. An ever unfolding chain of present moments, this is reality.

This is the fundamental reality that quantum mechanics describe, everything exists in one place in the same time. That is all the future and all the past exist here and now, but not as manifested realities, but purely as information and potential. This is what QM models show and some scientists misinterprete as parallel universes that exist alongside us, that inspired movies like “The One” with Jet Lee. Say, your lifepath exists in potential in every possible way it could develop. Always there is one development that is most likely than others and this is what clairvoyants can tell you, but ultimately it is all down to the choices you make and the ways you choose to steer your life. Of course, most people are not captains of their ships, but merely passengers. Nothing is easy, apart from mental and action passivity, whether it be simply laziness, lack of motivation or lack of confidence.

There are too many unanswered questions and there seem to be quite a bit that are not even asked due to one reason or another!

Wise people from the past have also discerned that “If thee seek, thee shall find”.

As far psy-phenomena is concerned in my personal reckon, the more you realize your own psychological nature, understand yourself and expand your self-awareness and consciousness on the whole the more you notice and are able to consciously interact with the energetic properties of reality.

Again, Know yourSelf is the key. Mental development. We have lived in the middle ages long enough with our primitive behavior in wars and conflicts, separation and segregation, inability to communicate and understand each other, as well as inability to understand ourselves and a grotesquely narrow-minded views of the Universe in the face of old religions and superstitions.

God is not dead in the dusty pages of religious books, God is alive all around us and inside of us. Just open your eyes and look within and beyond and you will see God - the Universe we live in and Reality we are all made of!!

“If ever there has been a time when realization was of utmost necessity and the only solution, then this time is now in our catastrophic era. Anyone, who embarks on the journey to self-realization and understanding will inevitably reach the boundaries of his/hers consciousness, beyond which lie all the answers to our personal and social troubles.”

Carl G.Jung