Jun 25, 2008

A Storm is Coming, Storm of Inspiration! And When It Arrives, It Will Shake the Universe!

“In the eyes of Eternity, mountains are as transient as the clouds.”


Everything is transient and every thing has an end.
Considering the unseazeable movement and vibration of every particle in the Universe, every thing is born into existence, develops through the stages of its life and eventually returns to a state of nonexistence, at least not in the cosmic realm we are aware of. Whether it is a tree, a crystal, clouds in the sky, biological cells, people, planets or stars.. all is transient. Even the Universe herself has an end, that will eventually arrive. Not in the lifetime of our Sun that is, and probably not in the lifetime of many other stars that will burn around long after the Solar System has disappeared. However, we should not really care about times as distant and as unreachable as this far, not more than a mindful grasp for the imagination to stand in awe for a moment and wonder… then return to Earth and to the now, where we have much more meaningful and pressing things to do.
One thing is Eternal and this is the Creator Force and Vessel of this cosmic reality we exist in.
Later on we will take a glimpse beyond everything we know into the unimaginable reality of God Itself.

Now, let`s return our thoughts to the transient nature of the cosmos and every smallest detail of it. This transiency is so deeply imprinted in everything, that it manifests itself even in abstract things like our thoughts, feelings and emotions, fashion tendencies… Our life and whole human history are composed of transient moments, that give rise to and follow each other. Tomorrow is never the same with today, because it is one step further up the spiral of time, or further down depending on the point of view.

The lifespan of a human being so short, so brief like a spark on the background of the black vastness of space. Despite the physical insignificance of the human being, we are amazing in this that in our short-lived existence we are able to encompass the whole Universe in our minds. There are no limits set to human mind, nor there are to human imagination!

Let`s take a plunge with the powerful tool of your imagination into the vast expanses of this cosmos we live in. Let`s begin by comparing different numbers, so that we give dimensional perspective to the visual model, we gradually create in our minds. To understand the world and your place in it, it is a must that you gather and combine all of the different elements into one big picture, so that you can examine the whole. This formula is valid for the betterment and thoroughness of understanding at large, whether it be the universe, society or yourself.

Developing the capacity of your imagination is an important part in the process of mental advancement. The information we synthesize in the thought process and turn into knowledge does not come to full life as one whole picture until we assimilate and comprehend it through the eyes of imagination!

Let`s begin with a single step. An average human step that spans the length of a meter. Imagine one meter, it is this long (gestures with hands). 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) is the length of 1000 average human steps. For most people, a kilometer is a no problem distance as a morning jog or a walk to work or school. The diameter of Earth is approximately 40, 000 kilometers, so that if someone decides to walk from start point “A” full circle close to the equator and then returns to the same point, he or she will have to make 40 million steps. Which distance still isn`t that much really, because if we take 7 km/h as an average human fast walk speed and divide Earth`s diameter by seven we get 5714, which divided by 24 hours a day is 238 days of constant walking. Of course, these are ideal conditions and in a real trial those numbers would vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.
However, all those calculations are for the purpose to dimensionally guide our imaginations` perspective.
But hey, Earth is a relatively small planet! Let`s take the mighty Sun as an object of size evaluation. Its` diameter is about 3 million kilometers and if some enthusiast decides to make a round about the Sun with a shuttle that flights with 80, 000 km/h through space she or he will make a full circle around the Sun for some 37 hours. Why that`s not bad at all?! And 80, 000 kilometers per hour (50, 000 miles per hour) is quite a fast speed as per average human standards.
Anyway, let`s venture on!

Consider the ultimate limit of acceleration, that is the speed of light (also electricity and radio waves too) this is the incredible 300, 000 km/s, which is around a mere 1 billion kilometers per hour in the frictionless cosmic vacuum. Now this is an impressive speed.

Having the speed of light with us, we can now venture beyond the limits of our beautiful Solar System home. Everyone has heard about the “light year” unit that is used to calculate distances in the huge black expanse of the cosmic vastness.
The light year is the distance that a photon will travel at around 300, 000 km/s for one Earthly year or approx. 365 days (the calculations in this exercise do not need to be exact).
So, the speed of light is 1 billion km/h and 1 year has ~ 8760 hours, thus 1 light year signifies the approximate stellar distance of about 10 trillion kilometers in a given direction.
Alright, imagine now if you make yourself a nice 10 trillion-kilometer morning jog. lol !

Anyway, numbers begin to seem ever more abstract and unimaginable. Try to imagine 10 trillion kilometers (6.25 trillion miles), try to divide it in meters and comprehend the length of this distance. Make a mental effort ! Challenge the limits of your imagination.

The closest star to our parent Sun has the exotic name of Proxima Centaur and is located at about 4 light years away.
Our shiny Milky Way galaxy has a diameter of about 100, 000 light years .. And the closest other galaxy Andromeda is distanced at a mere 2 million Light Years away. That is 2 million multiplied by 10 trillion and you get the distance in kilometers.
And this is still way too small for the farther objects in the deep and faraway expanses of the Universe!

Indeed, the cosmos is a place of staggering and mind-blowing proportions.
So, if you have been able to visualize and encompass these distance, you probably feel utterly lost and insignificant. This is a kind of an emotional indicator for your well doing in this mental exercise. Just think about the fact that your thoughts are reaching beyond our galaxy, while you haven`t moved your but. There are places, where human thought travels, faraway places where human being will never set foot. Ponder that for a while!

As a conclusion, the human being is an amazing creature that lives in an amazing universe!
In the span of our short life, a human mind has the ability to penetrate deep into the hidden mechanisms of reality and expand its` reaches far beyond the physical location of the individual.
For the modest length of a human lifespan, the human mind has the capacity and potential to relive and encompass the whole of Creation and expand the limits of your mind to a level where it seems as if reality itself exists with the sole purpose to be grasped, realized and understood by the human mind.
And this is the true mystery!

There is an utter meaning in this to be homo sapiens, a living soul, self-aware consciousness that breathes and is made out of flesh. The meaning is imprinted in the fabric of reality and is gradually revealed when you explore the hidden depths of your mind, of yourself. What`s more, your mind is a gateway to other dimensions, there are no limits to the reaches of the mind riding on the wings of active imagination!

Travel the Universe, without moving!
Advance your mind, improve our world!

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