Jun 22, 2008

Questions, thoughts and reflections

"... I feel endless torment deep in my inmost self which grasps my soul like a cold gust of frost that engulfs my heart when I see all the sorrow, all the pain, all the tears, all the hatred, all the violence, all endless conflicts that engulf our world like the frost engulfing my heart. It burns of sorrow and melts the ice off of it, and bloody tears leak through my being, soaking my mind.."
Ateviel, October 28, 2006

Why people learn to apologize at an early age, instead of learning not to behave in a way that will require an apology?
Why when we meet something different our first reaction is aggression?
And why when our beliefs are questioned, we always assume defensive positions, without even taking the time to think about what is being said?

Why we overuse the words, so they loose their emotional meaning for us? For instance, we use "love" for just about everything we like and find agreeable - "I love chocolate", "I love pink", "I love this movie" and then we look at the people we share emotional affection with and say to them with the same "passion" that we love them too (almost as much as beer).

As for the opposite emotion - "hate" - things are the same. Just that I want to ask, why do we need to use this word at all? Why do we have to hate?!

Why we need religion to believe in God?
Does God need religion in order to exist?
If we do not think about the Universe, does it vanish?
Why we act first and then think about the consequencies?
Why there is so much discontent, unhappiness and conflicts in the world?
Why the human mind is constructed in a way, so that it prefers ignorance and inactivity rather than expantion of its conscious horizons?!
Why we don`t pay attention to the reasons behind our reactions and behavior?
Why we are used to not think too much and why it is so hard for the ego to overcome itself?
Why do we prefer to be instinctive, and unaware?
And why we prefer someone else to think for us?
Why people behave aggressively and become racists when meeting with different peoples?
And why we need to fill our lives with intrigues, lies, fights, insincerity and problematic relationships?
Why do we always search for the blame only in others and never in ourselves?

And why we read a question and forget about it at the moment we finish reading the sentence, instead of reflect on it and search for the answer and then imply it in our daily lives?

Know yourself is the answer key. You know, in my life so far I came to the conclusion that the ancient proverbs are indeed true. You do get to know other people and understand them much better when you understand yourself. When you understand the reasons behind your reactions, moods, affections and characterological traits.

In the upcoming series of lectures we will search and discuss the answers to all those questions and more that will raise in the process. I wish to share some poetry with you. The first is written in the old Persian Sufi style and the second is a spontaneous product of rushing emotions written in the summer of 2004 and it is an appeal to all those who are love-sick or brokenhearted.


Look outside and see the morning glory blooming under the inspiring rays of the morning sun.
It`s light spreading across the blue sky, touching the clouds with mild pink and purple smile.
Hear the song of the birds, praising life and the air we breathe.
See the playful dance of the wind with the leaves of the lush trees - green, red, yellow and orange, like the rainbow in the summer sky.
Feel the tranquil rush of the river down the mountain hills, reaching towards the ocean.
Become one with the sounds of the Universe preaching a perfect unity of the whole of Creation.
Each atom resonates with the beat of your heart. Submerge into yourself, dissolve in yourself, fuse with yourself.
The whole Universe is listening to your song, don`t stop dancing, become One.
Fly with the light across every corner of the cosmos, reach each molecule with your thought.
Fire burns within your soul of water, filled with fresh air from the soft Earth.
Open your eyes and see the beauty all around, that fills your being and makes it shine as the brightest star!


What is Love?
It is the fire within our souls!
What is Hate?
It is the fire within our souls!
What is the difference between Love and Hate?
The difference is that one is constructive and the other - destructive.
But to destroy, you must first create.
Don`t destroy what you have created!
Don`t hate what you have once loved.

There are two criteria for the utter happiness - a sense of meaning and inspiration!

This girl is not me, it is a photo I stumbled upon searching for visual material on a specific topic,
but her eyes got straight into my heart - as if they speak to you with the language of the soul, expressing thousands of words, as if you can peer into her young soul. Those innocent eyes of a child hiding much pain, yet a subtle smile is stretching for the photo, after all the smile is an international language that all people understand.