Jun 20, 2008

Manifesto - Better yourself, Improve the world. Let`s create the future today!

Can you describe the world today as a place of love, happiness and prosperity?

Even if your personal, local world is a perfectly settled utopia, if you step out of your ignorance for a moment and look at humanity what will you see? Suppose you are a being from another, more advanced mentally and socially world, coming to see this amazing planet filled with so much life and these peculiar creatures, who have evolved among all the millions of species into creative and intelligent beings. However as intelligent as we currently are on the average (because of the mass education revolution, that pushed the world forward in the last 100 years) and as technologically advanced as we are, there is something very wrong that this cosmic observer will inevitably notice. This is the view of a world in war, tears, moral confusion and suffering. We have developed our environment, that is at different levels around the world, but the levels of our self-awareness are as primitive as they have been thousands of years with very little development. Of course, the levels of self-awareness differ between the individuals, but on the average on the whole it is too low to match our external advancement. Look the world as a whole and you will see it filled with anger, frustration, regret, protests, hate and discontent.

A world of surging oil and food prices with unstable global economy and poverty in shocking proportions. A world torn with wars and conflicts on international as well as on the personal level. Religious and ideological fanatism, separateness and aggression.

The world today is a reflection of the human soul. And this soul is in suffering, disbelief and alienation. People are used to live by the laws of the herd and prefer to blend with the crowd. Everyone expects someone else to do something so to make our lives better. Indeed, it is easier to raise a flag than to offer a helping hand and that exactly is the average collective mentality.

Every psychologically stable individual wishes for a better world, piece and prosperity for all. But the truth is, that no aliens are coming to give us a helping hand and we have to help ourselves and give a helping hand to each other. In order for the world to become a more socially advanced, harmonious and better place to live the change must take place in the mind of every individual alive. So that by bettering ourselves, quite logically we will better the world on the whole. Because the world – this is us. With today`s technology humanity is no longer composed of disconnected cities and tribes, but is a global community with real-time communication and a future that we all share!

As a deeply fundamental tribal rule, humanity is divided not only by borders and walls, but by all kinds of local unifiers and global separators, that is collective values, preferences or worldviews that unite a social group, but separate it from all the rest. Such as sport fans of different teams, different music subcultures, different political and religious views all of which define intangible bariers between people and quite often everyone on the different side is perceived as an enemy. There is nothing wrong in diversity, of course, people cannot be the same anyway, because every individual is unique not only by their DNA print. However, there is a deeper problem that poisons humanity today, that is the subjectivity and medieval religious narrow-mindedness that still holds a grip on active thought and personal selfawareness. Religious fanatism is a plague for the world and is a trait of the primitive, limited mind.

The problem is that people still view the world in separate pieces and not as one whole! The problem is that the average mind is used to mental passivity, most people rarely question themselves about the nature of the universe, reality, matter or very rarely to never do they analyze and judge themselves. It is much easier to point to demons and dark elves, than to take a responsibility for one`s own actions! We are taught that you cannot change or improve yourself any further than the “gifts of skills” you`ve been born with. We have grown up thinking that we have no control of our destiny and the world is in the hands of invisible races of good and evil creatures, who dictate and rule human behavior.

All the old books carry a lot of wisdom and insight for humans, undeniably. However, isn`t it time for humanity to advance further or are we going to be stuck in the middle ages in our minds forever?!

World`s youth are enslaved by ridiculous social stereotypes, driven by primal instincts and shallow ideals. The average mental potential of today`s youth is barely tapped by the youth themselves, who amongst the confusion and all the hate take shelter in subcultures and negative attitudes.

The truth is that all religious, ideological and stereotypal mind frames are convenient justifications for people`s mental inactivity, because it is much easier to live on autopilot and free of responsibility. For the process of transforming yourself into an improved and more integrated personality is not an easy one, because you must be critical towards yourself and must acknowledge your imperfections. The hardest battle is the battle with yourself and the highest peak lies in the human soul! You can be the shaper of your destiny, it is a question of focused intention and active perseverance! And if you don`t control yourself you don`t control the situation.

So, who are we?

We are the wind of inspiration, a global community of individuals and organizations worldwide who all share common values and are driven by the vision of a brighter world and a better society. We declare that the world today is much burdened with heavy loads from the past, stagnant views and negative influences all of which plague and blur the minds of people today, limiting the horizon of the mind and mental advancement of the personality. God has no religious preferences, for religions are a Divine fruit of the human mind and The God is the Universe herself, even beyond into Eternity. This universal cosmic entity, this reality is God of the whole Universe and God of all people. God does not have a human face, nor does God have a beard, but unspeakably massive stellar objects and vastness of energy and space make up God`s face. God is everything, people of old ages had intuitively discerned, today we are advanced enough to explain and understand this ancient wisdom in its fullest and deepest!

We believe that if every individual makes an effort to better himself or herself, a global wave of inspiration and change could be set around the world that will unite people`s hearts and minds and open our eyes for the whole picture, not just fragments of it! There are levels of truth, levels of reality and perception. If you limit your mind, you are limiting yourself as a unique being, which has the potential to encompass the whole cosmos in your mind. Ponder about that for a while! 70% of the suffering in the world is unnecessary and could be prevented if only humans didn`t act solely driven by their instinctive urges and reflexes, if only they lived by a higher level of self-awareness and used their ability to think-in-advance more! We believe that together we can make a difference and in the longer term actually change the world, than it is today right now! As our numbers grow, so does the inspiration spreads and more and more people get practically involved. The message is simple, but the practical implication requires strength of will and persistent determination:

Improve yourself, improve your world!

The following lectures, thoughts, insights and analyses that will feature in this blog content discuss various aspects of society, human relations and the hidden motifs for our behavior. Evolution of life and consciousness, deep insights about the nature of God and reality Itself. A close look at What it Means to Be a Human, as well as practice-tested guides for self-improvement and tapping into the inert mental potential of our minds.

Next Generation Movement is not an official label and is adopted for the purposes of this blog, of course it could establish itself in the future. The Bulgarian website of the movement is known as Awareness Movement and is founded in 2004. The websites are administered by students, inspired by a 24 year old Tibetian – Ateviel Ruh Shamsaton, whose deep and thought provoking insights layed the beginning of this global movement that marks the next step in our spiritual evolution as one humanity! Ateviel works on a book that will present her deep visions and inspiration first in Bulgaria and hopefully later on to the whole world!

A new era is coming, a future where peoples will prosper together as one big family, one global team with common values and ideals. A more advanced humanity where war and aggression are truly considered primitive traits and people live by a higher level of awareness and selfcontrol.

If you want to change the world – start with yourself! Together we can!

"When the close of the Kali-age comes, a portion of that Divine being which exists, of its own spiritual nature . . . shall descend on Earth . . . . He will re-establish righteousness on earth, and the minds of those who live at the end of Kali-Yuga shall be awakened and become as clear as crystal. The men who are thus changed . . . shall be the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita-age, the age of purity"
(Vishnu Purana 4:24)