Jan 2, 2011

Welcome to a New 365-Day Round Into the Future

The old year rolled out into the past gracefully, leaving space for the new one. Human civilization, willingly or not, rolls forwards with time too. The past year was.. well, just another year filled with conflicts, turbulences, controversies, deals, ups and downs, resolutions, social, political and financial struggles, nothing of much significance really. For me it was a long year, as usual, a lot of things happened, a lot of knowledge, experience, wisdom and understanding gained, I grew up a little bit more. A new piece of dream was added to my list for the forseeable future - I want to climb Everest summit. A tough challenge for body and mind. Yeah, pretty cool.

I was busy for the past month renovating my website, the one in my native language. It is almost done. My writing style evolved quite a lot and I think I'm ready now to complete my book and make it ready for the next phase - publishing. Though, I don't really have a well defined idea yet on just how am I going to do that. When the time comes the Universe will guide me, I'm sure. I'll keep my eyes open, not to miss any guiding signs, lol. This summer I'll be graduating my BA and think to enroll in a Masters course straight after. Psychology is a long-time interest of mine and decided to license it, I think this is a positive thing to do anyway. And then, we'll see. I'll conceive on the "then" in the meanwhile. Or it may conceive me. Life is a two-way relationship - you live it and it lives you.

Right. I was a fan of the Wikileaks cause, these information freedom rebellions and so on. But now, more provoking questions arise surrounding this whole randevou. Like, why did Assange let his personallity overshadow the cause? This is something one should never do, if the cause is what really matters and if it is not just another PR strategy. Makes you wonder, is it, afterall. And the media he "works" with is a strange pick too - the Guardian, New York times... the most mainstream, corporate-friendly media suddenly turning rebellion? Something is wrong with that picture definitely. And why, really, the cables are concerned with only some countries and others are not even mentioned.. Controversies, I'm not really sure what happened, was it a preplanned sensation in order to provide reason for enacting cyber security laws similar to iPatriotic act and so on? Maybe this Wikileaks scandal was another well conceived and smoothly executed "False Flag" operation of the US and allies, to legally increase their control of the internet, as in electronic fascism.

Could be anything. The truth is that masses are manipulated very easily, due to their ignorance, because it is easy to manipulate someone who lacks certain knowledge that you have. And for me, the truth is that I know very little, sometimes it feels like I know nothing really. Funny thing, when I knew less, though, I felt like I knew it all. LoL ":)

Anyway, welcome to the new year, make yourselves at home. Here are few clips on financial conspiracies, speculations and dirty laundry, to cheer you up


Here is another interesting video on the secrecy in modern governments, espionage and stuff like that from the founder of the website that leaked documents around the web long before Wikileaks showed up and swept the media in a sensational rock star-style. Interestingly enough, what this person says about the outcomes from the "Wikileaks scandal" are very similar to what the author speculated a few clips and sentences above. Ahh, those conspiracy theories cooks, such chefs


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