Dec 9, 2010

New American Century. From Liberty to Enslavement. The Persistent Moral Degradation of the Once Advanced Western Civilization

The United States want to dominate the world, old-fashion barbaric style. What astounds me most is how subtly they get away with their war crimes and convince their citizens and people around the world that the wars they wage are always out of a last-resource self-defense. When in reality, those wars have been preplanned long before.

United States condemns terrorism, when their own actions can be defined as terrorist's. The US government and its agencies stimulate terrorism, they sponsor it, create it, supply it with weapons and insite it and they need it to use it as justification for their long list of military offensives preplanned decades ago, going further decades from now. The final goal of these wars is not bringing freedom nor democracy to other peoples, but on the one hand, gaining resources and new corporate grounds. And on the other, there seems to be a more long-term sinister aspiration that drives all these "small" steps. Someone may think that oil is the major reason for the US to wage wars in the Middle East. It is a reason, but may not be the main reason.

Why is USA waging wars constantly, from Vietnam to Iraq, what's with the primitivity? It's an industry, it's business and it is a strategy that will lead them to their ultimate goal - war with Russia a.k.a WW3. The US government applies a "Politics of Fear" policy, that needs a constant supply of enemies, in order to work. Apart from their weapons industry, that needs wars and conflicts in order to stay in business. Is it all for profit? Or is there another, more irrational motivation that works behind it all?

As ludicrous as it may sound, the US government, it seems, simply want to dominate the world, empire style. The agenda is gaining profit out of people's mysery and world domination.

This behavior is not simply psychopatic, it is insane, these actions are extremely unfit for civilized humanity in the 21st Century. There is no true effort for peace, because there is more profit in war.

If one comes to think about it, only USA and local partisan factions around the world, here and there, wage wars. United States of America is the only country in the world that wages wars with other countries, continuosly for over 50 years. Barbarians. Having brainwashed their population via propaganda and super-patriotism, they are getting ready for the next "small" step, another war, this time with Iran. Right on schedule. First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq, now it's Iran's turn in the middle. One has to be blind or mentally challenged in order not to see the pattern. And from there on, it's Russia, with the support of NATO and the Eagle Guardian. More on this in the next article.

And ordinary people, the US masses in particular, believe it all and are ready to pack up and go fight and die for another lie. I truly wonder what excuse will the average American devise for her/himself this time. May be it will be something like "Oh, if we didn't attacked them, they would have attacked us with nuclear bombs!". Insane!

You are out of your minds US public. It is such a pity that we have to live in such a primitive world, where "advanced" nations dusguise their primitivity under fake cultural humanities, hypocritical high ideals and cynical democratic freedoms. It is all complete BS, dust in the eyes for the made-retarded crowds. The average (North) American doesn't realize that the actual aggressor are they and that there is no pursue of any high ideals in these wars, but only geo-political influence for profiteering purposes, namely Oil and pure imperialism. Now I understand the events that led to these historical developments. In 1953 USA and Brittain used their secret organizations to remove from power the democratically elected leader of Iran - a well educated lawyer - who wanted to nationalize the oil industry, which was held by the Brittish, and thus to improve the standard of life of Iranians and to boost the development of Iran.

But these idealistic, socially-oriented visions of Dr. Mosaddeq conflicted with the selfish, self-righteous interests of Brittain and USA, thus they plotted to turn him down. And with the power of money so they did, replacing him with the Shah.

A few months ago, I thought that US and Brittish secret agencies again had a role in the subsequent events that took place in Iran, but now I understand that they didn't. Namely, the islamic revolution in 1979. This was when the US and UK lost control over Iran and over Iran's oil fields. And ever since, they want to reclaim this oil back.

And the stupified public will, again, be made to think that this war is for their protection, chanting patriotic slogans like "God bless our troops, risking their lives to defend us." God bless your stupidity. Ignorance is bliss. Right. Bliss, for those in power.

And this whole lust for profits up until the very last drop of oil is the major barrier for the development of new, advanced and clean energy technologies. Because there aren't enough investments put into research, because the emergence of any such serious new technology must be delayed until the last oil well goes dry.

Don't ask about sense nor rationality, there are none such. It's all driven by the most primitive motivators that exist in human nature. The conservative political groups, corporations and central banks want to continue to inflate the US and world economy, to follow the ups and downs of the "natural" economic cycles, to wage wars and simply to prevent humanity's further cultural development as much as they possibly can. Why, there is no answer, I guess because it's just fun. Apart from irrationally profitable.

Just notice how they step up with media propaganda, ragging about the imminent threat of Iran and their aggressive nuclear program.
Today mainstream media almost don't mention Osama Bin Laden anymore, because his image served its purpose and is not needed by US propaganda anymore. Think. Wake up.

Steps to war:

1. Demonize the Enemy
2. Exaggerate a Threat
3. Fake a Diplomatic Effort
4. Establish a Pretext
5. Pretend at some point that a line has been crossed and attack

Steps 1 through 4 involve huge amounts of propaganda, both national and international, in speeches, reports, via corporate media sources. Using the cultivated patriotic flare in USA citizens (that is easily turned into mindless zeal via strong, passionate propaganda) to win their support for a war.

Some wilfully ignorant, hopeless patriots would say "I don't care about all those war crimes, killings, monstrosities, we are the best and we will dominate this world". Yeah, you are the best, alright, only that your own government exploits its own citizens pretty good. After all, don't think that the average American profits anything from these wars, you only pay for them via your wide array of all kinds of increasing taxes, while the real profiteers are big corporations who don't give a damn about you average US citizens. It's time to wake up and actually become citizens, not just peasants. The dollar is on its way to become a worthless currency and USA will not succeed to dominate the world, rather their primitive aspirations will only lead to a Third World War that will obliterate half the world and will only bring misery and suffering, nothing more. It is possible that the idea for the Georgia Stones came from an annonymous prophet.
Yes, given the current development of events, the possibility of a WW3 in the near future is very high. And this is an uncomfortable thought, on the least. 

American population has the power to prevent this insanity, if they only could firmly stand against the military policy of their government. If the US public is able to wake up from their mental slumber and realize the illusion that has been put in front of their eyes.

Title: Iran is not the problem (2008)

No, Iran is not the problem. United States is. Indeed, the US laments over Iran's potential nuclear weapons, while the US themselves are unwilling to disarm theirs. Also, why the US doesn't speak up against Pakistan's or India's nukes? Because they don't have oil, on the one hand.

United States has been involved in the past 50 years in State-sponsored international terrorism via CIA operations around the world and various False Flag operations. Why is the US public wilfully casting a blind eye to all this? What is wrong, are they afraid? Afraid of their own government? USA has a history of sponsoring both sides of fighting factions all over the world, all throughout the 20th Century and continue to do so. They create terrorist organizations, only to fight with them later.
And that crazy notion "Axis of evil" that became so popular following 9/11 sounded really strange to me, coming from the mouth of a "western world" leader. But now, understanding more about the US political system and realizing that Bush is a Republican, the weird phrase came to place. So ridiculous. Axis of evil, lol. It is the subjective quality of the observer to put itself out of the observable.

Indeed. I mean, are there really republican senators and governors who don't "believe" in evolution? ..It's not a question of simply "believing", it's a question of rationale and facts. And another thing religious dogma does not tell you - have you thought on the connection between the synchronization between the main brain frequency state of human and the Shuman resonance and the relation of these to the "telepathy" effect?! Hm. Humanity will never reach this level of knowledge until we wage wars and behave like primitive monkeys.

Title: New American Century (2006)

The main points in the New American Century Project agenda:
  • we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future (..for the future wars??)
  • we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values (...such a self-centeredness)
  • we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad [and]
  • we need to accept responsibility for America's unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles. (....pure propaganda)
In other words, we need to dominate the world and impose our ways on others. And those "ways", economic and political, are far from healthy, sustainable nor socially-oriented, but impose them anyway.

Here is the same documentary on a somewhat better quality at Information Liberation

What you can do about it? You can talk about these issues, bring attention to them. You can make petitions, assemble to public protests and peaceful disobedience. You can gather and say NO to war, no to propaganda. Be active citizens, use your "We the people" power for once, after more than a century of consenting and being a good flock of consumers.

"Propaganda is to Democracy as Violence is to Dictatorship"
Noam Chomsky

Peculiar exerpts from Wikileaks:
  • How the US picks up diplomatic representatives:
"The cables reveal Washington's opinion on Gordon Brown's potential successors. David Miliband was deemed "too brainy", Alan Johnson had a "lack of killer instinct" and Harriet Harman was a "policy lightweight but an adept interparty operator". Source.

So, the person aspiring for a career in politics must not be too smart and should not have too high moral to qualify for a good candidate. Right. That is, if you are too smart, you should become a scientist or something, not politician. And if your moral values are too high, you should become a monk or something, not get involved in the sinful fields of politics.

What, you thought that politicians are smart people? Well, history proves otherwise quite definitively. And morals.. let's not even mention this way-out-of-place concept that has no place in politics, again, obviously, both in retrospection and today.

Ahh, if all the scientists in the world were to become politicians, the world would be such a better place to live in. No more funding for wars, instead increased investment in science, medicine, education. Utopia.

Here is another truth: We live in a twisted world, upside down. No wonder throughout history the most wicked, the most insane, the most barbaric and idiotic persons have ruled nations. The real question here is, why the "masses" allow such persons to attain leadership positions? Ponder this for a while. 

  • Saudi youth are throwing hell of a parties, deep underground, right after the evening prayer. Cable document here.
Now, I don't mean to reprimand the young people wanting to party, even in a rather primitive way with lots of alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.. but a society based on hypocrisy and backwards social structure, where women are considered a lesser class of humans than men and social life is reduced to going to the malls and praying in mosques.

The wrong world.. such a bad luck. In a billion of universes, this one. Bummer. LoL

Follow the unfolding of the US Diplomatic cables live



Here is a very interesting and insightful movie (animation) on Iranian society before and after 1979. As seen through the eyes of Marjane Satrapi, who was a kid during these times. Couldn't find it online, this is the trailer. I recommend watching the full movie, it will show you a society being a victim of  religious fundamentalism, just as western societies have been and still do fall victims to political propaganda.

Title: Persepolis (2007)