Oct 7, 2010

Is Depression A Mental Disorder or Is It A Lack Of Self-Management Education? The Inhumane Side Effects of Psychiatry Drugs

Life. Life is such an awe. There is no word that can comprehend it on her own. Life can be described in a thousand ways, with a million words or with complete silence rapt in awe. Contemplating its multilayered, multidimensional misteries is such a bliss for the mind on its own. Marvelling at its brilliance. Looking with astonishment at the most simple things that with the most subtle variations create the most diverse outcomes in forms, qualities, properties, levels. Levels of energy, it is all fundamentally one cosmic symphony of vibration, indeed. So unbelievable, so strange. The same energy in different levels. Frequencies.

That's all there is. We are made of it. Even more, we are it. Entangled with it for eternity, whether we appreciate it or not. It doesn't matter anyway. Or, does it? Does one's awareness matter? If you realize, does this new state of your mind affects your frequencies? And if so, what is the subsequent effect of all other frequencies in relation to you?
They should get affected as well and ultimately, one's personal realization may propagate, as a frequency effect, this energy change reflecting in the whole Universe. Maybe, a part of this symohony gets attuned with my frequency or maybe we affect each other? We may cancel one another or amplify our intensity? A matter of tuning? Am I attuned with myself? Attuned with the frequencies around me? What is Inspiration? What is the frequency of inspiration? Does it affect other frequencies around me? When I get inspired, when my spirit and mind are uplifted high with the flow of thought and emotion. Inspiration is an emotion, but it also addresses thoughts.

It is a mindset, a state of mind that can be amplified with corresponding thoughts or canceled with thoughts out of tune. Interesting, isn't it? Your mindset creates emotions. It is always like that. Heck, this is even the placebo effect. The mind controls the body and its biochemistry. Thus, if one attains control over his or her mind, they attain control over their moods, emotions, balance.

Today I got hit by doors, walls and hard edges that got me really pissed off, not to mention this red bump on my forehead. At the end, just as I was getting angrier, I paused and stepped out of me. "Must be having a wrong mindset, in the negative scale" I thought "If reality is beating me up like this all around". It is a fact of life, and frequency, that when you're out of tune with yourself, everything else starts to reflect this. That is why positive mindset is important. Very important even. As being in harmony with yourself is.

In today's popular commercial science world, mainstream culture is not used to critical thinking, especially one that is directed towards one self, for personality integration purposes. Who cares about the unexplored potentials of the mind, when its commercial uses are highly doubtful and require much effort to reach. Mental passivity is a bliss for today's increasingly neurotic modern human, just like the hipnotizing blink of commercials.

It is a fact that the emotional state is a reflection of the mental state and in turn, the physical overall wellbeing is a reflection of your emotional state. The question is, which comes first - your mental state or your emotions? Which creates which? Is it the chicken that lays the egg or is it the egg that hatches the chicken?!

Back to seriousness, it is an interconnected relation, if one element is disturbed, all get disturbed over the chain. If you weild the root, you attain management over all its branches. Since, the structure of a human being is centralized, in the brain that is. Of course, there are many organs that function independently, for the brain's convenience, but I've heard of people who in the course of many years of learning in self-mastery have attained ability to control even the function of those organs. Like, controlling your heart beat, even stopping it by will. Someone, some while ago told me about a man who was able to erect his penis and ejaculate without touching it at all.
Sure, it's the power of visualization, this happens in sleep too, lol, though in sleep boys most likely touch their penises, by a reflex.

Anyway, if inspiration can be called in, then the mind, as in psyche, has the power to induce hormonal secretion in the CNS, which means that all mood-disorder related mental conditions ultimately are aroused from unconscious issues that build up outside the conscious expanses of one's everyday thoughts and create psychological pressure. Unconsious pressure that leads to an out-of-tune state, a disbalance that manifests itself physiologically. I'm sure this is in the core of all neurous brake-downs, neuroses, depressions and all psychological conditions alike, experienced by otherwise healthy individuals with normally developed encephalouses.

Depression is classified and treated as a "mental disorder" requiring pharmaceutical intervention, because it is, most simply put, a marketing strategy for pharmaceutical developers.

As grotesque and disturbing as it may seem, it is a fact. A fact, that is strongly denied by all the psychiatrist lobbyists working in favor of the pharmaceutical companies. Psychiatry is an archaic branch of psychology from the days of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Later completely adopted by the pharmaceutical industry to serve their marketing needs.

The most disturbing part is, that people are truly got into believing they need the pills in order to feel better, because it is much easier this way anyway. It is much easier to drink a bunch of bliss-bringing pills instead of actually confronting yourself, working through your issues, observing yourself and bringing your personality to integrity via a conscious mental effort of realization. People are out of tune with themselves and psychiatry is deceptively giving them a helping hand.
Helping them to never achieve psychological integrity and any personal insight, that goes through suffering, but leads to liberation and renewal. Unlike the illusion of these that pills bring until the effect of the dose lasts. Such a pittiful state. You see, modern psychiatry addresses the root of those popular mental "disorders" in a very incorrect way. Worsening them or just dulling them at best.

That is why education in untapped fields like self-management, integration of unconscious issues with conscious self via realization and reconsiliation and the like are so much lacking in mainstream society.
It is just more profitable this way, even if retarding for the population. So sick. We will never make this next step this way, to reach the next level.

Still, if frequencies do interfere with each other, then it is worth spreading some inspiration around the informational medium in this reality we are attuned with, for it just may come to inspire more minds on the way and then it is all worth it. Not that the sole bliss of inspiration is not worth it on its own, even without words, just in silence and awe. While this magic lasts. This magic of Life.

Here is a disturbing testimony from a psychiatry pharmaceuticals victim. He prolongs his speech a lot, repeating himself. Still, quite revealing. The dude was in his 20s and was turned into a zombie by his perscribed drugs. This is ridiculous. Those psychiatrists have no consiense, drugging kids and young people like that. Shocking. All psychiatrists care about is selling you the drug, nothing more, nothing less. By the way, while I was in NYC, I saw a lot of strange, somewhat spaced-out, somewhat removed individuals, they looked like drugged, I thought they were on some sort of medications, anti-depressants or whatever. My suspicions were correct. Duh, so obvious. This is just sick.

By the way, speaking of ridiculous prescribed drugs on the market, take a look at this video as well.

Well, not just religious dogma is archaic in our modern world, you know, there are too much archaic paradigms, some better, some worse, all bad.