Nov 27, 2010

The Rise of the Politics of Fear. American Propaganda, Islamic Fundamentalism and the Historical Roots of Both

In order to understand the present, one has to follow its roots down in the past. The present is a complete and utter mess. And the past is no different. History is an entangled thing, that is understood best when seen through all of its different angles. If we want to understand why things are the way they are today, we have to follow their development from the past. There are many truths, many levels of truths. But, probably, one of the highest truths is that things are not the way they seem to be.

In a previous article I gave a link to a comprehensive documentary about the historic development of corporate propaganda, marketing, shaping the consumer society in the US and manufacturing consent.

Here is another documentary that follows in retrospective the development of the modern political scene, the establisment of the political propaganda and the establishing of the ever-stalking, ever-imminent terror threat that keeps western societies in a grip of fear.

Title: The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (2004)

".. Lies became reality .."

"This documentary offers a remarkable insight into the reality of our current fear induced climate. Adam Curtis chronicles the rise of neo-conservatism and the resulting change in the world's political agenda orchestrated by those who place their trust in the philosophical ideal of the necessity of evil to unite a country. The filmmaker manages to successfully pluck apart the myth of the reality of there being a logistically organized terror network, let alone one that is managing to orchestrate terror attacks from a cave in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. His arguments are backed up by some eye opening interviews with authorities on the field of Islamic fundamentalism, members of the US government and members of the US judicial system. These insights are parred with concrete, startling facts and the result is a program that manages to shake us awake making us aware of a far more realistic terror threat namely that of psychological warfare carried out by the powers that be, accompanied by a sensationalist media frenzy. I cannot recommend this program highly enough."

The movie is in three parts, about an hour each.
I will not comment, because what history reveals just leaves you speachless.. standing rapt in awe. Or maybe with a sentence. All this is madness. Insanity. Primitivism, prevailing in all camps.

Watch it. Think. Rethink. And spread the world. I deeply believe it is time for people to wake up and stop being a flock of sheep.

"None are more enslaved than those, who falsely believe they are free"