Sep 15, 2010

Roma People are Like a Virus - They Don’t Contribute To Society, But Only Take From It, By Legal and Illegal Means. The Purposeful Subjectivity of Human Rights Advocates Profiteers

Recently a lot is being discussed about the expulsion of Roma people from France. Lots of advocates for human rights are voicing aloud their disagreement with this disgraceful act of Sarkozy’s.
I watched a few reports on Euronews and CNN and it became obvious to me that those reports are rather too subjective and do not cover the entirety of the issue with these so called Roma people.
First of all, they have nothing to do with Rome, to make this one clear. They came with the Ottoman empire back a few centuries ago and stayed when the Ottoman armies retreated. That is why most of them are to be found in Bulgaria and Romania, the countries that are closest to Turkey and were occupied by the Ottoman armies the longest. I must say that I feel shame, seeing those despicable nomadic people being portrayed as Bulgarians. They don't even identify themselves as Bulgarians, but as Roma whatevers. Here in Bulgaria, those Roma people are a great problem. Most of them refuse to work and refuse to send their children to school, because it is far more profitable for them to send their kids to beg on the streets.
There have been plenty of attempts here to integrate them in our society, to give them jobs and free education for their children, but they simply refuse to integrate. They steal from their employers and do very poor job and in the end, naturally, get fired. Anyone who does that would get fired, right?! Most of the Roma people, or gypsies, are involved in criminal activities, selling drugs, robbing people, stealing electricity cables from the national grid to sell the copper inside. There have been attempts to roof them and entire small neighborhoods have been built and given to dozens of Roma families to live in, for free, and after a few months they completely wreck the houses, light fires inside, like savages. I mean, come on, those wretched human beings get to have houses for free, well, I want a free house too. Is this fair?! This system is just wrong, so upside down.

Those reporters portraying the Roma as victims are so subjective and so poorly informed. Why don’t they take into account all of the above? And those advocates of human rights, why don’t they take into account that those Roma people abuse with their children, making them beg and steal? Isn’t that considered violation of the human rights of those children? Or may be it is not considered as such, because the violators are their own parents. They even mutilate their children in order to make them more *attractive* beggars.

And that the Roma just reproduce mindlessly like animals all to produce armies of beggars and units to suck social benefits for from the unfortunate societies they have installed themselves in. Why are these small details not taken into account? Those people are a great trouble to societies they live in and everyone in Europe knows that.

Of course, there are those very few Roma people who are actually integrated, they have jobs, they have nice homes, their children go to school and even to university. They are normal people and no one minds them. I had two Roma classmates in high school, completely normal, well dressed boys, no one ever minded that they were Roma. But we do mind seeing all those pitiful Roma kids begging on the streets and women with drugged babies on their hands begging and Roma gangs stealing cables and creating trouble, we mind those people, yes, and I personally would love to see them go away somewhere else, far. You see, it is not about irrational ethnic discrimination, as those “advocates” try to present it, but about social trouble makers that are a burden for our societies. It is a fact that more than 80% of the Roma population are involved in the aforementioned activities. 

So, these human rights advocates are extremely subjective, not taking into account so many important aspects of those Roma people lifestyle. This way of presenting the situation is fundamentally flawed and shapes opinions in an incorrect manner. They must be making good money for this meaningless lobby overexposure of theirs, those “advocates”.

And the EU, the European Union is one political bulk of thousands of clerks and office workers down the hierarchy that are completely needless. Sometimes I am truly amazed at the level of ignorance supposedly educated people may have. And yes, the title is highly politically incorrect, but that again, where is the border between politically correct speech and pure hypocrisy? After all, is saying things that are not correct politically correct?