Sep 19, 2010

Cui Bono? Is This The Answer?

The following short documentary provokes some thoughts on the development of the western monetary system in the previous centuries and mainly through the 20th Century. Though, the way it portrays the reasons behind the 1929 Great Depression seem somewhat contradictory to its historic portrayal in Century of The Self documentary (find it below). Or maybe this aspect is another layer of those historical events, I'm not sure. I found this documentary insightful to watch, although again the video editing is rather sensational with those in-between-scenes animations, why they make it like that? Maybe it's a psychological method to keep the audience attention. Well, I care about the information, not the blink it is presented with, lol. 

Anyway, I decided to post it, because it does utilizes historical facts. Of course, let's not forget that history is highly susceptible to interpretation and the way this interpretation is presented can make historic events fit a lot of viewpoints, even contradictory ones, by the art of adaptation. It is true that history can be and on many occasions has been revised.
So, watch with criticism and analyze history from as much aspects and viewpoints as available. Yeah, that last word from the previous sentence has a great importance indeed, uncorrupted information is still available, not on mainstream media I guess. No wonder why.

As fabulously empowering as incredible wealth may be, still, those people's ideals are so narrow, trapped in their own life time. Gaining and gaining out of a huge population mass' suffering. How can they truly enjoy their wealth in this way, seeing all the general misery of those billions of people? I am truly amazed at human nature, truly amazed. All the selfish-derived, most primitive, immoral, ruthless qualities are so abundant in this world in every layer of society. You know, Jung was so chillingly serious in his humorous remark that if someone presented to him a sane man, he would cure him. What a nut house. Ah, America, what a mess you are. What a mess this world is and what a mess is my country too. Horrible.

The term "Masters of the Universe" that the narrator uses by the end of the documentary made me raise my eye brows. I heard it in use addressing people in the banking business in another documentary as well. Interesting designation, so eccentric, very incorrect I have to say. Masters of nothing, transient wealth in a transient history. I am Master of the Universe and I think we'll blow up this ridiculous planet. Just joking, so rude. I dream of a better world....! And those documentaries just make me sick and deprived of any point of doing anything, apart from taking care of my own well-being, I guess. What a bleep. I'm joking again. Here is another video, since we are on a banking wave. A rather cheerful one and educational too. Enjoy.

P.S. Title is "When Markets Go Mad" and I didn't find it in Youtube, so to embed it here. Here is a link to another website where you can watch it, I saw it there.

And another one of these series:
Of course, the silly line "Looks like a market" at the beginning of the documentary just had to be said by a woman.