Sep 18, 2010

George Orwell Would Be Glad He Is Dead

Hm, strange title, so grammatically incoherent. Indeed, sometimes the unfolding of events in human history may seem just the same. Filled with controversy, misleading, propaganda, pure insanity, peculiarity and unfitting pieces in between. Makes you wonder, what is it all about.

The following documentary has a rather unprofessional presentation with a certain degree of "conspiracy thriller" crap in it. The voice of the narrator is overdone, along with the music background, aiming to induce a revolutionary truth revelation sensation in the observer. However, there are a few quite insightful interviews with serious professionals and academics, as well as a good amount of factual data, that really makes you think about it. A lot of provoking questions are raised, that have been purposefully underexposed by media for one reason or another. The common ignorance of mass people is sadly evident in the scenes too. Watch it with critical mindset and analyze with the tools of reason and intellect. Don't let the introduction and narrator's voice put you off, I recommend seeing the entire documentary.

Cui bono? And what for? Where is the sanity in all this? Not to mention moral, humanity and so on.

I want to share with you another documentary, concerning corporate media and media monopoly in relation to this post's title, as an essential aspect of the entire topic/issue overall. It is in parts, so at the end of each you will have to select the next part to continue, like most of the full-length videos in Youtube.

Title: Orwell Rolls in his Grave

And lastly, I stumbled upon this documentary series of a Dutch TV network that discuss the aggressive military policies of both USA and Israel, future military prospects and issues in this aspect. I must say I am far from an antisemitic mindset, on the contrary, I have always felt deeply sentimental about Semitic people, Jews and Arabs alike. However, sentiment and emotions are one thing at a hand, while rationality is another. And those two are not to be used together, when objective judgment is to be applied. In all, the increasing demoralization in the civilized world alarms me greatly, as well. The documentary is in parts, I embed the first part and the last part here, you will have to search for the other parts in Youtube yourself.

Here are two more resourceful links, one serious on the tough times independent media face in their desire to bring people raw, unsensored and unideologized news reports with a good archive of articles
And an article about Israel for those of you with sense of humor