Oct 20, 2010

Why Has The Multicultural Model Failed (In Western Societies)

Here is a very interesting recent issue voiced in Europe’s politosphere that caught my attention and today I decided to write on it, because it is a rather rare event to hear rationality speaking openly, especially from current political leaders (who all try to adjust their speeches to the agreed-on opinions and generally refrain from expressing views that differ from the popular ones, because of lobbyist-attacks, PR and censorship concerns). 

A few days ago, the German chancellor Angela Merkel finally gathered courage to state that “The multicultural model has utterly failed” (She looked very anxious on different social occasions on TV, there was this concert for an official event, a week or so ago, and she was sitting there uncomfortably on her chair with the audience, her body language conveying inner unsettlement).
I’ve been thinking on the cultural integration issue in Europe since some time now and I was honestly perplexed as to why it was not addressed rationally, but only defended by privately-funded lobbyist organizations, who only defended their payrolls and address the unintegrated minorities’ issue with poor and one-sided arguments. I guess politicians were too busy to argue with those lobbyists, many of which come directly from the European Council, arrogantly flashing sanctions threats. 

So, let’s begin our rational interpretation of the Social Integration concept by drafting a definition of it. To integrate in a society means to adopt the host societies’ laws, conducts, learn the official language, become a part of the work force, pay your bills and taxes. To integrate into a society basically means to adopt its culture, apart from becoming a part of its social system (leisuring around on undeserved social benefits doesn’t count).  

Now, let’s tackle those elusive principles of Democracy concerning human rights and freedoms. Europe, these days, considers itself a world leader in Democratic human rights and tolerance. You could come in any EU country and settle in, find a job, raise a family. So long as people are respecting each other and everyone adheres to the given social standards in education and culture, all is basically good. You have the freedom to practice your religion and your cultural traditions alongside, as long as those traditions, in particular, does not seriously collide with the higher human rights principles in place at the culture you wish to integrate in. For instance, it is quite conceivable that if you live in any European country and practice traditional under-age or forceful marriages, you will be opposed by the society, which holds the values of Democratic human rights and freedoms. 

Thus, we come to a controversy. On the one hand, the Democratic principles hold that people have the rights to practice their alien traditions and religious beliefs and on the other hand, at some point those same Democratic principles of higher understanding for the individual’s rights and freedom are demanded to be waived, because they clash with the traditions and religious beliefs of immigrants. 

I have long realized that other cultures, in particular Muslim ones, blatantly exploit western societies’ Democratic tolerance values and are consistently trying to establish a sort of sub-societies that refuse to follow western values, laws and conducts, demanding that they live by their own laws, customs and paradigms. Alright then, considering that this trend of sub-societies based on religious views is highly unhealthy for the harmony of the entire social unit that is being defragmented in this way, I wonder then why are those people living in western societies at all? If they want to live by their own laws and traditions, refusing to integrate, then why don’t they just go back to their home countries and live there in peace the way they want? So here is the cynicism. They want the social well being and convenience of western societies, that is why they persistently stay. They want to live in western societies, but in the same time don't want to fit into its cultural standards. This creates a controversy and social strain.

I like semithic people, their emotionality and exotic culture, but I don’t like the cynicism in Islam and its orthodox dogma that makes people retarded. And indeed, if western societies continue to lower their social standards and humanity values in order to suit the demands of less culturally advanced social groups, then our societies are at a real risk of downgrading in a cultural sense. 

You cannot call a society that treats women with lesser rights then men “advanced”.
Muslim women claim they veil themselves by their own choice, but this is of course a lie out of no choice. They simply cannot express any other opinion than this, otherwise they will suffer consequences in their sub-societies, sometimes even very serious ones. 

Yes, there are the Indian women, dressing traditionally as well, one might argue. The problem is that Indians are not aggressive, as opposed to Muslims. And yes, I do realize that one is ethnic designation and the other religious, I do make a point with this too. It is way too long to discuss it here, but Islam hasn’t been always like this, in terms of its aggressiveness, but in recent history it had became like this, as a sort of collective psychological defense-mechanism reaction. Things are complicated, as usual when human issues are involved. 

A Theory of Everything seems inapplicable to humans, unlike the Universe. When you think about the Universe, the more you contemplate it, the simpler it seems, while when contemplating on human society, the more you think about it all, the more complex and entangled it gets. 

Actually, all religious dogma is retarding to modern culture. And not just Islam is cynical, Judaism too, Christianity and secular ideologies like politics as well. The real problem, in the bottom of it all, are people themselves and their  narrow interpretation of it all, short-sightedness, ignorance and selfishness. People's cultural primitivity, in short.

Of course, there is a solution that can disentangle this Gordian Knot. And that is when all the different peoples finally agree that religious dogma is archaic and has served its time. When people agree on a new, more advanced and rational interpretation of the historic function of religion, the source of its symbolism and myth. When we all adopt a new, more advanced understanding of ourselves, of this Universe and this reality we all live in. 

However, such a collective realization requires mental effort, a release from willful ignorance, certain levels of intelligence and knowledge too. And these qualities are not as wide spread, as profane religious zeal, so such a reconciliation seems all but improbable in the near future. It is alive and existing in potential today, but humanity is not ready for it yet. Which is very sad, because we just prolong this Idiocracy we all live in, to the collective suffering of us all. 
People are idiots. Don’t want to offend anyone by saying that, I am an idiot too, so relax.

This topic is far from encompassed, even in brief, as I said, it’s deep and complex. As a post scriptum, in regard to the part of the title in brackets – duh, as far as I am aware the concept of multiculturalism exists mostly in western societies. You can’t obtain a permission to build churches here and there in Muslim countries, you know. In fact, there aren’t really any well-being Christian sub-cultures in Muslim societies, for that matter. Don’t wonder why. Because they demand tolerance from us, but don’t return us the favor. This is just not right. Such a dupes.

By the way, social integration has nothing to do with racism and skin color. It is about culture and values. Just to make this one clear.

In conclusion, the lack of social integration of minorities in a larger social group inevitably leads to social defragmentation, tension and general degradation of the collective well-being. It is interesting to note, that in the US we observe just the same trend. The lack of proper cultural integration of all immigrant groups leads to social problems and social degradation, which, if left unaddressed, will only get worse. Despite their very well conceived artificial culture in the face of American Patriotism, that has been designed exactly for reasons of providing a cultural glue for social integration of all the different peoples. They should have devised a new, American Religion as well, this would have ensured a complete social integrity. lol


Ateviel Al Bulgari said...

Feel free to comment on this, react, share your opinion ...

Anonymous said...

Probably, you've heard about Samuel Huntington and his work "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order".

Unfortunately, I am prone to agree with his views that migration of people from East to West and the clash between weak Christian culture and aggressive Islamic one is very likely to lead to total change of Europe. It won't longer be a Christian continent, it'll rather be an Islamic one. Just take into account the demographic figures. Take into account the disputes for the inclusion of Turkey into the EU.

There are huge Turkish sub-cultures in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands but everybody's eyes are shut.

Ateviel Al Bulgari said...

There is a solution to this issue. It is the final, how to put it most correctly, dismantling of religion as we know it. Lifting the veil, rationalization of how religion came to be, how it developed through the ages, why. It's psychological roots and social implication in the past. And why it is turning into an increasingly unhealthy element in contemporary society.

Humans must realize what religion is and that we created it overtime, intentionally and.. unconsciously, collectively.. the migration of myths and symbolism, so obvious especially in the three religions that sprouted from one another Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in this order. And Judaism has its roots in ancient Sumerian religious myths.. for myself, I understand it all, and many other people do too.. If only the entire explanation of the genesis of religion could be propagated in mainstream culture, as a new form of understanding and wholesome interpretation.. I believe things will change quite a bit for future generations, who will begin to see things from a higher and wider perspective..

Religion IS a creation of the human mind. How can this be definitively be explained to the average believer? And, ultimately, is the psychological need more powerful than the rationale?

Ateviel Al Bulgari said...

Regarding the book you suggested "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" by S. Huntington, I haven't read it actually, but I looked it up. Seems interesting. Indeed, I agree that the future conflicts, globally, will revolve around religion. the age-old conflicts, indeed. That is why the world needs a definitive explanation of the nature, genesis and essense of religion as it is. In order that this tendency be prevented for future, supposedly, more intelligent and knowledgable generations..

Are you the author? :)