Aug 30, 2010

When the Loose Electron Found Its Nuclei at the Beginning of the Universe

I am perplexed. Very. Things so strange and the worst part is that the observer can never tell the extends of her subjectivity. It is not a mere adjective saying that human mind is subjective, you know, yet this profound realization proves so hard for the mind to grasp. Today I finally dismissed a few illusions of mine, delusions even, in regards to this weird-o-man Michael and our interaction via the Third person in this crazy place just off shore downtown NYC. I guess I just don't have enough life experience. Well, duh. Ha! I just read in the Urban Dictionary that "duh" means
"No shit Sherlock" and/or "Thank you captain obvious", haha, exactly, lol. Yeah.

So this was it, the illusions are completely dismissed, thankfully, I must say.
Things have not been quite the way I came to interpret them, he is married and his son is not named Derek and so on. Still strange, still unclear though, the behavior of him and his comrade. Maybe he wanted to make trisome or something, who knows. Anyway, doesn't matter. I wish him all the best, happiness and satisfaction from this life. That's what matters. Loose the tears, keep the smile.

I feel renewed. Man, is this crazy. Oh yes, this trip was absolutely worth it and even more. I feel grown up, somewhat transformed from within, as if a transition stage has been completed. Feels like a new chapter in my life begins from today. And so it does. A level has been gained, along with new skills, rpg.

Seriously, things went very weird, but is not that bad, the main point is to learn your lessons and take the most out of them. And keep moving. Life is an amazing mystery to be solved on so many levels, so many truths, brilliant simplicities and tantalizing complexities. Words. Words are good dancers alright, such a mystery on their own. And I love to dance, not just in theory. So, let's dance.

This concludes the summer. Now a new season starts. Head on.
Dream on.