Mar 24, 2009

Prelude to Albedo

the One: Why did the chicken crossed the road?
the Other: Because it wanted to know the other side of itself.
the Third: Why, is there more to you than can be seen?
the Same: And are you as shallow as a puddle on the street?!
Reflectivity: You are my mirror!
She again: I am afraid of the darkness!
the Darkness: You are in my possession!
the Moon: I am what I will!
the Sun (to the Moon): Is this possible, my love?
the Stars (to the Sun): And what is not [possible]!?
the Light: For me to fill-up the entire Universe??
the Universe: I was born from Nothing into darkness and
I journey towards the light.
the Nothing: I created all and all is encompassed by Myself. However,
what is this objective that asks so many questions?
the Chicken: To all of your questions the answers I shall find!
the Public: [in silent contemplation]

[ - End of scene - ]

[t h i n k]