May 16, 2010

My American Journey. Summer 2010. A Travel Diary

If someone had told me just an year ago that I would ever have the desire to go to USA, I would have laughed. What will I do at the source of all ugly stereotypes of contemporary culture, social manipulation and global propaganda? I have always thought of the general American public as pretty dull people, narrow minded and religious fanatics with their commercialized churches with all kinds of ridiculous titles and slogans like "Don't be too open minded, your brains may fall out". The country of fast food and obesity. And this is the opinion of most Europeans.

December last year I thought that by the beginning of this summer I would have finally finished my magnum opus literary piece of philosophical criticism to old and new issues in our world. Then, I stumbled upon one of those Work and Travel programs over the internet and suddenly I pictured myself going in New York and publishing my book there, a true adventure with a great purpose it would be. So I was hooked to my newly evolved dream and went to an agency and applied. I paid promptly all the fees and everything, which at the end summed up to a little over 3000 US dollars, including plane ticket and 800$ cash in my pocket upon arrival for paying my accommodation and having means to sustain my life functions until I receive my first salary.

So there, in short, on April 30th I arrived in New York. Having prearranged housing, which I found over a website and a job offer with Evelyn Hill inc. I was unable to finish the book by now, but I bought this very nice HP Mini 5102 netbook (with the performance of which I am very, very satisfied, not to mention the keyboard, that is a real pleasure to write with and this is not an advertisement), so my initial plans of publishing it here had to be dropped off the picture. However, I will continue working on it from here, along with the first hand insights I will gain on north American culture on the way. I think I finally decided on my mission in this life, Criticism and a tough one too. I think this is what my brain trained for all these years in my developing life up until now when I will be turning my 26th anniversary since I was born in this world on the 2nd of July.

In this travel diary I will be publishing my experiences, pros and cons, insights and everything interesting about my stay here for the summer. Along with some updates on the much anticipated book from my closest circle. Closest, because I had kind of a kept in a secret, despite all the secrecy, it does trigger much interest and I can humbly disclose that when it is finally ready, it has all the potential to turn into a big scandal to a variety of social fields. We will see. For now, I am eager for insight on this much controversial culture of USA and I wish to share it too :)

I thank to all my readers and I will also appreciate comments from you, questions and just general feedback! I think I will keep the same main title for all future posts regarding the Diary. Alright then, this was the introduction, I know two weeks have already passed since I am here, and I have not been standing still either!