Sep 20, 2009

When Man Created God. Genesis of Religious Thought and the Spiritual Need [part 2]

In our contemporary societies, intrigues, rows and fights, jealousy, hypocrisy, selfishness and ignorance, break-ups and problematic communication are considered as standard spices to human relationships. It is normal for people to fight and be unable to reach consent with each other. It is normal to hurt each other both physically and emotionally, whether or not we feel sorry and apologize afterwards. Violence has always fascinated man and has been a preferred form of entertainment for both children and adults alike until this day. It is normal for peoples` behavior to first react and think later. Stereotypes and behavioral frames plague the minds of the youth, as well as their parents`. In their relationships, people do not seek harmony, but domination. Helplessly submitting to the will of their emotional affections and spontaneous urges.

It is no wonder really that ignorance and mental passivity are preferred states of the mind by default, since realization in self-awareness is not an easy process and causes much emotional distress to the traveler who dared to plunge into the depths of his soul. Self-control is an art that only the strongest wield. The first steps are the hardest. Just as the darkest hour is just before dawn.

A grotesque picture can be drawn of humanity today indeed, a present that we can radically transform. We create the future today, whether we do it consciously or not. If the average levels of awareness and understanding are heightened globally, we will make the next step in our social evolution as humanity and as self-aware, intelligent beings. This mental evolution is necessary if we are to move positively forward as humanity, because if we continue to develop only our exterior habitat, but remain stagnant and narrow-minded in our spiritual concepts and understanding one day a third world war with technologically advanced weapons will be inevitably fought. And this is a very grim prospect indeed, but lays very real and immanent on the path we currently follow. Our future relies upon us. Every individual matters, because if we are to truly change our world for the better, the change must begin in the mind of the individual! You may not be able to change the world alone, but you can change yourself and with that to positively influence your very local world. You may not be able to stop war and hate in the whole world, but you can stop those in yourself and bring peace and harmony in the world closest to you in the face of your family, at work, at the street in your relationships with friends and all the people you communicate with in your life. If you improve yourself and aim to higher awareness and understanding you influence the people around you and bring positive change in your life and the lives of people close to you.
And together we can move the world and drown it in a global wave of inspiration!

So, where do you start? Start with yourself!
How? Transform yourself into an example and embodiment of the new ideals – patience and understanding in your relationships with others, self-control and higher awareness in active mentality. Search for the reasons of your reactions and behavior, analyze, comprehend and understand yourself. Build your character, ask questions and search for the answers. Do not be passive – improve, dare and do!

Know yourself and reach the profound depths of your mind. Do not simply be an average person driven by your instincts and primal reactions, push your limits over the edge, sculpt yourself and wield yourself.
Most people find it hard at first to even see their inferiorities and imperfections or perceive their limited awareness, so that they wonder whatever there is to improve in themselves.

The human Ego is a strange entity or this essential personality that is formed in your childhood and established in your adulthood that you address when you say “I”. Often our perception for ourselves and what we show to the world differ, whether we do it consciously or not. Mostly our behavior as personality is driven by psychological motifs that are beyond our awareness. There are many common forms of behavior noted by the science of psychology that people share, like the compensatory behavior that is widely spread. For instance, a person who has poor self-esteem and deepened level of uncertainty tends to adopt an arrogant, aggressive and anti-social behavior with varying levels of intensity. Aggression always is a sign of inner uncertainty and fear.
Our ego has the peculiar property to conceal the true motifs for our reactions and affections, always searching for justifications, never allowing you to be critical towards yourself and ever sustaining a sense of greatness and impeccability. As if the purpose of the ego is to keep your consciousness in a semiautomatic state, preventing it from expanding and awaking. As if the human ego is a primal chain that frames our consciousness and keeps us asleep. A primitive mechanism that we haven`t realized as a limitation yet, along with our very basic mammalian behavior in the face of all the primal instincts that drive us.
As if, indeed self-knowledge is hidden from man, as the ancient wisdom says and human eyes have not yet fully awoken.
By a rule, if you are to grasp and comprehend the world and the most hidden mechanisms of the Universe better, you must first comprehend and understand yourself, the cosmos within you.
This is achieved by the process of self-observation that results in a heightened self-awareness and realization. By putting yourself at the place of the known object, whom you poke, question, explore and analyze. The more questions you ask and the more persistently you think on the answers the deeper your insight goes and the more you realize and understand.
Observation and contemplation are at the base of all knowledge. The answers rarely come in an instant with a flash, but usually unfold gradually in time becoming more and more profound and complete. Seek and you shall find.

How knowing yourself changes you? In quantum physics there is one fundamental principle, without the presence of which no system would have existed at all – this is the observer principle. The act of observation changes the behavior of the observable object, even more the act of observation sets it in motion and definitiveness. Without an observer no knowledge and no form exist. This notion is quite profound as it implicates that beyond our own consciousness that creates our personal reality, we live in another much bigger reality that is the Universe itself. And as far as we can discern this cosmos we live in is filled with all kinds of forms and definite objects with definite shapes and electromagnetic properties. Furthermore, this atomic soup of particles ultimately organized and reorganized in such a way that eventually led to life on Earth and evolution of human beings.
The Universe, from the energetic aspect we perceive it, is an unimaginably huge void of blackness and intangible nothingness that is scarcely filled with all the atoms that make up the billions of octillions of stars, all the exotic stellar objects of the cosmos, our planet and all life on it. As chaotic and unpredictable the quantum world is, all the systems from the stellar to the microcosmic are guided by certain patterns, physical principles and existential rules that define their form and movement. That is, the cause-and-effect link chain rules the world as we know it. Anthropology and cosmology tell us that the physical systems were set into motion and definite existence before the emergence of human consciousness, therefore there must be a greater, cosmic observer who by the act of observation has set into motion the organization of the atoms into ever more complex structures and the birth of the Universe itself. This is essentially the consciousness of the Universe herself, this Cosmic observer that observes itself and by this act creates all the forms, life and everything we know. Just as there are dimensions inside dimensions, so there are consciousnesses inside consciousnesses in a fractal manner and our human consciousness is a living mind inside the Mind of the Universe or this that we call God. Extremely profound. We discussed more this concept in our previous lecture and we will unfold it more in the lectures to come.
So, the act of observation gave birth to organized physical systems that led to our creation as well. Governed by the very same principles, the act of observing yourself sets your inner universe into motion. By observing yourself you gain insight about your inner workings and psychological mechanisms, you ask questions and tackle the answers, you analyze and by this process of taking notice of yourself you reveal new space in your mind and create new forms and knowledge.
Again, the more you take the effort to think, the more thoughts in your mind move, merge and organize into ideas, comprehensions, concepts and unfolding insight.
In the process of knowing yourself you become a creator of your very own, inmost universe that you fill with life. This is the deepest meaning to human life, that began to unfold since the ancient times when human consciousness gradually awoke for itself and began observing the world, this process of awakening from the primitive mammalian consciousness level to human is the profound transformation that inspired its symbolic reenactment in the biblical story of Genesis 3:7 “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked;” The subject has detached itself from the object, the consciousness became autonomous and differentiated from the primordial womb of the unconsciousness. Now, the consciousness perceives itself as a subject that observes the world without as well as its world within. The symbolic psychological process this biblical story describes is very interesting to analyze, which we will do in an extensive lecture soon to come.
“And the eyes of them both were opened..” the human consciousness revealed.

It is time for the next big step in our spiritual, mental evolution. It is time to think deeper and realize wider, it is time to evolve our minds further! Someone
recently told me "What is normal?" in regard to psychopathologies in our contemporary society that are propagated as acceptable, so I though if we loose all of our criteria, what are we going to turn into ? And what about the health of this psyche of ours? I believe people should stop ignoring psychology, or deep troubles await us ahead!

“Your life is a reflection of your mentality.”
Bruce Lee

Improve yourself, change the world!


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We have a responsibility to our spiritual body to ensure that its vehicle in this world, our physical body is as healthy and fit as possible.

Great article on our higher selves.

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