Jan 5, 2009

2008 Summary: A Look Back Towards the Future?!

What is 1 year? One year in all human history!

Quite an insignificant time-span on its own, but together each year is an important part in the human history sequence.
For one year little change may come to pass and again for one year everything can change!
1 year is not such a small chunk of time after all and sometimes so much things can happen during the course of an year that when you look back it seems like a decade!

This time-stretching feeling is a natural effect of the more rapid movement and development of events. You know, the faster you go the slower time goes for you. And that is why when you don't engage yourself in a lot of activities and don't do and create much new in your life and habits you get the feeling that time passes by you shockingly fast.

Nature has a cyclic nature of existence that repeats different processes over and over again to maintain balance and keep life going. Human life obeys more or less the cyclic law of nature and our daily lives are filled with repeating activities and things we repeatedly do. Everything we do today in our lives affects and shapes the events in our tomorrow.
Humanity as a whole is a reflection of our collective soul and, as people are becoming more and more aware, this soul obviously is in a very sick condition.

During the past year we didn't saw anything much different than the year before and all the trends that have began to develop long back in our regional and global history timelines. We saw military conflicts, people starving, religious tension, an incomplete and old economy system crumbling by its own weight. We saw prices rising, jobs lost, melting ice issue that escalates into
increasingly threatening Global Warming trend that brings up solutions like new taxes and a whole array of regulations all about taxes to be paid if any rule be exceeded. So in the end, the global warming turns out to be a new industry to make money of, a big industry and a lot of cash. Of course, the global warming is real and our society does need a change indeed, but this change must include a whole new level of advancement in our minds as well!

Problems, issues and unstable relationships have always plagued humanity and seems like they always will.
This is because we generally behave the same with little change as people always did, we cling to old views and follow rules and traditions centuries and even millenia old. All this makes us stagnant and underdeveloped in our minds.
The reason for all human conflicts is human nature itself that we barely understand and that blindly guides us driven by our instinctive programs and subconscious mechanisms.
The question is, will our past continue to be our future trapped in the ever-going circle of mental primitivity?

Of course, there is no universal cure for all global conflicts but there is one process that can deeply affect and change an individual's life and his/her relationship with the world. This is the process of knowing yourself or self-realization.
When a person consciously observes and analyzes him/herself reshaping and building their character for the better and more complete. The more people improve themselves and their relationships with others, the more we will advance collectively as one society with common goals: peace, understanding and prosperity for all!
It is acheivable, this is not some utopian dream.
The truth is that we must save ourselves, as one advanced humanity. No one else is coming to save us if we don't make this effort collectively together!


The key is hidden in yourself. Search for it there!
All the answers to all the questions are always where you are! Ponder that for a while!

Improve yourself, change the world!